Wich disney character do u think is the most popular one in ur country?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kekita, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. kekita

    kekita New Member

    Hey guys! Just for fun...wich diseny character do u thinks is the most popular one for villans and for heroes or princesses in ur country?
  2. PeXoXaLoVePooH

    PeXoXaLoVePooH Active Member


    Im from Mexico, and i will go for tinkerbell (even tough i love belle!! hahaha) and for villian i will go with malificet
  3. reggi

    reggi New Member

    I am from Germany but I can't speak for our whole country. I just can say which character I am in love with ... and it iiiiisss .... lovely Tinkerbell.

    Even in school I dressed up as Tinkerbell every year when we celebrated carnival. I just love her green dress and her wings and these tiny shoes and her hair updo. My absolutely favorite character.
  4. theshox

    theshox New Member

    In Norway I think Donald Duck / Scrooge and Beagle Boys is the most popular hero and villain
  5. Vic

    Vic New Member

    Mexico would be Cinderella, all the little girls want to be her
  6. Leloo

    Leloo New Member

    the winnie pooh crew is very popular in Germany too
  7. bigsam

    bigsam New Member

    The Snow-White and Bambi is very popular in Vietnam
  8. Maak

    Maak New Member

    I really can't get the Tinkerbell obsession, c'mon shes such a bitch: she tried to kil Wendy and betrayed Peter Pan, and I mean Peter must be like what, 12? shes in love with an infant!!! that's kinda sick.
  9. Sofi

    Sofi Guest

    I've never seen Peter Pan, is that how it goes? LOL

    And i'm from England so i don't know who i'd say! Most likely Winnie the Pooh is most popular, they sell that stuff EVERYWHERE and both boys and girls will have clothes with it on. I'd be much less embarassed to have Pooh Bear on my tee than a princess ;) x
  10. monoenny11

    monoenny11 New Member

    well i think in asia people are obsessed with mickey mouse and donalds suck i still see in happy meal customers prefer to have these character in it

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