Which park do you prefer?

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Whick park do you prefer?

  1. Magic Kingdom

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  2. Disneyland

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  3. California Adventure

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  4. Animal Kingdom

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  5. Epcot

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  6. MGM Studios

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  1. kate003

    kate003 New Member

    Definately DisneyLAND! I live on the west coast so it's the park i grew up in, plus it's the original - the park Walt actually paced out and built and lived in and loved. Call me crazy, but when I'm there I get goose bumps thinking he walked the same sidewalks and used the same old school firetruck and that without disneyland there wouldn't be a disney world.
  2. DisneyG2009

    DisneyG2009 New Member

    Awww bless ya Kate!

    I have never been to any other Disney parks other than Orlando. But I have to say even before I got this job by favourite Disney Park is Epcot! I love it.....Test Track, Soarin' need you ask for anymore! lol
  3. sarah_1254

    sarah_1254 New Member

    I love them all! But has to be Magic Kingdom as it's known as the main home for Disney you really do get a magical feeling when you go, I was there New Years Eve and it was the most amazing experience ever!
  4. princess_shayna

    princess_shayna New Member

    Animal Kingdom is great too! I think people dont think of it as much because it's the newest one and many people who don't know Disney very well think of it like a zoo. It is honestly my second favourite park I think... over Epcot and Hollywood Studios (aka MGM Studios - i have a hard time giving that up!) I love the atmosphere and seeing the animals! And I love Expedition Everest, Festival of the Lion King, and the Finding Nemo Musical! I find there's so much to do there! It used to only take half a day to get through everything now it def takes a day and I want to go back! I love it there!!! The music is fab too! :D
  5. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    There's also a lot more shaded areas for blistering hot days! It's a park I don't think I've explored nearly enough...
  6. princess_shayna

    princess_shayna New Member

    same! 2010 here we come!!!
  7. AndyFromDonny

    AndyFromDonny New Member

    I like them all but I wasn't a big fan of MGM or whatever it's called now, either time I've been. It's between EPCOT and MK for me to be honest, EPCOT shades it I think as I'm a bit geeky at times and love the gadgets and stuff. Although saying that my 2 favourite rides are at MK, hmmm.
  8. Cicada

    Cicada New Member

    I'm the same, I find hollywood studios to be a bit dull and I can get through it quickly. Though they do have some amazing rides, and they are getting better. I can't wait to go on the new Toy Story Ride!
  9. Disney Jess

    Disney Jess New Member

    Toy Story Mania is AMAZING
    however the queue is always hugeeee! it's always like 2 hours or something, it was last year when I went and my sisters just come back and it still is now!
    but it is really good!!
  10. Dan7

    Dan7 New Member

    Does it have Fastpass?

    Cleaning out my room today and found a 'co pilot licence' for the monorail from when I sat in the cockpit in 2000 :)
  11. jimbolico

    jimbolico New Member

    I wanna return to disneyland, i went in 2001 when DCA opened and now it's so different!
    And they are making changes around DCA so i would really love to go again.
  12. Briggs682

    Briggs682 Member

    Personally, I love Animal Kingdom :) As a child I always wanted to work with animals, plus I'm a MASSIVE Musical Theatre Nerd, so totally love 'The festival of the Lion King' and 'Finding Nemo the Musical'! :p

    So yeah, Animal Kingdom for me...love all the other parks too though!
  13. jetlee123

    jetlee123 New Member

    California Adventure is my favorite park .It is so beautiful park in the world.
  14. lianiSAlou

    lianiSAlou New Member

    :( I have never been to ANY Disney park :(

    ;D BUT ill be able to tell you by the end of this year ;D

    nothing can describe my excitement :D ;D :eek:!!!!!!!!

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