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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by slightlymazmad, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. kanga-rooney

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    haha do iiiiit! ;D I'm going old school with my little cousins gunna watch Bedknob & Broomsticks
  2. disney.freak

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    Wow! Jen if you can get a return for £1 still, but more expensive returning the day after, I'd get a day return, then a day return for the next day too. Use the outbound one on the first day, don't use the inbound, then the same again the day after! That way it will only be like £2 return!! Lol worth a try :p
  3. How can they say that about Epcot, madness!!!

    Toy Story Three such a fantastic film. It may have slightly edged above the first one for me, hard as it is to say, as i am a huge Toy Story fan.
  4. pinkspideruk

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    nah the bus doesnt do that whole route - the bus that starts in cardiff does new port and the bus that starts in swansea does cwmbran so its different buses

    nat express do fun fares and they dont have a booking charge they used to be from £1 but they have now upped the price to £3 starting fare but still cheap :)

    megabus do the £1 fares and then ad 50p service charge but if you want the £1 ones you have to book them wayyy in advance nearer to the date like now they will be like £6-12 each way

    have to admit Epcot isnt my fave Disney park but its not rubbish either - some people just dont want to have something thats fun and educational
  5. xSarahLizx

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    Aw I have to say I love Epcot...

    One year I and a friend went with our respective families, (My um used to work with his Mum) and his Mum ended up coming to Epcot with us alot 'cause none of her family like it much!
    I was there the first year Soarin' started and some women in the queue were talking about how it dropped and swerved and really put me off- I walked straight into the ride- saw all the machinery above the seatsand walked straight out again!!
    Now though I've been on it countless times and love it! And spaceship earth i aways a must on the way out, Oh I can't wait to go back! :)
  6. Jen_J

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    I was thinking of that ;D Can't beat the Megabus prices! Seeing as return train prices vary from £50 (at stupid times) to £150, the train is a nono for me.

    Aw right I see, I was having a dull moment there :) I was gonna say, think an 8 hour flight to Florida would have been quicker otherwise!

    Whenever I hear somebody badmouth Epcot I can't help thinking of 'The Simpsons' episode where they go to Epcot and as they're flying over it Homer whines "Aww it's even boring to fly over!". And at the end he's trying to escape into Magic Kingdom and all these sirens and searchlights are going off :D
    Even though I adore Epcot, that episode always makes me laugh.

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