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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Sky, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Hey guys

    Could you please add me to the group, I'm in Manchester on Friday for my pre-screen.

    A huge well done to everyone who has got to this stage :)

    See you there, so excited.

    Lewis x
  7. Lewisof91

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  8. Halosunshine

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    Hello. I'm Chris and I'm also through to the Pre-screen in London on Sunday. I'm at the 2PM session. Anyone else on here at that one also could you please add me to the FB group. Really want to try and get to know some of you guys :)

    If I could get added that would be amazing and hopefully see some of you on Sunday!!!
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    Hi everyone! I'll be at the 13.30 session Manchester this Friday, looking forward to meeting some of you there! Could someone add me to the Facebook group? Thank you!! :) (feel free to add me as a friend first if privacy settings won't let you add me to the group!)
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    Hi all

    I'm attending the event on Sunday 6th in London, so excited!!!

    Could someone please add me to the FB group:

    Many thanks and best of luck to everyone!!

    Fiona :)
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    Hi iv sent you a friends request to add you to the group, is the cultural representative program you're applying for?x

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  20. Nicpaige123

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    Hiya , Thankyou :) Yes the J1 cultural exchange programme :)

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