Whats the deal if you bring your car?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by jordanj942, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. jordanj942

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    Hey everyone, does anyone know what the deal is if you bring your car, any rules on how long it can be in the us for and what about insurance do i get that in Canada for a year or get it in florida? Id love to bring my car if i get in, its a soft top so wouldsuit florida lol, its also originally from california so i would be bringing jt back to its homeland so to say. Hope you guys can help. Cheers
  2. jc09fp

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    You get a sticker for you windshield so you can bring your car into the housing complex. You also must get Florida plates when you are there it is a bit of a hassel. As for insurance you would have to go through your insurance company in Canada and see what they offer for this type of situation. It worth having a car there, but it is also really easy to get around if you dont. I personally will bring mine because i did the whole bus thing and i am more for the convenience of going when/where ever I want to go.

    Good luck!

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