WDW Cultural Representative Program UK Applicants 2014

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by kghimire, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Nicole92

    Nicole92 New Member

    Just requested to join the Facebook group too :)

    Does anyone know how long it will roughly take to hear back from Yummy Jobs once the applications have closed? Don't know how much longer I can wait!!
  2. Danielle Newberry

    Danielle Newberry New Member

    Hey, I don't want this to sound like a stupid question but what do you need to put in the cover letter? I am so stuck, I know your not supposed to put how much you love Disney but surely they look for more than just a regular cover letter? I'm on a mind block at the moment so any suggestions would be really useful!! please and thank you!!! :)
  3. MeganBlakemore

    MeganBlakemore New Member

    Hi all, I submitted my application yesterday and I'm so nervous and excited I just don't know what to expect! I would also like to get to know everyone who's applying
  4. sljohnson254

    sljohnson254 New Member

    Hey Megan.
    I felt sick after I submitted mine 3 weeks ago. But I am now waiting for applications to close, a week and a half to go :D Nervous/excited/scared comes to mind. Is this your first time applying?
  5. MeganBlakemore

    MeganBlakemore New Member

    Yes, sort of! I was applying in the January but I was in North Carolina for 12 months and I wasn't able to make interviews if I was successful so I waited until now! is this your first time?
  6. Jadeth

    Jadeth New Member

    Hey everyone! Finished my application today so touch wood! I'm so excited/nervous already, first time applying so we'll see what happens
  7. hailey

    hailey New Member

    Does anyone know when we will find out about if we have been successful ornot? I've heard the start of September?
  8. hailey

    hailey New Member

    And can I be added to the facebook group please? :)
  9. Helen1303

    Helen1303 New Member

    Hey, how do I find the fb page to join. Thanks
  10. Nicole92

    Nicole92 New Member

  11. amy may harding

    amy may harding New Member

    only a few hours until the application closes! how exciting and totally nerve wracking x
  12. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

    Applications are officially closed, ahh! Good luck everyone, let the waiting game truly begin, haha.

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