Who recieved a call or email yet?

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Chalet Dude, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. impulse

    impulse New Member

    Hey Steph, I'm doing the college program.

    And Nicholas, we leave on the same date! And we're both doing operations! WOOT! haha.

    My name is Tim by the way, impulse's just the forum name haha.
  2. DSNA2004

    DSNA2004 New Member

    That’s awesome…..I’m going to start practicing telling people “To please stand behind the yellow lineâ€â€¦.lol
  3. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    Got home from work yesterday and I get this envelope and saw THE MOUSE on the front and started to FREAK OUT!! :eek: :eek:

    YEAH NO.........was my photos from my trip!! :-[ :-[

    Well, thought it was HAPPENING.........

    Still waiting but VERY Positive here!! ;D
  4. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Congratulations on everyone getting calls! :) I have to wonder if they're contacting by areas of work. F&B, then Operations/Attractions, etc. I'm hoping that might be the case for my daughter! This waiting is a killer!
  5. *Kel*

    *Kel* New Member

    Is your daughter applying for the college or the year long program??
  6. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    College Summer Program!
  7. *Kel*

    *Kel* New Member

    Im assuming the people applying for the college summer program will be getting their calls first - as it seems most are leaving early may!
  8. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    Okay guys...can a mom brag! It was worth the wait! My daughter Shayna was called this afternoon and told she has a position in Customer Service. She had one of the best interviews of the day (so said Nicola) and was specifically chosen for this position. Nicola has to look into what the details are because so few positions are filled. She said it would be loads of fun and she would be front-line with all the guests! WOOHOO! She's off on the 14th of May!
  9. Chalet Dude

    Chalet Dude Guest

    Where is she from? How long is she there for?
  10. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    She's from Guelph and she'll be there until August 25!
  11. congrats to your daughter! Why doesn't she come post in here?
    How old is she?
    That sounds like an awesome job positions, congrats!!!
  12. Chalet Dude

    Chalet Dude Guest

    i'm guessing that Summer Applicants got hired first but then again, a guy from PEI got a call this week. So maybe he's on the summer list also...Who knows. I know that the waiting is killing to death!!I'm starting to get scared!!
  13. Chalet Dude

    Chalet Dude Guest

    Someone please stop me from calling Nicola as I know it's too soon to call (March 27th). AAAHHHH! I'm dying to know if I'm in or out! LOL
  14. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    It probably wouldn't hurt to email them.I emailed Eric to say thanks after the interview,and then agian for another thing.Just show them you really want it.I woudln't call them yet though.

    It's coming soon though you guys,just think of how good it will feel when you get it! :D
  15. Chalet Dude

    Chalet Dude Guest

    Brodie, Are you going for 1 year or the summer? I may email them, but don't want to scare them off either..
  16. brodie1

    brodie1 Guest

    Yeah,Im going for a year.

    As long as everyone doesn't email them saying the same thing then it might spark something .Ya never know
  17. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    I wouldn't e-mail them to ask straight out if you're getting the job or anything like that.

    Maybe if you have some questions about the program/life down there that you didn't get answered.

    Remember as best we know so far NO ONE has been offered a job in September/December yet and those were the main positions that these interviews were for. Everyone so far is filling spots from termed people, or that were left over from the last round (not including college people).

    They are taking at least 40 according to Nicola for the Sept/Dec positions. You don't have a lot to worry about yet.
  18. Chalet Dude

    Chalet Dude Guest


    So the people that were called now are filling spots of people who got canned or left? Did Nicola say that most people are starting in the fall? Boy you are 1 smart dude!! Good to know that someone is calm unlike us stress-magnets!
  19. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    Yes thats pretty much the jist of it. Nicola told me on the phone that the positions they were interviewing for were Sept or December departures. The presentation said July-Feb however (but again no ones been hired in those dates yet to my knowledge). Essentially if you're available sooner they might give you a job quickly, but for most of us, we're waiting for them to start hiring for those fall positions. When someone posts they start in Sept or December we have reason to freak out.

    Another thing to keep in mind is they're calling the people who start sooner/the college people first becuase they have less time to get necessary paperwork/visas and such filled out. The sooner they can get them started the better.

    People who are leaving now and had their interviews last November (kinda like us in Sept/Dec) didn't get their calls until 5 days or less before their "call us" date. I had a little anxiety last week when people started getting calls allready, but once I figured out the method I've been unnaturaly calm about the whole process, although if I haven't heard by this time next week I'm sure I'll be a wreck lol.

    Basically you might get called sooner, but I can honestly say don't expect a call until next Monday or Tuesday at the earliest.
  20. Chalet Dude

    Chalet Dude Guest

    Thanks dude!! Glad you're around to keep us calm. Keep in touch please!!

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