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    (I don't know if anyone has posted this before, hey I might have LOL, but this always makes me cry and I thought I'd share it with everyone. It came from a copy of the Main Street Diary...I miss reading that!)

    * We do it for the children of all ages from around the world.
    * We do it because we believe in family, fantasy, and magic; and we love to make people happy.
    * We do it because Disney is the only place in the world where people of all races, ages, creeds, religions, convictions, languages, sexual orientation, gender, and physical challenges can come together to have fun without worrying about the real world.

    We do it most of all for them...

    * For the young brother and sister so excited they can't sleep the night before going to Disney.
    * For the family who just adopted two children and the first place they took them to celebrate is Disney.
    * For the single Mum from up north who is working two jobs so she can take her children to the Walt Disney World Resort.
    * For the young family who is selected to be the Grand Marshals in the 3 o'clock parade.
    * For the CEO of a famous American company that slips out of his own meeting to go ride Buzz Lightyear with his grandson.
    * For the Mum and Dad who show their children where they first saw Mickey Mouse when they were little.
    * For our good friend Henry that taught us a few things because of a broken monorail train.
    * For the 85-year-old woman whose dream was to go to Africa on Safari and then to Asia to see tigers.
    * For the young boy whose dream was to play on the same field as the Atlanta Braves.
    * For the young girl who can't stop laughing because a giant dog sneezed a "real sneeze" all over her glasses; and the next day, bugs were after her in the The Tree of Life.
    * For the teenagers who are having the time of their lives riding our coaster through the freeways of Los Angeles over and over and over after just falling 13 stories in an elevator at a nearby hotel.
    * For the war veteran who takes off his hat and puts his hand over his heart and cries at the flag raising ceremony in the Magic Kingdom Park which was in his honor and arranged by his daughter as a surprise.
    * For the grandparents who show their grandchildren the bench they sat on while their grandchildren's parents rode Space Mountain 25 years ago.
    * For the children whose last wish is to go to Walt Disney World Resort and to meet Mickey Mouse.
    * For our Guests from the United Kingdom who are burned to a crisp from the sun and still in the pool on a 40-degree day, and they are happy.
    * For our Guests who are in AWE of their themed resort and the wonderful Cast that welcomes them home.
    * For the family who just visited the Pooh store and World of Disney at Downtown Disney and finished the day with the magic of Cirque du Soleil and can't wait to go back and see it all again.
    * For the Japanese couple who met at Tokyo Disneyland and got married at the Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion and rode in Cinderella's coach to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.
    * For the young boy who went to Disneyland in 1955 and could not wait to grow up so he could work for Disney.
    * For the family of four generations who take their first cruise on the Disney Magic and their second one on the Disney Wonder to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.
    * For the couple who took their children to the Spaceship Earth icon to show them where Mum and Dad met while waiting in line 12 years ago.
    * For the man who met his best friend from grade school at The Tree of Life.
    * For the young boy who will one day meet his mate for life under the Sorcerer's Hat icon by chance.
    * For the mother who cries the first time she shows her 4-year-old daughter Cinderella Castle and then cries again when they meet Cinderella.

    And for the lifelong memories we create for our welcome Guests and cherished friends from all around the world...that is WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO.
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    *sobs into her mickey mouse teddy*

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