When is the right time to apply?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Lilia, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Lilia

    Lilia New Member

    Hey :) I'm new in here.

    I would like to now when I should send my application if I want to start working in September?

    I'm waiting for your answers :)
  2. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    Hi Lilia
    I believe that the next round of applications, opening in January are for places between September-Feb so check the yummy jobs website and there might be the dates on there.
    Hope that helps
    Good luck with your application :)
  3. Peever

    Peever New Member

    The round that just happened is for sept-December. best be applying as soon as possible to get in for the next one :) Which will mostl ikely be november-feb I think, though who knows!
  4. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    depends where you are from

    If your from the UK you will have to wait until the applications re-open on the 5th January, those applications are for positions between September 2011 - Early 2012.

    If your from Canada applications are open now! so you can send your application in now, they close on December 31st, and again thats for positions starting late 2011.

    Good luck!
  5. BananaPinguin

    BananaPinguin New Member

    I wuld like to apply for April 2012, when should I send my application?
  6. jslussier

    jslussier New Member

    @ Banana, you should apply next summer. When this recruitment session will be done (in march) yummyjobs would post another application start date. When you do your application for the fall interview, the start date usally are between february and july. When you did apply for the spring interview, the start dates usally are between august and january.
  7. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    I want to start this summer, so i applied the other day, even though i know it wont get looked at until the start of Jan.

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