Want to Send Christmas Cards! L@@K Here! :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tazzy, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Hiya everyone,

    Ok it's that time again. It's been done by other members on here in the past and this year I've decided to take over from my wonderful friend Lourina (who did it last year).

    So, this is how it works...Those who want to send Chrismtas Card to other wdwip.com members have to send me their address so I can make a address list to see to those who are interested. I should have this list ready within a week and I will private message you with the list.

    Important Note: Please don't post your address in this post, private message me your address. Secondly, I will only message the list of address to those who private message me with their address.

    Your have to check your post office for the last day you can send out stuff. I will try to post a international postal dates later this week. :)

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to message me. :) :)

    Lastly, when you receive your Christmas Card, you can let people know in this post. :)

    Enjoy Everyone! :D
  2. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    You should have my address Gary! Cheers! ;D
    Charlotte x
  3. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Sent my address!!

    Ohh now Im all excited!!

    Yey, hurry up christmas!! (best time of the year!!) and only 6 weeks and 2 days to go!!!

  4. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    Sent my address,too!!!!!  ;D


  5. SinaHamburg

    SinaHamburg New Member

    you hould have my address now , too :)!
  6. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    and mine :D

    Ellen xxx
  7. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Wow, getting all these responses so fast, wonder if I'm going to handle it all at once. LOL j/k :D
  8. lion king 4 ever

    lion king 4 ever New Member

    hey guys.. i just found this website.. i think its great.. :D :D.. i am sooo excited
  9. lion king 4 ever

    lion king 4 ever New Member

    now you should have my address
  10. Lourina

    Lourina New Member

    ...And mine! ;D
  11. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Hey there, welcome to wdwip.com :) Umm, I didn't get any message from you with your address, try sending it to me again.


    P.S. Everyone that still wants to join, it's never too late to message me :)
  12. Andy

    Andy New Member

    put my address in, did we decide on christmas cards rather then postcards then!
  13. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Yep we did....for now! We can always do postcards at some point in the new year! ;D
    Thanks for the list Gary- just need to buy some christmas cards now!
    Charlotte x
  14. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    It's up to everyone really, if you want to do postcard then you can do it. But I will be doing a postcard exchange after new years as Charlotte said. :) I mean I know that not everyone going to have money to get everyone a Christmas Card. Or if you do, you could always do both at the same time. :D

    As long as everyone is having fun doing this Christmas Card exchange, that is the main thing. ;)

    Enjoy :)

  15. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    hey tazzy

    messaged you my address yesterday hope it wasn't too late

  16. marshabrady

    marshabrady New Member

    Hay Tazzmeister,

    Just posted you my address - sorry its so late! Bless you for sorting this out!

    Beth x
  17. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    for everyone who got the address list,

    i dimly forgot the important ENGLAND off the bottom of my address,

    just incase mine get lost in transit, which knowing our mail system they probably will anyway.


    the blondeness is seeping into my brain!
  18. Rudy

    Rudy New Member


    i've just been reading a magazine which had postal dates in so i thought i'd post them. these will only apply to the u.k!

    1st Class: December 21st
    2nd Class: December 18th
    International Airmail: December 13th

    visit royalmail.com if they don't help you!

  19. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Thank you Rudy for that info!! Your a great help! :)

    A little heads up for people involve. For those sending to Canada and those sending from Canada might want to send the cards now since Canada Post might go on strike on December 8. I'm going to be mailing out eveyone's card first thing Monday morning lol


    P.S. There are a couple people that said they wanted to join in, if you plan to still want to do the Christmas Card Exchange...now would be a good time to join in. lol
  20. Tinks

    Tinks New Member


    Can anyone give an update on the strike in Canada is it still happening?



    P.s Just finished all my cards! Hope your all impressed!

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