What are you going to do?

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by slightlymazmad, Mar 6, 2006.


Which job are you going to do?

  1. F&B

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  2. Merch

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  3. Operations

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  4. Lifeguard

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  5. Custodial

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  6. House Keeping

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  7. Character Preforming

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  1. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    I thought i'd start a new topic off! and i'm curious as to what everyone else will be doing out there this summer :p

    If i have missed a job then let me know - i'm sure there are more but i think those are the main ones.

    Oh and if you dont know already i'm going to be a lifeguard!

  2. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh New Member

    well my first choice is attractions and then its merchendise!!
  3. jessyca333

    jessyca333 New Member


    my first choice is merch then operations!
  4. slightlymazmad

    slightlymazmad New Member

    Who put down House Keeping?

    That was my third choice but i was told i was more likely to get that than my second choice, merch cause they fill up the merch spaces quickly (or there wasnt a lot of them - can you tell i wasnt really paying attention? Too busy focusing on smiling ;D)

  5. hannahike

    hannahike New Member

    My first choice is Operations!
  6. Chrissie

    Chrissie New Member

    Im doing quick service food and beverage
  7. Tigger:-D

    Tigger:-D New Member

    Im going to be a character performer (Tigger) :D Woohoo!
  8. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Ill be your friendly neighbourhood Lifeguard.... 8)
  9. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Hehe I'm in F&B until May, and then Operations until next Jan :D
  10. KC

    KC New Member

    Just me confirmed for Operations so far then...

    I'm reeeeeeeeeeeally hoping for Attractions at MK though... Preferably somewhere in MK attractions west (Frontierland/Adventureland/Liberty Square) I think :D

    You might be interested to know that the first ever set of interviews in the republic of ireland was yesterday... And the program seems to have been mighty expanded! My friend had all sorts of things down that werent available for us to even choose! She had things like Vacation Planner and Character Assistant down for some of her preferences!!!

  11. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Nice to see they're expanding the roles!

    Is Yummy handling the recruitment in the RoI?
  12. KC

    KC New Member


    Obviously, I had my interview in Birmingham, but it seems like they're now expanding over here.

    There've been several of the red recruiting posters up on campus for the past few weeks and I presume, in other colleges and universities around the country. All of them said to contact Alexis, so that would suggest that YJ is the recruiter for the RoI :)

    Yay! We have a recruiter! :D
  13. Chrissie

    Chrissie New Member

    I would have LOVED to have been a character assistant!!!
  14. *Linzi*

    *Linzi* New Member

    G'day folks!
    I'm going to be in Merchandise - was my first choice, my 2nd choice was operations. I don't think I would have minded what I was doing to be honest, but I think that merchandise will be brill.
    I'm on the ICP though, not sure if that makes a lot of difference.
  15. Nina

    Nina New Member

    Yeah its so cool they're actually recruiting in Ireland now!
    KC how did your friend get on with her interview?
    I was supposed to be at that interview but couldnt because I was away for the weekend :'(
  16. Tigger:-D

    Tigger:-D New Member

    Who is the other Character performer?
  17. KC

    KC New Member

    Well, she said she had loads of fun (no surprise there!), met lots of nice people (still not surprising!), and thinks the interview went well, she thinks (stiiiiiiill not a surprise :p)

    So, overall, an unsurprising good day, I think! :D
  18. Chrissie

    Chrissie New Member

    Glad to hear ur friends interview went well! ;D Hopefully we will be seeing her soon in Orlando!
  19. bright*eyes

    bright*eyes Guest

    im doing full service food and beverage
  20. Spaztaz

    Spaztaz New Member

    I am doing Merchandise!

    Here when did the College fourm appear - never noticed it till tonight

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