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  1. I did the CP Summer 2008 and had a great time, now I'd like to work for the cruise after I graduate this year. I know there can be a wait time between getting hired and actually getting on the ship, but I was wondering when exactly to apply/when interviews are conducted? My ideal start time would be somewhere between May 2011 and September 2011, so is it best to apply now, or do they do interviews in the Spring?

    My second question is: if my friends get hired too, how likely is it that we'll all be on the same ship?

    Thanks for your help guys!!
  2. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    Maybe if you tell us where you are from, we can help you ;D ;D

    Because every country has its recruiter agency... and its interviews, so there are different dates...

    Can't reply to the second question.
    I know they don't let share the same cabin to people from the same country, but can't see how can they avoid that you and your friends join the same ship. Could be easier for you to spend your time in the ship...

    What kind of job are you applying for? F&B or merchandise?

    Have fun.
  3. BriarRose

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    I know the UK recruiters let you request a specific ship, but it wont be guaranteed you get that ship.. not sure about other recruiters from elsewhere but it's always worth a try.
  4. Thanks guys! I'm from Canada, and me and my friends will be interviewing at the same time if that helps. Oh, and we'd probably be doing cruise/entertainment staff, or if that's not available then merch.
  5. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    i was wondering the same thing, id be looking to head out maybe may or june next year but not sure when to apply, i have already sent in my CV to the international services email address that i found on the DCL website (for F&B UK recruitment) and I got an email back from a lady called Monika asking me to call her to discuss things further.... but dont want to waste her time seeing as i would be looking to go until next spring.......

    Id either want to apply for F&B or merch, possibly merch more so on the ship as I know that F&B is pretty hardcore.....!!!
  6. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    If you apply you must be able to leave after passing the interview no more than 6 months time.
    But I would apply now as the interview dates are far and few between them...I applied in Feb this year and my interview was in June and now have a start date in Oct to give you an idea.
  7. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    ahh i see, thanks for the info, i kinda thought that the cruise line hiring process was pretty long winded, wow youve been waiting to go for ages then, bet your exited to be going!! Also, what pre-departure expenses are there? I know they pay for the flight but what about insurence etc - does disney pay for the medical? what role are you doing on the ship? (and is there a different recruiter for F&B and Merch or will the lady from I.S be able to help me on both?) sorry ,loads of questions!
  8. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    You have to pay for the flight to get there, Disney only pay for your flight home you have to pay the first one....Your medical is free as long as you get it done in London so that involved me flying from scotland down to get that but I needed to get my visa there anyway. which the visa you have to pay for. Your health insurance is covered by disney as that is why they make you have a medical so you got nothing wrong with you that they need to cover extra for.........I'm going onto the disney magic as an assistant server, I don't know if there are any different agents mine for f&b is Patricia in France for UK applicants.
  9. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    ahhh right ok. how much does the visa cost??

    yeah ive had emails from patricia luec? and also from someone called Monika! il give them a ring tomorrow and see what they say!

    ahhh i know, im up here in Scotland aswell, bit of a trek to london for the visa!!! ;D
  10. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    I always go to Belfast for my visa but medical is in London so went done both there.....Visa is $140 so worked out £101 plus £20 to call up and book your appointment for the visa and then on the day £15 to send the passport back to you.....so all in visa costs £140 ish
  11. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    How long do they take to get back to you? I e-mailed international services with a question over a week ago and havent had an answer yet. I need to know if I am able to apply before I apply if that makes sense? I have a medical condition and am not sure if it's something they would allow or not as I have to take medication daily and have to have yearly monitors of it.
  12. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    I emailed them on Monday and they haven't got back to me yet either so maybe they are just mega busy or something?!
  13. Birdman22

    Birdman22 New Member

    An email forget it they never get back to you, call them that is the only way to do it and if they say can someone call u back they won't u got to just keep calling until you speak to someone i'm afraid....it's 2 women in france that deal with 100's they are real busy, if u aint emailing about ur start date they wont reply lol....i learnt that fast
  14. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    got an email this week asking me to go to the cruise interviews in london in 2 weeks time...... but im not going, spoke to the team in france and they advised me to get back intouch with them in the new year when i know il be able to join the ship - she said id be invited to an interview no question tho, based on my previous experience so thats good to know!!!! something to keep in mind for next summer :)
  15. dazzlingdaz10

    dazzlingdaz10 New Member

    I worked at Epcot within Merchandise from June-Dec 2009
    i had a great 6 mths but had to leave early due to personal reasons.
    I want to work now for Disney Cruise Line
    as i have the experience,skills and now am able to continue my Disney Career.
    I sent my details in,then recieved a phone call about an interview and was
    expecting to get a phone call back about an interview,which i didnt! I called
    the recruiter to ask what was going on and i was told i was on Restricted
    Hire Status and was i was to contact my Disney Manager to help clear this up.
    After a month i have the support of my manager to help me apply for the position
    but Disney Cruise Line need to contact him ive been told by the recruiter, feel like im going round in swings and rounderbouts
    can anyone help me give advice or what to do?
  16. lovethemouse

    lovethemouse New Member

    ok i want to apply from the UK... where when and how do i do this!!!! please eomeone help... did the crp 08-09!! loved it and am wanting to carry on the legacy!! xx
  17. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I believe Merchandise and Kids Youth Activities are hiring early in the new year, not sure about F&B TBH but im sure there's a constant hiring with people leaving. Of course with the dream launching they hired a large group of us and will be the same next year for the Fantasy.

    I do like how i said that i wanted to be on the Dream, and not the magic or wonder and i got what i asked for.
  18. Peever

    Peever New Member

    Dang Lee your certainly off quick to the ship eh? Didnt realize it was all so fast. Daz im sure youll be able to get there one way or another :). Hope it all works out better for ya this time round!
  19. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest


    Yeah, i didn't expect to be going away again so soon. Just applied with the hope something will come next year and sods law is that i got something this year

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