When should my friend apply?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by hen87hels, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. hen87hels

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    Hi everybody!! My friend is looking to apply for the (UK) Cultural Representative program to start May/June time if possible, and I'm just wondering when is the best time for her to send her CV to Yummy?

    I've already applied and have my f2f in just under two weeks (eek!), but I didn't realise there were any sort of timing tactics involved when I was applying- I was just lucky haha!!

    Good luck to anyone applying! x x x
  2. *minnie**mouse*

    *minnie**mouse* New Member

    Hey Helen!!
    Your friend missed the deadline for dates in May/June 2009 unfortunatly, these lot of f2f interviews will cover feb 09 -sept 09 leaving dates. For the UK CRP yummy have two lots of interviews a year, they do a set of interviews for Oct-Feb and another for Feb-Sept leaving dates.

    Best thing is for her to email yummy and ask when they're accepting for the posotions for the next lot of intakes.

    michele@yummyjobs.com :) chances are she'll be able to apply for them as early as now.

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