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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Sashag, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Sashag

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    Hi my name is Sasha and I recently got accepted onto the J1 academic programme beginning July 20th.

    My school seems to have no information about the J1 academic programme and they are in partnership with them ???

    I thought my home school (Univeristy of Wolverhampton) would tell me how many courses or what course is suitable for me to undertake. I also thought they would help me out financially beings that it is compulsory for me to do a 1 year internship relating to my business degree. ???

    There are so many fees that I have discovered

    1. CRB £55
    2. Flight 500-750 ?
    3. Medical Insurance (i need to find out)
    4. Programme assessment fee $100
    5. Visa application $131
    6. J1 programme fee $180
    7. $3,458 tuition fee to Mich uni

    I wonder if there are any more fees that I still don't know about ???

    I am interested in doing the collegiate course of Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management and I would also like to do the Exploring Marketing at the Walt Disney World Resort from the Disney Exploration Series. Is this possible? Or can I only undertake one or the other?

    Is anyone also starting this programme in July...or know anyone that is??
  2. DSNA2004

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    Hey! I beleive you have most of the fees correct. However, regarding the courses there is a small fee for each course. Like $10.00 or so, it just covers material costs and such. In additon, you may take as many courses as you like, just remember you still have to work and need rest time. Furthermore, the exploration series courses aren't always counted as one of the main academic courses, so you will need to check the requirements with Mich Uni. in order to statifsy their program requirements.

    Hope that helps.

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