Want to Send Christmas Cards! L@@K Here! :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tazzy, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Thanks Sellwegger!!


  2. Rudy

    Rudy New Member

    thanks for all the christmas cards guys, i'm getting nice post everyday!!! makes a change from bills!! thanks again!

    melissa x ;D
  3. SinaHamburg

    SinaHamburg New Member

    yea guys, thanks for all your cards ;D!!! awesome!!!
  4. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    Thankyou to everyone who has sent me a card ;D

    I have quite a nice little collection now - Iv'e put them all up in my bedroom. It looks all christmassy especially with my pink christmas tree!
  5. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    WOW you have a pink christmas tree!! That must be FAB!!
  6. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Well, I got another one from Izzy yesterday (Thursday) thank you Izzy! I'm shocked how fast you guys got it though, I just sent the cards last Monday, I didn't exected you guys to get it until next week. But hey, I'm ain't complaining at all, the faster the better :)

    Swellwegger, never too late. :) you can still join if you like. :)

  7. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Gary, I got yours yesterday! (Friday) So it came quite quickley! ;D
  8. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Thanks to Izzy, Melissa, Ellen and Kerry.
    Kerry- wow! the card was fantastic- did you make it yourself? I'm so impressed ;D
    Melissa- what a great idea, if I hadn't send mine out already I'd have added photos to mine! :D
    Izzy- thanks very much- hope to see you in Feb too! ;D
    Ellen- Thanks :D Can't think of anything I haven't already said to you on msn ;)
    Charlotte x
  9. SinaHamburg

    SinaHamburg New Member

    just wanted to let you guys know that you should get my cards soon...i sent them on tuesday!
    @izzy: i had a pink christmas tree last year!! but after a fight with my brother its broken :(...
    pink is punk lol!!!!
  10. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Just got a card from Flavia and Jessica! Thank you both! :) Both are beautiful card!!

  11. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Got a card from Ellen and Andy today. Thank you both! :) This is for sure better then the bills that usually comes through the mail. haha :)

  12. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    I've had cards from so many I can't remember names to thank you all individually....im too lazy to walk the 3 metres to my room to look!! but you all know who you are...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D it has made christmas all the more special! :D

    Elllen xxxx
  13. disney_dreamer

    disney_dreamer New Member

    thankyou sooo much to everyone who has sent me a card..tazzy got yours this morning.thankyou :)

    i have sent cards to you all in the uk,but i was too late for the international xmas post!!!sorry..........ill be sending postcards in the new year :)

    merry xmas everyone,hope you all have a great holiday....loads of love stephxxxxxxx
  14. Louisa

    Louisa New Member

    thank a lot for all the cards i got. I´m at the canarian islands right now and this is my only chanse to go online. ig forgot the adresses i wrote down on a piese of papaer and this placce doesnt have a printer...
    so I´m going to buy some more postcards here write tham and send them when i get back home.

    hope that´s ok. 8)

  15. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Thanks for all the cards I've received, its been really great getting interesting things in the post!! :D
  16. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Hey everyone
    A big thanks to: (let's see if I can remember everyone!) Flavia, Jessy, Sina, Andy, Beth, Steph, Gary! ;D
    I think I've already thanked the others I've got a card from- if not I'm really sorry- thank you!! :D
    Hope everyone has a really Happy Christmas and a great New Year!
    Charlotte x
  17. Andy

    Andy New Member

    that was fun, almost everyday having post!!!! A lovely christmas card from loads of lovely people!!!! Great idea and has really brightened up my room scattered with christmas joy! :)

    Thanks alot guys!!!
  18. Tazzy

    Tazzy New Member

    Got 3 cards this week. :) Thank you Lourina, Sandra, and Sina. More beautiful cards to add to my collection :) hehe

    This years Christmas Card exchange is almost coming to a closee :) I hope everyone got the cards that I've sent! Thank you everyone for getting involve in this years Christmas Card exchaange. :) Thank you Thank you Thank you :D

    Have a great Christmas everyone :)

  19. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Merry Christmas to you to Gary!!!
  20. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Thanks very much for organising it Gary! :D Having organised one myself, I know there's slightly more involved than it seems! It's always great fun though so thank you to everyone I've got cards from! ;D

    Happy Christmas everyone!
    Charlotte x

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