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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by louise, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. louise

    louise New Member

    Hi. I was just wondering where everyone went to in their uni to get them done cause ive emailed a few people like tutors and student services but they haven't replied. With the dealine getting closer I was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
    Thank You.
  2. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member


    i went to the main admin office and they had a request form you could fill out to get letters written. probably different in every uni i suppose.

    hope that helps anyways

    elaine xx
  3. chezza

    chezza New Member

    hey with my uni the guy thats in charge of work placement sorted it
  4. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    The campus career center did mine for me. They said they'd done them a ton of times before, so it was no problem for me. I just had to figure out that it was them that did them which took a few days.
  5. Chrissie

    Chrissie New Member

    Yeah, Basically the same with me. Do you have a personal tutor? Because thats who is doing mines for me :)
  6. tinydancinggirl

    tinydancinggirl New Member

    Bugger I'd forgotten about that. Sent an email to the undergraduate office but haven't had a reply either...the problem is, I'm not physically AT my university this year cos I'm on my year abroad ???

    When IS the deadline again??
  7. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    i got one of my lecturers to do it
  8. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    Hey tinydancinggirl

    I think you just need it in time for your VISA interview cause if you look on the form of what to bring its on that - so as long as you have it in time for that you should be fine - I might however be wrong
  9. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member


    i've already been for my visa interview and they didn't ask me for anything from the uni. at that point i didn't have my letters yet and took my fees confirmation instead as yummy jobs do tell you to take proof that you are returning to uni but the visa people didn't ask for it. so don't worry if you don't have them by the time of your interview.

    elaine xx
  10. jayni

    jayni New Member

    im pretty sure the deadline is the 15th of may!

  11. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    Confused - what deadline is this we are talking about?
  12. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member

    Yummy jobs need you to sent your university accreditation letters to them by May 15th.

    Elaine xx
  13. louise

    louise New Member

    Hi thanks for all your help in the end they wouldnt print the letter on university paper for some reason and i have the standard letter they print for everyone which i hope will be ok.
  14. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    Does it say that we have to send them this by the 15th of May in one of the things that yummy sent us - cause I cant find it anywhere!

  15. Elaine!

    Elaine! New Member

    i have an email from alexis with the sample letters and it says may 15th at the bottom
  16. tinydancinggirl

    tinydancinggirl New Member

    Yeah sorry I was being slow :) well I've sent the letters to my personal tutor and she says she'll do them this week so fingers crossed!!

    Jess xx
  17. bright*eyes

    bright*eyes Guest this manditory?
    because i havent sent one and they never asked for it
  18. hockey_town_canada

    hockey_town_canada New Member

    not to sure about the college could very well be diffrent for each country...i would call cast-a-way and ask if your curious

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