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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by slightlymazmad, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    i know, hotels in london are just so over priced, even budget ones like the travel lodges and stuff are like 90 quid for a night......altho, if you get a family room then 3 could share! lol!!!! im not going to book anything tho until i find out if im going to the f2f, i could get a bus but it would take about 13 hours.....altho, it would only cost £15!!!!! :D
  2. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    just think tho if you get the cheapo bus and room option thats more money to spend shopping after your interview :D Camden's calling!
  3. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    ... I hadn't even thought about the interview costs and things!! I won't have any problems getting time off work since I'm not actually working at the moment ;D but it's going to be a pretty expensive trip since I've gotta come down from the NE (totally worth it though!). I think I'd probably get a coach down unless a dear friend of mine that works on the railways can help me out ;)

    I'm guessing the interviews take place somewhere that's easy enough to get to?
  4. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    the interviews take place at the disney HQ in Hammersmith, easy to get to on the tube, i assume it will be a 9am start? so busy busy busy on the tube on the way in (i used to live in london!) if i get an interview im going to try and get a hotel in hammersmith, or as close to the offices as possible to cut down on the morning travel to the interview!

    i could get a train down, about 40 quid one way, may be able to get a flight for similar price tho so just going to decide if and when the time comes!!!!
  5. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    It's possible we could end up on the same bus! As I'm coming from Bristol. Then again, I MUCH prefer train journeys, so would probably do it that way. And my bf's work gets discount with a certain hotel chain, which is uber useful. We'd most likely try and make a trip out of it, go and see a show or something as well. We've been meaning to plan a trip to London for ages, and this would be a perfect opportunity.

    Of course, this is all hypothetical, we don't even know if we've got F2F interviews yet. I need to start swotting up on phone interview questions over the next couple of days! Meep.
  6. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    train from cardiff is stupidly expensive like £90+ return unless you book it wayyy in advance :( and there is only 30 mins difference in the travel so its not too bad - im going to look at hammersmith to stay as well - the interviews were 9 last time and i was so scared about being late i ended up being 45 mins early - which was good cos i went to the wrong office - theres 2 lots of buildings that are disney offices about a street apart eeep. i also walked into the barrier by the stairs without realising the desk people have to let you through - i looked such an idiot lol

    argh i want to do the f2f now to see the inside of disney offices again (i wanna work for the mouse as well of course lol) last time they hade a pirates and a narnia room so cool - wonder what themes they will have at the moment? cs i heard they change depending on the latest big production :D

    shame about spending the morning with super hyper uber excited valerie tho lol
  7. kanga-rooney

    kanga-rooney Member

    Hoping if I get through to f2f I can either stay at my cousins in canary wharf or use my other cousins awesome hotel discount so stay in hammersmith for minimal transport issues in morning :)

    I need to stop hoping and planning. Keeps me distracted though.
  8. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    I've heard stories about this uber excited valerie person! She sounds interesting... ;D

    So is the day like 9-5 or not as long as that? I could even have to spend another night depending on how quickly I finish/get back to the station etc! Which I wouldn't mind if I can get a cheap enough room, would take some of the stress out of the day anyway!

    I do feel a little bit like I'm jynxing it planning ahead without even knowing if I got through, but I keep telling myself that I could only have a fortnight to sort everything so if I've got travel plans made I can concentrate on prep for the interview..... (although tbh I'm just wanting to get through so badly I'm enjoying imagining it happening :-\)
  9. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    basically it starts at say 9 and you have 15 mins or so of completing some paperwork then you have a presentation which is about an hour and half and then at the end you get given your interview time. interview times are anytime form the end of the presentation right up til the end of the day so i think maybe 5ish? (i was in the first group last time) if your interview isnt until 3/4 then you can go away and come back. YJ staff check all your paper work and they do a recheck of tattoos/visible piercings etc

    interview itselfg lasts between 10-20 mins and last time there were 2 disney international recrutiers and we interviewed in pairs. i thinkt hey did it by location - allmthe people who interviewed the same time as me were from wales - in fact i interviewed with a girl from gabalfa (like 15 mins walk from my house!) which was a bit weird. i have heard if there is a lot fo you they sometimes interview in more than pairs tho but not sure about that. also you wot know your interview time until you get there so for returning home you will either need to book an open or a realy late ticket to make sure you are able to make it if your one of the last interviews - sods law dictates tho if you booked a train at like 8 pm you would be the very first to intrview lol
  10. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    Valerie is the incredibly irksome person on the presentation video - someone posted a link on here a little while back if you really cant wait to see her. Im pretty hyper and enthusiastic but next to her i look like wednesday addams!!!!
  11. disney.freak

    disney.freak Guest

    Haha I did wonder if that was the same Valerie! Iv seen that presentation video soo many times, so if I get a F2F it would be like seeing a celebrity for me! (If you get what I mean lol)

    And I find it pretty funny how people are planning for the F2F already! Lol don't get me wrong I guess its a good idea, incase we do get through as we will only have a couple of weeks as you say, but I'm still to nervous about getting that email about my phoneterview that I havnt really thought much about planning for the F2F! Sooo excitedly nervous though :p
  12. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    you dont see valerie you just watch her in a video at the f2f. but you do get to win some prizes if you get the questions right :D i got a cool emotion sharer thing which was awesome last time

    i keep thinking of what i will do if i get to the f2f but reality is i know it's unlikely but still cant help planning - i even checked out flight costs for various tuesday departures from feb onwards to see how much i would need to spend if i got all the way through lol :D

    thing is if your working then you need to give notice so i guess fgor osme people they will book time off before they know so they know they can def get it off. for people having to get to london from scotland / n.ireland the short notice is gonna be anightmare and push the costs right up. Am feeling quite lucky that even if i have to pay full fare for my ticket to london its only going to be £30 max
  13. disney.freak

    disney.freak Guest

    ooooo ok lol

    which station will be the closest to the HQ ?so i know where im looking at going? :p
  14. neevyweevy

    neevyweevy New Member

    Just fyi, the interviews in Feb this year weren't in the Disney HQ, they were in a restaurant called Chez Gerard, on london's South Bank!

    Good luck with the phone interview results guys!! ;D
  15. El1987

    El1987 New Member

    I'm really panicking because I got an email off Hannah saying they couldn't open my cv and cover letter. I'm wondering whether I should just copy and paste it all on the email just to be on the safe side!

    It's literally all that's been on my mind. I think I'll start losing friends soon cos it's the only thing I talk about.
  16. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    i have to plan ahead and think about the f2f simply as i live 900 miles away from london and have to spend most of the day in a plane/train/automobile to get there and home again, and il have to find somewhere to stay! Im not being just assuming that im going to get a face to face interview but if i do, then il have less than 2 weeks to plan all this stuff and the cost off flights to london, over a weekend,with 2 weeks notice....... lets just say its pretty expensive!!!!!

    god knows where the interviews will be held then! ha! could be anywhere!!!!! altho anywhere in london is easy to get to really, just jump on the tube!!!! im not that fussed where it is, would just save having to squash on the tube with all the morning commuters if i was able to get a hotel close to the location....

    El1987 - yeah just attach it all to an email and send that to yummy jobs, it will be fine, as long as they have all your info, dont worry about it!

    lol - valerie in the dvd, shes soooooo happy!!!!!! i wonder if shes like that in real life tho, doubt it, i bet between takes she was out the back having a fag, shouting at her make up and PR person........!!!
  17. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    were they interviews for CRP or ICP? I know ICP interviews are held in random places

    I really really wanna get through to the f2f
  18. neevyweevy

    neevyweevy New Member

    it was for the CRP!
  19. El1987

    El1987 New Member

    I attached it first time round to email, and it didn't open so this is the second time round. I've tested it out and sent it to a friend and it opened, but I just get so worried. I hope they don't think I'm an idiot.
  20. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    if in doubt save it in the save as bit as a txt document which will open in word/notepad or word pad :d but you will lose any nice formatting on it

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