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  1. porcelain779

    porcelain779 New Member

    I have probably missed it somewhere, but where can you get a picture of what your uniform/costume will look like? I'm going to be a character attendant, I have seen in "The Disney Look" what I think may be our uniform/costume but it doesnt actually specify.

    Is it the white shirt with yellow sleeves and black pants?
  2. Bryce

    Bryce New Member

    I wish I knew what attraction I'm going on so I could look at the costume. I hope it's not really gross and embarrassing (like a space-suit!!!). The Animal Kingdom costumes look nice - just a plain shirt and pants from what I can tell. I also hope they have my size... Let's just say I won't fit into a Small haha. ::)
  3. hannahike

    hannahike New Member

    Yes it is a white shirt with yellow sleeves..... the shirt has drawing of mickey on it and u will have black trousers or shorts.
  4. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    What about the UK costume - F&B - is it compulsory to wear that hat when ur in the chippy? Its soo bad lol!

  5. hannahike

    hannahike New Member

    haha... the UK isnt so bad actually... its the cream top and then a pink skirt... i am not sure about the rules on the hat!
  6. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    Most Animal Kingdom costumes look like dresses or pijamas ???

    also they have lots and lots of every size
  7. Bryce

    Bryce New Member

    Pyjamas. :eek:
    I think they look the most non-costume of the costumes. I don't really wanna be in a space-suit or something haha, though I would love to work on Space Mountain.
  8. elusivemoose

    elusivemoose New Member

    LIES! They never had any small shirts where I worked and I could hardly ever find trousers that fit- ended up washing all my shirts myself because I'd never get a short sleeved one back if I gave it in and the air conditioning was broken in the shop- no way I was wearing long-sleeves! Also... the sizing is WEIRD. Not only are you about 10 sizes bigger than your UK size (I'm a UK 12/US 8, but my trousers were a US16- UK20!! There's demoralising for you...), but none of the trousers that are supposed to be the same size seem to fit the same! Aaah the joys of Disney costumes... That said, at least it wasn't an AK costume- enjoy them if you end up on Discovery Island or somewhere ;) (Although the Kali rapids and a couple of the others seem to just be denim shorts and a t-shirt, but most of them are more like clown suits!)
  9. Bryce

    Bryce New Member

    HAHA Yes I am working at Kali. The uniform is just black pants or shorts (with a little bit of coloured stitching) and an embroidered t-shirt. It's so good. LOL @ Discovery Island and, especially Pizzafari.
  10. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    I worked at the Main Street Bakery (with the best costume EVER!) for the first 3 months of my program and had no problem getting costumes in my size (I guess there wasn't that many CM's working there as there are in other locations so we had lots and lots of costumes). The only hard thing to get was the winter coat because they didn't do many, and when I arrived there wasn't a size under large! When I did get one though, I kept it for the longest time.

    At the Jungle Cruise I had trouble getting pants as a lot of us were the same height and generally the same size, and with almost 200 CM's working there, costumes were in short supply. There was also trouble getting a hat that fit, and then mine got stolen, but that's a whole other story.

    I quite like the UK F&B costume, but I prefer the merch one. I have a think about long skirts, and was so born in the wrong era.

    The AK costumes scare me, they are a little bright LOL.
  11. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    You actually had the BEST costume ever in the history of uniforms and costumes! I saw it on your blog ;) talk about jealous...
  12. jaimenjones

    jaimenjones Guest

    Don't worry about costumes. Everything will be great! :)
  13. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    there was a pretty big guy working where I worked, we wore vests.. and he wasn't able to button his, so he had his costume custom made just for him. so no worries there..
  14. Bryce

    Bryce New Member

    Yah the sizes go up to like 4 or 5 XL depending on what sort of item it is.
  15. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    I figure the hat in the UK will be compulsary due to Health and Safety regulations
  16. sam9861

    sam9861 New Member

    I think they look the most non-costume of the costumes. I don't really wanna be in a space-suit or something haha, though I would love to work on Space Mountain.
  17. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    its America, dont worry-they have all sizes.
  18. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    the hat is compulsary in the chippy in the UK

    the sizing is terrible so once you find some cosutmes that fit wash them at the appt and never give them back til you leave

    if you have trouble getting a costume that fits ask at costuming they will take you to the seamstresses and they will altar one for you

    i know this cos i lost my cumberband and all they had left was teeny ones which wouldnt fit me so they just made me my own personal one to emasure which was great

    also sizing wise - im fairly big and there were loads of sizes above mine

    its very odd tho the costumes are tiny so you go up sizes but the coats are huge so you go down hehe

    you total;ly get used to the costumes tho - you know you have been there a long time when you dont bother getting changed to go to walmart straight from work or when ya sat at tgi fridays or ihop in costume and so is everyone else at the other tables

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