What else do you want to do in Florida??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VickiG, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    But you get to see more princesses if you go in the Norwegian restaurant though! I've never been in cinderellas castle, but a lot of guests that I talked to was disappointed after going there... The food wasn't very good and you only get to see Cinderella.

    And a tip about hidden mickeys, there's a LOT of them in the norwegian ride, on the wall where you go on the boats ;)
  2. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    I know, I can never find them :(
  3. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    I've never really looked, but people I know who worked there told me :p
  4. VickiG

    VickiG New Member

    Hey guys

    - i'm loving the plan to do a tour of the disney hotels

    and just seen a couple of other things people have mentioned to add to my list..

    Cirque Du Solei - I wanted to go for my 21st when we were there last year, however family situations and who we had gone with were a bit of a problem.

    The hidden mickey hunt - i didn't even know about Hidden Mickey's till i came on here! (deprived I know! I just keep thinking about all the times I could have been looking when I have been there)

    Atlantis - The new Seaworld Waterpark opening in spring

    I'd love to do a cruise but I don't think i will have the time! So much to do..
  5. PuNkYpIrAtE!!

    PuNkYpIrAtE!! New Member

    i go out on 11th march
    and things i wanna dooo isssss
    see a space shuttle launch (always been a space geek) lol
    swim with dolphins and sharks
    go sky diving (not indooor) outdooors! woo!
    bungee jumping
    go to the grand canyon
    ..and climb it!! =D
    and get myself more fitter and healthier (not gonna happen with the food portions out there!)
    but i like a challenge =D
    and ive read bout this hidden mickey hunt?
    what...what is that? lol
    and i wanna go inside cinderellas castle! that place is a global landmark!!
    bring on 11th march =)
  6. SteffieDavis

    SteffieDavis New Member

    Hidden mickey's are one of my fave parts of going to wdw!! I have a whole field guide book to them, and here is the definition that is in there...
    "A partial or complete image of a Mickey Mouse that has been hidden by Disney Imagineers and artists in the designs of disney attractions, hotels, restaurants and other areas. These images are designed to blend into their surroundings. Sharp eyed visitors have fun finding them. "

    Apparently they started when construction of Epcot began and the plan was to leave mickey and minnie out of it completely, restricting the characters to Magic Kingdom in an effort to make Epcot more grown up oriented. Imagineers couldn't resist hiding the characters in their designs, and now hidden mickeys are everywhere, and people like me loooooove finding them. Talking to cast members about hidden mickeys is really fun- sometimes they get really excited and tell you ones that arent in the book, or that are secret. One older man that was working in the africa area of animal kingdom last time I was there pointed out four that weren't in the book and was soo funny about it, he would whisper them to me and make me swear not to tell my family, who were looking on and laughing at how happy the two of us were with our secret. Also, pointing out easy hidden mickeys around ppl who don't know about the concept can be fun, cause they are always really impressed.

    And also, apparently, there are lots of behind the scenes hidden mickeys that only cast members have access too.... another reason to work for disney! :)
  7. PuNkYpIrAtE!!

    PuNkYpIrAtE!! New Member

    thats welll goood! haha!
    wait...so how many are talking about here? must be loads?
    i plan on finding them now...uve got me obsessed!
    i can get a book in wdw right?
  8. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Yeah you can. I'm not sure what edition its on now... but there's over 500 and I barely found 10 of them when I was working there! CM's love helping out with Hidden Mickey's (the guy at the California Grill were really helpful in showing us them, as some are in the restaurant itself and one Hidden Mickey is across two doors which are always open during operating hours, so he closed them for us so we could get a picture!)

    It's so much fun anyway (and sometimes requires many rides on attractions if you want to take pictures!) and I'm recruiting people for my Hidden Mickey hunt as of now :p
  9. Kevus

    Kevus New Member

    oooh a year to find them all do remember though that not all are in the book... theres a mickey in the middle of sports on the touchdown field and thats not in the book
  10. PuNkYpIrAtE!!

    PuNkYpIrAtE!! New Member

    "and I'm recruiting people for my Hidden Mickey hunt as of now"

    woo count me in!lol
  11. *minnie**mouse*

    *minnie**mouse* New Member

    i'm probably one of the least observant people ever but i'm SO in on the hidden mickey hunt. i find them outside of disney all the time!! but never seen one in the parks, not even when i've know where one is and have been watching out for it.
  12. SteffieDavis

    SteffieDavis New Member

    I bought my copy at the cdn pavillion in epcot this past summer. the book can be really specific-- I didn't use the clues part, i wanted to know exactly where to look so I read the descriptions of where precisely to find the hidden mickeys, and i think i found just over a hundred (i'm looking through the pages, i checked off the ones i found.) In the book there are 700 hidden mickeys, so yeah, a fair few...
  13. PeXoXaLoVePooH

    PeXoXaLoVePooH Active Member

    Count me in!!!! sounds really great!!!!
  14. disneyprincess87

    disneyprincess87 New Member

    Count me IN!! ;D
  15. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    I've been to Florida so many times.
    But the things I'd really like to do that I have yet to do are:

    Visit the new sea world park like everyone else is saying. (which I can't find anything on) YES I CAN HOLY CRAP!
    I really want to drive to Mexico
    Eat more and more at Tony Romas mmmm
    Also I'd like to finally get the guts up to do all of the things in Universal and Busch Gardens that I have not done previously.
  16. SteffieDavis

    SteffieDavis New Member

    holy moly, that water park looks awesome!!!!
  17. cherisss

    cherisss New Member


    But something that I MUST do at least once..is go to an Orlando Magic basketball game. ;D Preferably, against the Lakers. (Ashley, I know you want to!)
    Haha. Sometimes I'm just tooo big of a basketball fan. ::)
  18. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    I have to see a jeff dunham show too! And of course try that waterpark ;D
  19. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Me too! On both accounts. I LOVE Jeff Dunham... he is so so so so so funny.
  20. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    I saw an Orlando Magic game the first time I was in Florida.
    We had THE WORST seats in the house I'm pretty sure.
    I choked on a hot dog and had a nosebleed. Yeah I know, a nosebleed in the nosebleed section.

    The game was still totally cool to see, even if it was really just like watching TV with a whole lot of people in the room.

    Also, am I an idiot for not knowing for Jeff Dunham is?

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