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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by Anniej, May 7, 2006.

  1. Anniej

    Anniej Guest

    How long are you on the ship??
    Have some friends that work on a cruise ship and they are 1 month on and 1 off....Is it something like that??
  2. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Most contracts with Disney are 6 months on and 2 months off. Unless you are in officer position where you will maybe get 4 months on 2 off. When I first started in merchandise it was 4 months on and 1 off but then they changed it so they didn't have to fly people home and back so often!
    Some contracts are even 8 months on and 2 off!

    Which ship does 1 on and 1 off? That would be great!!! ;D

  3. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    one month off and one month on sounds good to me.. how about a one month off and paid holiday in miami... SHOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG ;D

    my norwegian roomie used to work for a norwegian cruise line and she had 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off... she did cruises around norway... i know that the cruise ships or farries going from germany to norway/sweden do have the one month on, one month off schedule...

    where are u now, laura? alumni program or going back to the ship?

  4. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Neither Dani! Still at home in Scotland! :-\

    I got another offer of a contract from the ship but turned it down. I'm thinking that going back to the ship is probably not the best idea! ???
    I did get offered the Alumni Program and got the visa stuff through yesterday but I don't think I'm going to do that either! I don't fancy quick service food and bev and 6 months isn't really long enough for me and my boyfriend to spend some time together.

    I've actually been offered the possibility of a J-1 18 month visa through the YMCA working for a company that works in Disney but is not Disney..........does that make sense!!! You know like the Japanese pavilion where you don't get a maingate but still work in the parks. Anyway sent off my application forms so waiting to hear! ;D

    Are you going to do the Alumni thing? Do you really think what happened with the cruise you would be no-rehire? I can't believe they turned down Nick for the Academic Program because of what happened on the ship! I worked with him at Epcot and he was great!!! As he said even though the ship is Disney it is a totally different lifestyle which definitely stresses you out more and makes you different with guests I think! I remember having to work a sea day on Christmas day after finding out my grandpa had died on Christmas Eve and they wanted me to be happy with guests!!!! ???

    Sorry anyway, getting off the point! I'll keep you updated if I'm going back to Florida! Hopefully I can so I can see my boyfriend again!!! :)

  5. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    Hey Laura,

    seems you are in the same situation as I am... Well, my b/f is not in the States, he is in Italy but we just cannot find a way to get together. London was an idea but not as easy as we think it is.. Just flying over, finding a room, looking for a job... sounds easy.. Besides that I got offered the Alumni Progam, don't fancy QSF&B either. We both would love to go back to the USA - not particulary Disney. He has the chance to work in a Hotel for 18month through HRC but the costs are high and I would be left alone here.

    I have been accepted for the Alumni Program , even though I have a no-rehire with the DCL. I guess they only did it because they are desperate and don't have to pay the flights or anything else.

    Got a no-rehire with DCL because I quit on day before I was supposed to fly back. Anyways, working for DCL is not the same as working for in the parks. The three of us knows best. I heard they are having a massive turn over. Wondering why ::) ;)

    Well, I let u know where I am gonna end up... have u ever thought about working for a different cruise line? Maybe we end up in Florida together, working for the same QSF&B area.. lol...

  6. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Hey guys,
    Norwegian cruise lines does not offer one week on and week off thing..ths shortest contract are for the officers from the bridge and then doctors, and it s 4 month on 4 month Off but it s really on ly the captain and the doctors, the rest gets 2 month off and 4month on(wich is still not bad)!
    norwegian only have one shihp right now in the baltic and it s the dream and i can tell you fro sure that they dont have that one week thing as i use to work on that must be another company...but i really dont see who would do that as it would cost so more for the company to fly you in and out and they woudl constantly have to new people onboard so not really the best fpor them...!
    oh and the seasonal YCs sometimes would stay a month and come back again after a month for ucple of week but that s really it they wouldnt do that more than twice and it s really when they need people and yep would not happen more then once...
    anyway life on ship is really not a great thing that s for sure...And after this contract i ll do one more for my resume but that s s no life!!back on board, drill, hours s crazy!!!
    ZPS< :p
  7. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    I didn't say NORWEGIAN CRUISELINE, I said that there are cruise lines in norway = norwegian cruise lines.... :p

    so, one contract as assist. man. and thats it? i am thinking about going back on a ship..

  8. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    What company are you thinking about going on Dani? My friend from Epcot works on Royal Caribbean. He's just gone back for his 2nd contract and loves it! Cruising round Alaska and California. And he's talking about get promoted and it's only his 2nd contract! :eek: It takes ages to get anywhere on DCL!!!! ???

    My boyfriend and I thought about another ship but it's so hard with other companies to get on the same ship as they have so many! Plus he worked on ships a long time before I met him on the Wonder so I think he's had enough!!! Ship life can be tough!!! Disney was fun while it lasted but it was so hard too!

    Laura. :)
  9. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Hey there ,
    yeah i didi alaska and it was great, honestly not a place i would have gone myself but since the ship took me you was really nice,
    i dont really know if i m gonna quit after one other contract but i m still thinkin about it..
    yeag i got promoted too on my second contract...if you re good you can go up easily coz it s such a demanding job....people do that for a short time(and i know why now...)
    hey dani if you wanna go back on ship i can e mail you my HR contact....if you fancy NCL not the cruise line in norway lol
    ZPS :p
  10. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    It's not that easy to get promoted on DCL, well actually it seems to change because the "oldies" are leaving.

    My former ozzie roomie got promoted during her second contract. From merchie to captains assistant - she was in the navy in australia.

    There are 2 new assistant managers in merch, one got promoted in January, the other one after 2 month after he returned to the ship (resigned for some reason a while ago and returned). This guy took over dijanas place.

    Laura, I applied for ...., well I cannot even tell you for what company I applied for because it only said 4*/5* cruise line in Europe/USA.. hmmm... mainly Merchandise Hostess or as other company say "Sales Shop Assistant".. ::)... hope I am not gonna end up on a canu on the mississippi river ;D

    Where does your b/f work right now? Not anymore on the wonder, right? Did he ever think about moving to GB?

    Gil: Yeah, would be cool to send me your HR Contact, or the website where you have posted your CV.. Just imagine I would end up working "for you" ;D

    Dani :D
  11. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Hey dani,
    just send me your resume then if you really want to work for NCL then i can see that, otherwise if you want to leave it to faith the contact for HR ..i ll pm it to you now!
    oh and do you know a linda?
    i think she was on the magic...she s now a manager on one of NCL ship, well asst manager shall i say
    ZPS :p
  12. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    My boyfriend is in Fort Myers at the moment working. We have talked about him coming to the UK but he's only just got residency in the US so thinks he should stay there for now so if I can get out there for a little while it would give us a chance to spend some time together and then decide where to live more permanently. ;D

    Are you talking about Anthony who went back the DCL? He's English. He was assistant manager on the Wonder when I was on there and left on the same day as me swearing he wouldn't go back. Then I got an e-mail at the end of last year saying he was going back and then someone said he had been made the swing manager between the 2 ships! Did Dijana quit? I was her roommate for a little while. Worked out well as she had a boyfriend and so did I!!! :) I think she got made assistant manager after I left.

    It's strange with DCL with regard to promotions. I think if you just happen to be in the right place at the right time when someone leaves then it's good otherwise it can take a long time. I had an interview for finance when I was on there and they told me that if I got the job it would be at least a year before a position would come up!!! ??? I left not long after that as my boyfriend got fired and my mum was sick.

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for this program I've applied for!!! :D


    I think we have hijacked this topic a little!!! ;)
  13. slider1271

    slider1271 New Member

    Dear All,

    I am Jean(french) i used to work for DCL for 4 years before resign in the dining room . The dcl contrat is 6 to 7 month on and 2 month off if you want to come back for an other contract. About the promotion some one say is happen on the right time on the right moment , I step up as asst.dining room manager 8 weeks (Head server) and when i came back after my vacation they step up someone else....So if you are looking to get promoted be patient....


  14. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Which ship did you work on? I worked on the Wonder in merchandise from 2003-2004. My boyfriend is Daniel from Uruguay. He worked in the dining room on the Wonder for 3 years until 2004. Maybe you know him?? ???

    Laura. ;D
  15. slider1271

    slider1271 New Member


    i used to work on the magic
  16. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    oh, another cruiser joined us ;D

    why did u resign?

  17. slider1271

    slider1271 New Member

    hi dany,

    i resign because i was so upset to loose my step up as head server by some one who don't deserve it... I was jalous...
    Any way all my dcl experiance as been so EXCELLENT.... ;)
  18. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    Oh, how often have I heard this kind of story before? :-\ It really sucks, they promise you something and nothing happens... I just wonder how you lost your promotion to another guy.. Didn't it say in your contract " assist. dining room manager" when you signed it?? ???
  19. slider1271

    slider1271 New Member

    Not...Just went i sign off ...
    But when i was back i expented to be back as head server ..I didn't get back feelback from my performance as HS ....Like you say they play with us and they used you...Because they know who is going to be promoted.
    Just for the people who read that and wish to be promoted ...One good think " be a good Manager's friend" (i mean lick their shoes)...Maybe i didn't lick enough.
    Jean ;)
  20. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    Sorry to hear about that. Sounds like you really need to suck up!

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