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Please can someone help me answer this...

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  1. DramaDuke101

    DramaDuke101 New Member


    I am a South African male student currently studying B-Com Financial Management and stage-film acting part-time. I will get my degree at the end of next year, 2013. I want to work at Disney World or Land in 2014. What I really want to do as well is continue with acting classes in my free time AND go for auditions preferrably for Disney Channel and commercials.

    What type of visum/visa must I have to work at Disney World/Land AND be allowed to audition and work on set/films etc.? Also will this be possible even to have free time to go for acting classes and auditions, maybe get an agent, if I work at Disney World/Land and where will it be better to work if I want the most audition opportunities for Disney channel - California or Orlando? Lastly, when will be the best time to apply for work at Disney Resorts if I want to go in 2014?

    I have searched everywhere on the internet for answers but results have been a fail. And if there's any plan B suggestions to help with how to get a visum/visa to be able to enter the USA and persue an acting career, please share. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hamburger

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    Hello DramaDuke101,

    It's kind of hard to get a visa to work in the United States. Check here: http://travel.state.gov/visa/

    But maybe for South Africans it's easier than for us Germans.

    The one way I know of is to apply for a year program as a CRP or similar, check for that here: https://www.disneyinternationalprograms.com/

    The programs for international students only apply to Disney World in Florida, so there would be no California-choice. IP can also answer your questions about when to apply.

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