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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by hannahnyc, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. hannahnyc

    hannahnyc New Member

    this is for all those of us tht just went through 7 weeks of hell to find there were no visas! i think would be a shame after that long of us talking on 'anxiously waiting' united in our anguish to now not know what others are doing - so post away

    - what the ppl of anxiously waiting did next - (dont forget pen pen)
  2. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Okay... I'm starting to freak out now... haha.. I have my f2f interview tomorrow in halifax and I am getting quite dissappointed with all of this "no visas" posts.. are there really no visas? where are u from? I'm in Canada ... I really don't see the point of these interviews if theire are no visas... can anyone help? ???
  3. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    What program are you on?
  4. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Hi! :) The college one... for just the summer.. ne advice / info?
  5. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    As far as i've heard..the visa thing only affects the seasonal program..
  6. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Ohh thats wicked :) hopefully everything will work out then ;D thanks for your quick response... haha :)
  7. lululemon

    lululemon Member

    Hey Kim,
    I going to the Toronto Interviews, and I was a bit worried too, so I e-mailed Eric, and I have yet to hear back from him (understandable, since he is obviously away from his comp for the week). Maybe bring that question along with you at the interview? that's my plan...my thoughts are that if they know that there are no visa's then they would probably not be interviewing (or maybe they would, who knows?) and the program that it affects, as far as I know, is not even offered in Canada...so we are all fair game for open positions! GOOD luck in Halifax! let us all know how it goes!
  8. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    Well Hannah, gd idea lol.

    I had an Email from Jason today as I had said I was interested in the Cult Rep Program. He did say however that they would be 'inviting me for an interview'. I don't think I will be going, I think it's ridiculous we have to go for another interview - we were good enough to get the job but we need to be interviewed again? (Sorry I'm in a slightly bad mood today, back to work after long weekend off lol) I spent over £300 to get to the last interview and there wasn't even a job there? Unbelievable.

    I would like to say a huge thanks to all u guys that have been posting on here. It really did help to hear that other ppl were going through the same. I'm just so sad that this had to happen, we were all so excited!

    Anyways, no doubt I will be on here just as much, I'm officially addicted lol, whether I'm going to Disney or not!!

    Claire xx
  9. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    I think the reason why they need ro interview you again is because they ask you different kinda questions. Like at the cultural rep interviews they ask you things like 'how would you describe your country?. 'if someone asked you about your town, what would you say?'. Its for representing your country as well as working for disney. It might also be a rule of the Q1 visa.

    Info from this site http://www.us-immigration-attorney.com/culturalexchange.htm tells you about the visa a bit more.

    (a) The cultural component of the program is designed to give an overview of the attitude, customs, history, heritage, philosophy, tradition and/or other cultural attributes of the participant's home country, and;

    (b) The program activities take place in a public setting where the sharing of culture can be achieved through direct interaction with the American public or a segment thereof.
  10. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    I think the cultural rep program was the only one you needed an interview for again..

    I don't think you needed one again for the others...

    Might be because as well that there is most likely alot less places on that program..
  11. april25th

    april25th New Member

    Well i had an email back from michelle saying that i would have to send my c.v in again whats jasons address and i will reply to that instead im fed up of this no guarantee thing (yes i know i cant spell lol).Still want to go for cultural though help!xx
  12. Heidi85

    Heidi85 New Member

    Jasons' address is Jason@yummyjobs.com
  13. acp

    acp New Member

    Hm, I wasn't asked to send my CV again.. Just that they'd contact me in October about the interviews in November..

  14. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    What program are you going for?
  15. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    Same here, yet another waiting game. I'm still in shock about the whole thing. I understand about having to ask different questions in the interviews for cultural reps, but I'm still with Claire, I spent an absolute fortune going for an interview in Feb, and it feels as if it's all just been forgotten about. I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end.
  16. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    U are so right Charlotte!! I feel like we were just so let down!!

    I won't be goin to the interviews, I'm not risking all that money again!! I wouldn't have minded if they said I didn't get the job due to whatever reason. I'm just annoyed at spending all that money when there wasn't even a job there! If I'd known that, I wouldn't have went!

    Claire xx
  17. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    I know, it's like the last 9 months of applying/tel interview/f2f interview didn't happen. And the fact that it doesn't count for ANYTHING makes it even worse. I asked Michele about compensation for the costs of the interview in Feb but she's just ignored my email so that says a lot really. It's such a waste of everybody's time; I hope they've learned from this and will make sure they have the visas sorted before interviewing applicants.
  18. Heidi85

    Heidi85 New Member

    Maybe you should try emailing her again about the compensation...
    Maybe she did ignore you, but it's also possible she never even received your email. The past 2 weeks some of my emails never made it into their inbox, my placement coordinator emailed yummy and his email never made it to Yummy Jobs, and I'm sure I read a post somewhere else from someone who's email never made it to Yummy Jobs.
    So yeah, like I said, maybe she just ignored your email, but I'd say it's worth trying again.
  19. Clairey2302

    Clairey2302 New Member

    I think we should def do it! Better if there are a few of us aswell. Seriously tho, how can they get away with that? A job interview for a non existant job? No way would I have wasted my money on that if I'd known!!

    Claire x
  20. CharlotteSparkle

    CharlotteSparkle New Member

    I know, none of us would. We were never told that there was a chance their visa application could fall through, not in an email or during the interview itself. If we'd thought there might be no visas we might have waited and spent out money on a different program that actually exists. Who do we email, Jason or Michele?

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