what's the competition like?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by rachet, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. rachet

    rachet New Member

    what are the chances of actually getting on the summer program anyway? i dont actually know how fierce the competition is and i am curious :)
  2. aussie_gal

    aussie_gal New Member

    yeh id like to know this too

    how many do they take for each program? and is the summer program really popular?

    i guess it also depends when your summer is..my summer is america's winter.. where are you from?
  3. rachet

    rachet New Member

    england, so my summer is their summer too! So I'm guessing that's the time when they need the most staff! what program have you applied for? or are you already on one?
    rach xxx
  4. KirstyLouise

    KirstyLouise New Member

    I think it is easier to get the summer college program simply because it is peak time and you can literally work anywhere...people applying for the year long cultural program can only work in their countries pavillion which obviously means there are less jobs going.

    I would love to have known about the summer program before I finished uni, but hey I'm off anyway :)

  5. aussie_gal

    aussie_gal New Member

    nah i have a while to wait yet..

    ill be in my first year uni next year and i want to go the gap between 2nd and 3rd year

    so hopefully summer 08/09 --> americas winter though
  6. kahluafan

    kahluafan New Member

    Get applying asap then :) I left it too late for this year and the places were filled, apparently they're recruiting again in November, i'm on the list so i've got just over a year to get saving and get a full time job when i get out of uni!
  7. tinydancinggirl

    tinydancinggirl New Member

    Couple of points here:

    1. America has the same seasons as us so if you go UK summer it's summer in the US too :) Be warned though it is H-O-T (we're talking 35-40 degrees here) - but you soon get used to it ;)

    2. I applied for the ICP when I found out about it at the end of February 2006 - I had the interview mid-March in London and was hired by the end of the month. I only found out once I got there that most people had been interviewed the previous November!! Anyway my point is that it might not be too late to apply for this year provided you're willing to travel to an interview.

    3. I didn't hear of anyone who got turned down for the ICP (unless it was for Disney Look reasons, etc.)...basically what it comes down to is - it's peak season, Disney need more staff and College Programmers get paid less than regular Cast Members :mad:, so it's in their interest to hire you :p

    OK so that's 3 points, but the main point is - APPLY, because your chances are very good indeed!!
  8. tinydancinggirl

    tinydancinggirl New Member

    OK I just read that properly...ignore what I just said about summers & winters for I am a jackass ;) Even so, Florida isn't exactly what I'd call cold in winter...
  9. kahluafan

    kahluafan New Member

    The weather was pretty poor xmas day tho :) Warmer in most parts of northern scotland,lol...

    Dunno about the late applying thing for this year, i know we had to have applied by November if i remember correctly, maybe if they need spaces its not too late ppl, go for it!
  10. bluedrops

    bluedrops New Member

    wow, it's going to be really hot... :S do if you're working in attractions do they have air conditioning at WDW? This summer i worked at Disneyland Paris, and we didn't have air conditioning at my attraction and it was so hot! at least at DLP we got to have water bottles on stage, but we were told that at the wdw cast members were not allowed to drink water on stage... is this true? ??? I would've passed out if I didn't take a sip from my water bottle every 15 minutes or so...
  11. kahluafan

    kahluafan New Member

    Would seem strange to not allow you to have water, but i could understand if they don't let you have them on stage, although i've seen CMs drinking out of coke bottles around MGM,lol
  12. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    u can get water bottle holders that attach to ur belt from costuming, so yeh u are allowed water outside.
  13. Chrissi

    Chrissi New Member

    First of all there is everywhere an ac at WDW. I hated it cause my tonsills ( is that right?!?) hurted 24/7.
    If I remember it right we weren't actually allowed to drink on stage, but our Managers gave us the permittion during summer. But guests shouldn't see it.
    Oh I remember when it was February and I had to work outside and always asked my co workers for a hot chocolate with a little shot ;D cause it was soooo freezing cold
  14. kahluafan

    kahluafan New Member

    Yeah inside air conditioning, one of the problems in Florida,lol, i've always found it gets pretty nippy inside the Commons apartments when i've visited, and shops as well at times, gotta be grateful for it tho!

    Back on topic, i don't know of anyone who got rejected on the ICP, all of the 12 or so final applicants from our uni got in!
  15. PrincessJilly

    PrincessJilly New Member

    you appreciate the AC wen its roasting outside but i remember walking round walmart in november with a tshirt and hoodie on, and i was FREEZING!!

    however sometimes i would complain about being cold and James was roasting (nice hugs to warm me up in that case ;D) so i think i must feel the cold more than ur average person! lol
  16. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    we had a water dispenser backstage that we could go back there and get a drink from any time. When i was working outside we could fill up a bottle and take it with us and drink it at any time.

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