WDW Cultural Representative Program UK Applicants 2014

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by kghimire, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

  2. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    Not long now. ^_^
  3. rebeccawilsonx

    rebeccawilsonx New Member

    Would anyone be interested in an August 2014 applicants Facebook group? :)
  4. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    We can have a temporary one till we find out what the official one is? ^^

    Good idea!
  5. rebeccawilsonx

    rebeccawilsonx New Member

    I'll make one, and link it as a new thread! It might be easier for us to communicate on there :)
  6. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    Great :)
  7. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

    Really wishing these two months would go fast. I'm too excited!! What I would do to be there now :(
  8. Emilieleger

    Emilieleger New Member

  9. sharpaylai

    sharpaylai New Member

    Hiii,I have a question:If I apply after posting Date should I apply again?
  10. I haven't even been able to register for yummy jobs I can't find out how to make an account or anything is this because I'm Canadian? I applied through the Disney site directly and it still says in progress but should I be able to apply through yummy jobs?
  11. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    I think Yummy Jobs is only the UK recruiter? (For the CRP) I could be wrong.

    I heard that Canada is the only nation that applies directly through Disney, going off what it says on YJ website.

  12. Aula

    Aula New Member

    To add to the above: it doesn't look like you can register for yummy jobs until they open the applications, not other than the social stuff anyways.

    Really hope they don't open it any later than August. It's long enough to wait as it is! I need to get on with finishing my CV/cover letter though...
  13. Leanneeex

    Leanneeex New Member

    Is it August yet?!
    Can't wait to apply! Due to personal commitments and general forgetfulness I haven't been able to apply for 4 years!
    Did anyone make that Facebook group for Augusts applicants 2014? I'd love to join
  14. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

  15. Leanneeex

    Leanneeex New Member

    I have asked to join, just waiting on the acceptance to be let in
    I'm getting very excited!!! Would love to get to know you all in the group, potential wdw friends!!
  16. Leanneeex

    Leanneeex New Member

    Can you ask the Admin of he page to accept me please? :)
  17. Kayleigh Scott

    Kayleigh Scott New Member

    Does anyone have the link to the private facebook page, or could they please add me? Thanks :)
  18. Kayleigh Scott

    Kayleigh Scott New Member

    I did the same earlier this year and e-mailed Disney for clarification and they told me to apply through Yummy Jobs not through their selves, even though it did let me submit my application etc! Hope this helps :) I'm applying for the first time this year :)!
  19. LozMoz

    LozMoz New Member

    Just requested to join the Facebook group :)

    Only 5 days until we can apply!! Why am I so nervous already?! It's not even an interview, only an application!! Waaaahhhhh :confused:
  20. Hannah.H

    Hannah.H New Member

    I am also hoping to apply when the applications open! Nervous and excited! :)

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