Who's arriving on the 20th of January (J1 Academic College Program)

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by zazou, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. zazou

    zazou New Member

    Hy everyone!! I just had my interview last Thursday in Paris, I'm still waiting for a mail but the guy who took the interview said I was accepted. I'm just so excited to get there I just can't wait. But I'm also a bit scared...Can anyone tell me what's it like at Disney or is someone else arriving at that period?

    Bye everyone ;)
  2. Gem

    Gem New Member

    Hi!!! Congrats on gettin on the program! What area are you doin? I am doin Operations so very excited! There is bout 15 peeps from England who are arrivin the same day as you carnt speak for other countries i'm afraid tho. Hav you never been to disney before? OMG it is amazin i did the CP in Summer 2005 and absolutely loved it hence I am goin back for 6months ;D

    Gem xx
  3. zazou

    zazou New Member

    I'm doing Attractions, I hope its a good job :)

    No I've never been to Disney before, only the one in Paris, but I'm sure its very diffrent from Orlando.

    I don't really know anybody else who's going from Belgium...I'm from Brussels by the way ;)

    I'm very excited to get there, hope I'll have a blast like you.

    Let me know what's it like up there :)

  4. thisisme46

    thisisme46 New Member

    congratulation on gettin in im heading out then aswell andi'l be doin opperations tis gone be awesome!!
  5. zazou

    zazou New Member

    It's great!! I'm very pleased to hear that many people are arriving on the 20th. I hope I'll get to meet all of you :)

    Where are you from thisisme? I'm from Brussels.

    Who knows, maybe will be taking the same classes or sharing the same appartement.

    bye xxx
  6. Gem

    Gem New Member

    Ace more people doin Operations!!!!! Alot of the people who i hav met from the UK are either doing Merchandise or Custodial so big up the operations crew lol

  7. alex_wallington

    alex_wallington New Member

    Hiii! I'm going out on the 20th Jan...i will be in Hospitality! I have never been to Disney World either so its going to be a brand new experience for me too! everyone seems great....ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!


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