Who recieved a call or email yet?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Chalet Dude, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Kristine

    Kristine New Member

    I totaly agree Im not expecting a call for at least another week or 2. The "Maybe Tomorrow" was just some wishful thinking.
  2. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    I'm so nervous... I just feel like I have no chance of getting it! The odds seem bad. Considering there were what, about 200 people who applied, and they might take about 40? Ahhhhhhhhhh....
  3. DSNA2004

    DSNA2004 New Member

    Hey adoredior did you apply for Cultural Rep or the College Program?
  4. Soda106

    Soda106 New Member

    Wow as many as 200?! Eeeek. I know how you feel about the not standing a chance haha. But must keep positive!!
  5. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    I applied for Cultural rep. Plus I'm friends with Stephanie, who got a call 6 days after the interviews!! So now I'm doubly nervous. I feel very, very nostalgic for the days when I wasn't so nervous 24/7!!! LOL. I just want this job so much!!
  6. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    I was pretty confident after I had my interview.Now all I can think about is my odds haha.I totally understand what you mean.I'm worried.The good thing is I think they have a set number they take from each interview,and for us there really hasn't been a lot of people coming on here from Halifax who applied for the cultural rep program and got accepted.
  7. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    They are goign to take AT LEAST 40 (Nicolas words without the caps). Now there was 25-30 people in Montreal, I know Toronto had more and I'm not sure about Halifax.

    If Halifax had 30, and so did Montreal, and lets say Toronto had 40, thats still only 100 people.

    Anyone from Toronoto or Halifax want to guess how many people where there?
  8. greg

    greg New Member

    Halifax had about 30.
  9. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    Hey Brodie... I know they try to keep it as balanced as possible across the regions. But they won't hire people just for the sake of it. Unfortunately for us, lol. There isn't a set number. I'm pretty sure there were quire a few people in TO and Montreal and about 25-30 in Hali... so the odds aren't great. I'm freaking myself out here.
  10. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    And Nicola told me 15 get in.There were 7 guys...the odds arent too bad for us eh.
  11. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    I think we all need to relax :p.They said we would know this week "at the earliest"...most of us are probably going to have to wait.
  12. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    When did Nicola tell you that? I'm surprised you got such a firm number.
  13. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    I asked her during the phone interview.
  14. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    I just find it hard to believe that they would put a number on it. I can't see them passing up good people just because they'd already said "we need 15 people from Halifax". I doubt its as simple as that. For example, if everyone in Toronto was awesome, I could see them hiring 20 or more from there, and only taking 5 or so from Halifax if they felt TO's crowd was better. I'm sure they try to represent the regions in their hirings, however, they want to hire the best people to be cast members. So I'm sure that sometimes they just can't take as many people from certain places, much as they'd like to.
  15. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    Oh I agree that the best people should be taken,regardless of what region they were interviewed.At the same time they probably want to have representation from every province.Who knows really haha,it's almost pointless guessing.I'm just saying what was said to me about the 15 people.I just hope I get a call soon,good or bad because this wait is intense lol.
  16. Soda106

    Soda106 New Member

    I buddy of mine who has worked at Disney World for quite some time now was saying that there is no set number of people that they will hire from one region, although they like to take people from all over, they are really looking for the "right" type of people that will fit in best with Disney. Fingers Crossed!! lol
  17. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I don't think they fill a quota...because don't forget that the people at each interview are from anywhere. Through my whole contract I think there were only like 4 of us that were actually from Toronto. Nobody from PEI and only one from Newfoundland. Ontario, BC and Quebec probably have the most representation, but they are the biggest, so it makes sense...also, that's where the interviews are and it's easiest for people to make it.

    Although...the interview I was accepted from I flew out to BC for and thus was the only Ontarian there...hmmmm.....

  18. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    I know. SO intense! I am just driving myself crazy, basically. I was just surprised (and totally happy) to read the 15 number from you. It just seemed too good to be true. :)
  19. *Kel*

    *Kel* New Member

    Hey Everyone... well Im glad im not the only one kinda freaking.. lol... i thought i would have more patience than this.. but apparantly not LOL.... good luck to everyone and I hope everyone gets a call very soon... !!!
  20. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    I THINK that if we were NOT worried we wouldn't CARE!! So, for those of us STILL sitting here freaking out....CHEERS TO YOU!! I LOVE IT!! I love the tension....sounds silly but it is EXCITING!! And really, if you don't get it....wasn't meant to be!! So old fashioned but OH SO TRUE!!


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