Yellow Card Arrival

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Marie, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    I know what you mean sara - it seems like madness that people arnt getting through :(
  2. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    yeah im really :( 4 everyone! life isn't fair is it?
  3. sneck77

    sneck77 New Member

    Thanks Sara and Michelle, I am okay. I dont know whether I will apply again, I just feel like I would be putting my life on hold again and then might not get in again. I might look at something else within Disney.

    Hope you are both successful.
    Donna ;)
  4. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    Donna, sorry you didn't get in :'(. Hope you are succesful with the other things you apply for :D.
    Sara and Michelle, congrats on being considered ;D.
    I'm really confused. I don't understand why all you guys got your cards and I didn't. Don't really know how to feel at the mo :-\
    Dan x
  5. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Dan - matts not got his either so dont worry too much - am sure youll get it tomorrow, or maybe youll just get a straight call and no card?

    Donna - am glad youre not too downheartened (is that even a word!?)

    Michelle xx
  6. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    of course it's a word...Pumba uses it in the Lion King

    Pumba: ...and I got down hearted
    Timon: did you feel?
    Pumba: ....every time that I...
    Timon: hey Pumba, not in front of the kids!! ;)

    So Michelle, you're so disney-ed up, you're even using song lyrics in every-day sentences!! haha!!

    Sorry you didn't get in Donna....try not to be sad....and best of luck with whatever you decide to do in the end!!

    Ellen xxx
  7. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    I guess its just seeped into my brain without me even realising!!! ;) ;D
  8. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    see michelle your disney conscious is gettin u into the disney spirit already ;)

  9. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Awww Donna im so sorry and shocked to hear you didn't get in.
    I dont know if you remember me. But i was sitting with you and Lindsey in the presentation. I was wearing a black skirt and purple jacket and live in Edinburgh even though im from Staffordshire. i really thought you would get accepted :'( You must apply for other things maybe if you get the cruiseline maybe you'll still get to meet up with whoevers successful from these forums.
    Good Luck with everything and thanks for telling me about these forums.

    Dan, one of the girls i met at the interviews hasnt heard yet either. Good luck for tomorrow.

    Congratulations Sara and Michelle, i hope we hear even better news soon.

    Marie :)
  10. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    Well done to everyone who got in :D and sorry to those of you who weren't lucky this time! :'( Hope everything works out for all of you whichever way it went, and hope those of you who haven't heard hear today! :)
    Charlotte x
  11. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    hey marie i didn't know you were from staffordshire? where abouts? Just curious cos i'm from staffs ;)

    Sara xx
  12. Matt Gilbert

    Matt Gilbert New Member

    I finally got my card! I'm under consideration as well! Wot does this actually mean though? I'm a bit confused! ???
  13. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    Congrats Matt

    It means that you're under consideration for a place, and you should hear from yummy. So in other words its best to look at it as a maybe, could go either way still, but it's kinda like your over the second hurdle! Now we have to wait again to see what we hear!!

    Hopefully Dan's received good news as well!!
  14. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Sara,
    Thats so cool you're from Staffordshire too! I'm from Stone, but i did live in Uttoxeter for a few years too. How about you? :)
    Marie :)
  15. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    Oh really? I live in burton-on-trent.

    Got loadsa mates in the Uttoxeter area as work at Alton towers. Ex boyfriend from blythe bridge/stoke area. Aww thats cool same area and that

    Sara xx
  16. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    Sorry you didn't get in Donna and Andy. :'(

    Its Disneys loss.

    Can you not reapply now and go to the february interviews, or do you have to wait for so long before reapplying?

    Congratulations to everyone else who is still being considered. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! ;D
  17. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Sara - thats cool u live in Burton on Trent. I went to Thomas Alleynes High school when i lived in Uttoxeter and i celebrated my 18th on a bar crawl in Burton! I don't remember which bars i went to now though - probably a combination of alcohol that night and the fact itwas 4 yrs ago! It must be good preparation for Disney working at Alton towers - one of my exboyfs from back when i lived in Uttoxeter had worked at Alton Towers for a season. I had friends who lived in Alton and other nearby villages which was nice so i could often go for free. :) i miss Alton Towers.

    Dan - i hope you got your card today with good news.
    Congrats to everyone who got through the yellow card stage and commiserations to everyone who didnt. I'm sure its just a matter of time before my rejection letter comes through.

    One of the alumni told me that although she got her card after a week from her interview she didnt get her call till the day when you are meant to contact Disney. So i guess we could all still have quite a wait. I have a blind date tonight so hopefully that will take my mind of Disney! ;)

    Marie :) :(
  18. KerryBerry

    KerryBerry New Member

    Just experimentin to see how you put comments in...I'm retarded when it comes to anything technical!!will see if this comes up anyways!!Kerry Berry
  19. KerryBerry

    KerryBerry New Member

    So i'm an applicant from Northern Ireland. Also under consideration for the cultural rep prog...but everyone i've been chattin to that were at the interview are also under consideration. Dunno what the craic is there!Cant be coping with this waiting!! step at a time!!
  20. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Hi Kerry,
    Welcome to the forum! I only joined a few days ago and i did my interview last week in Glasgow. I also got the yellowcard saying im under consideration yesterday too. The others will probably explain it better than me but basically i think it just means we're one step closer, like we could still get rejected (which i probably will be!) waitlisted or accepted. But hopefully theres at lot less chance of being rejected now.

    I am thinking (but am prob wrong) that since my card is signed by Julie but sent from London that maybe after your interview they immediately decided if they would consider you and have now taken all the consideration forms back to Florida with them to actually decide who is getting the jobs!

    Good Luck!
    Marie :)

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