Want to Send Christmas Cards! L@@K Here! :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tazzy, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Whoohooo! Sent your cards all off this morning. Apologies if there are any mistakes, I did them rather late last night :-[ but I wanted to get them all sorted ;D So start checking your mail boxes ;)
    Charlotte x
  2. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Mine are going today...thanks mummy (she's taking them to the post office for me, and incidentally paying for the postage...how cheeky am i!? ;) )...so Uk people should get yours tomorrow or Saturday...hurrah.....and everyone else around the world (wow! :eek:) should get them soon! :D

    It's December...HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! :D

    Ellen xxx :D
  3. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    oooooooooooooohhh Im all excited about Christmas now!!! :D :D :D
  4. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Ok, I went to the post office this morning and my cards are all sent!

    And I also received Charlottes through the post this morning, so THANKS!! :D

  5. SinaHamburg

    SinaHamburg New Member

    i guess i will send mine within the next couple of days :)
  6. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    As far as I know, it's still happening. :)
  7. Andy

    Andy New Member

    I got all my cards and stamp today! Will send them monday morning! So exciting! Christmas cards from around the world! :)
  8. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Wow that was pretty quick Kerry! ;D Glad you got it ok! :D
    Charlotte x
  9. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Oooooooo received Ellens as well now!! Its getting really exciting!! ;D ;D
  10. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    @Tinks and Rudy

    thankx sooooooooo very much for your cards.. recieved them today.. sooo beautiful!!! :-*

    i promise im gonna send mine in the next couple of days.. sorry, but im so busy and toast at the moment. ;)

    later! jessy xxx.
  11. Andy

    Andy New Member

    Ellen Tinks Charlotte, got your cards! feeling all chrismasy (word?) now!!!!Sent mine of today! great idea this!!!!
  12. SinaHamburg

    SinaHamburg New Member

    hey tinks & rudy!
    got mine, too ;D!
    soo cute :-*!!
  13. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Got Rudy's card yesterday and Tinks today. Thank you two :)

    Everyone should get my card soon!

  14. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    I really want to thank you all for all the christmascards I got.
    Thank you soo much. Melissa, Ellen, Elizabeth and Kerry.
    I just feel so bad I haven't got so sand any cards to you guys jet. I am so sorry. But if i don't get to send anythin in time I'll send you all a nice greeting from teneriffe where I'm going to calebrate christmas this year.

  15. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Louisa, you got mine already!?! :eek: that was fast!! :D

    Thanks to Kerry, Izzy and Rudy...received all yours today when I got home from uni...christmas holidays!! :D hooray!! :D

    Ellen xxx
  16. marshabrady

    marshabrady New Member

    Hey guys,

    Mum says there are a few christmas-card looking envelopes waiting for me when I get home from uni next Thursday. So thanks in advance! I'm confident they've got to be from you because I really don't have that many friends! ;)

    Beth :-*
  17. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Ditto! I asked my mum to send on any that come before friday though, so I can put them up in my room whilst I'm at uni! Plus it'll make my housemates jealous ;)
    Charlotte x
  18. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    Again, TNX to KERRY; RUDY; ELLEN; GARY; SINA; FLAVIA; :-* :-* :-* :-*

    Your cards are soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mine are on their way... ;D

    Lots of DISNEY hugs and kisses...

    jessy :-* :-* :-*
  19. Sellwegger

    Sellwegger New Member

    I would send you all Christmas cards but i've only just joined the forums really and have only just begun to get to know you all now it's too late for sending and organising them all :-[

    But masses and masses of Christmas hugs and wishes to everyone

  20. Sellwegger

    Sellwegger New Member

    lol x they l;ook really funny scrolling in unison ;D DOH!

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