Why Just Two Places????

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by DisneyTracy, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. DisneyTracy

    DisneyTracy New Member

    Hey there

    I Was just wondering if anybody knew why they only came to two different places in canada, like why they didn't go to toronto?? Or why they didn't go like to P.E.I like is Calgary and Vancouver the better places???
  2. DigitalPhear

    DigitalPhear New Member

    They do eastern canada seperately from western Canada Trace.

    They were in TO and..Montreal I think...earlier this year. Those people are leaving in Dec/Jan.
  3. WdwJo

    WdwJo New Member

    Scott, I think they also interview in Halifax in February.
  4. DisneyTracy

    DisneyTracy New Member

    Ohhh OKie, Got it :D!! Thanks!! yeah i was wondering about that soo much now i know!!

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