who wears thongs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by emma, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. trixi_lix

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  2. MyLittlePony

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    OMG is this topic still alive? Emma, I see you're up late at night... (drunk??) and reviving this topic. Any new perspectives on thongs? I myself prefer pink, if that hasn't been mentioned before...
  3. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    emma, what are we gonna do with u, boosting this topic yet again lol, can't quite belive how long its got such a random topic to. not been on the site for a while so i was surspired to say the least that its still going!!!!

  4. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    I wear them... of course! All girls should ;)
  5. amen to that! VPL's should be illegal...I want to give tickets with a $100 fine to anyone with a VPL hahaha
  6. adoredior

    adoredior New Member

    Goodness, me too. Especially when you're wearing dress pants! Gah. It makes the VPL alllll the more visible.
  7. Megara

    Megara New Member

    There are times that a comfy pair of granny knickers are more that justified. Generally though VPLs should be outlawed, them and dark undies under light clothing, neither are pretty
  8. gemmalou

    gemmalou New Member

    thongs are fab, although those lacy boxer short pants things are brill- all though do suffer from the VPL problem! :-\
  9. Megara

    Megara New Member

    Lacy boxer things are fab, and although you get a VPL, at least it's a PPL (Pretty panty line! ;))
  10. oooh yea those boy cut lacy or satin ones, I love.
    But I'll only wear them with jeans that have pockets in the back, you can't see a VPL or PPL then <3 hehe
  11. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    totally agree tessa, VPL's are not a good thing
  12. monkian

    monkian New Member

    having worked for a lingerie store you'd think i'd agree....but i just can't get sed to that constant wedgie feeling....
    boy shorts tottaly the way to go
  13. brennan0720

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    wow there used to be some interesting discussions on here
  14. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    lol, and the topic is pulled from its grave again

    emma you must be so proud lol
  15. PrincessNat

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    This thread is 55 pages long!! ;D I feel like i should add something.

    I wear french knickers/boy shorts. They are very comfy! But i do wear thongs if im wearing tight trousers or skirt so i dont get a VPL. :p
  16. doowop

    doowop New Member

    i dont wear thongs!!
  17. Megara

    Megara New Member

    And why on earth not Mike?? :p
  18. Jjsweet1402

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  19. snow.white87

    snow.white87 New Member

    ..oh dear... *shakes head*
  20. kerrbear

    kerrbear New Member

    there is nothing wrong with a dude in a nice red lacie thong!! :-\ hmm!!


    p.s ... please nobody think im being serious because that would just be the most awful sight in the world .... :eek:

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