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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Marie, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. KerryBerry

    KerryBerry New Member

    Wow havnt all you guys been busy?!!? Just thought i would take another wee peak at the forums...and we're onto page 7!!! Thanx for your congrats with the whole yellow card thing chicks.

    Just in uni waitin for my lift home this weekend. These weeks seem to be flying in...but the waiting to hear from disney just isnt workin the same way!!!how unfair.

    I doubt Julie and Dru were working to hard on the applicants yesterday with it being thanksgiving and everything!Patience all the way!!

    Kerry Berry xx
  2. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Wow, you guys were going a bit mad last night!!! There was about four pages of new stuff since i was on here 24 hours ago!!!

    Although Im hardly one to judge after me and sara's random posts the other night!!!

    Just wanted to check in and see how all the waiting is going!!! Am checking my phon every two seconds in case yummy call!!!

    Am off on my first 'official' christmas party tonight which shuld be fun - will try and forget about all the waiting for a couple of hours!!! Although we have at least the whole weekend to wait now as i doubt yummy work weekends!!!

    Speak to you all soon,

    Michelle xx

    PS I think IM probably up there in the most time spent on here - One day and sixteen hours - not quite up there with you yet though ellen - ive been slacking the past couple of days!!!
  3. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    haha ellen, i know!! i duno, marmite was asked cos i come from burton where its made, so that kinda cropped up, so if theres sumit famous foodwise u mention in ur interview could get asked about that, but i dont think every1 got a random food question, like i don't think michelle did!

    michelle i know, how come im always involved in the random, long winded mad conversations? think we may b on 2 sumit with that haha

    im gona catch u & ellen up with the most time spent, ;) i will, altho working all weekend so ull have time 2 get ahead, ooh and off 2 c will young 2moro night!!
  4. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    Hey guys, just a quick message to say hi. I'm off to Mum's this evening. It's her birthday, so we're having a chinese. How classy eh? ;)
    Speak to all you guys soon ;D
    Dan x
  5. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    Ooooh chinese yum, have fun dan!! theres me stayin in with me feet up chillin 2nite, i cannot b bothered 2 go out, how lazy is that!!

    Sara xx
  6. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    Cheers Sara. I love chinese food :D. I like having nights in chilling out. Open a bottle of wine and put a good movie on. Speak soon ;D
  7. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    That's goin 2 b me 2nite dan ;) Chinese is my favourite yum. I fancy chinese now, might order in as haven't had anythin to eat yet hehe

    Speak to you soon, take care xxx
  8. Tinks

    Tinks New Member

    Thats not lazy Sara, thats needed, just to relax!!

    Chinese is the BEST takeaway!! Yumm! I can almost taste it!!


    Ps Dan wish your mum happy birthday from all us disney nuts!!
  9. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    yeah i echo wot kerry says, happy b'day dans mum :D

    hehe well im in no fit state 2 b out drinkin @ the min, injured me back tut!!
  10. Tinks

    Tinks New Member


    make sure you take it easy Sara!! :D
  11. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    aww thanks kerry i will ;) im supposed to be workin 2moro i cant c it happening tho! i work @ marks and spencers in the food department, temporary 4 xmas money, but its all lifting, stacking, bending down and ive been told under no circumstances can i do that, chance i might have 2 leave while i get physio on it tut! there goes me money
  12. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    ooh a physio....make sure he's a fitty!!! :D (with nice manly hands!!....hmm, maybe I should injure myself too.... ::) ;) :D)

    Ellen xxx
  13. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    hahaha ellen, yeah i can only hope! u aint comin nr me unless ur young & good lookin ;) haha

  14. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    Makes sense girls!!! If youre gonna have a physio then it has to be a young fit male!!!

    Your conversation from last night has made me really want a chinese now!! MIght just have to pop out in a mo to get one!!

    Ellen - I never got a random food question as theres no typical british food linked to where i live so it never came up in the interview!! Although there was a nice little chat about Liz Hurley - whos from my home town!!

    Michelle xx
  15. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    Hey guys. Thanks for the B'day wishes for my Mum ;D.
    Last night I had Beef Chow Mein, Chicken Balls, Egg fried Rice and chips (typical brits have to have chps, lol) :D. It was yummy!
    I think I only got asked the random food question because I applied for F&B. I suppose if you apply for Merch you'll get asked a random Merch question maybe ???.
    The waiting seems to be getting easier. I'm not stressing like I have been which is good.
    Hope you are all well. Ooh, Sara is at the Will Young concert tonight. Bet she's having fun :D.
    Dan x
  16. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    hehe dan u remembered ;) was really good show!! had great seats cos he had a little catwalk and we were at the end of the catwalk on the front row, 4th row overall in the centre. very entertainin it was :)

    oooh that chinese sounded nice i really could eat that as i never ordered in the other night tut.

    yeah i duno why we got random food qs cos michelle has applied 4 f&b 2? hmmf mayb she thought she'd try to trick us dan! ;D

    Sara xx
  17. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    My mums at a will young cnocert tonight - shes just left to go actually!!!

    I guess Julie asked random food questions if they fit into the flow of the interview. From my interview it seemed like there was a few questions they asked everyone - about home town and why you want to work there etc - but a lot of the questions followed on from what we were already talking about. Thats why it seemed more like a conversation than an actual formal interview.

    I guess the random food questions must have fit into whatever you were saying!! Who knows!!

    Hopefully we'll hear something more this week - a phonecall from yummy would be great right now!!!

    Michelle xx
  18. eeyore22

    eeyore22 New Member

    I so hope we hear this week. That would be great, just to put a stop to this madness ;D
  19. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    yeah i agree with both of u

    yeah i think if i hadn't have mentioned marmite being made in burton we wudnt have had a 5 minute conversation about how disgusting she thought it was when she tried it when she lived in paris haha

  20. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    I so want to hear this week!! Itll be the best christmas present ever if i get a call from yummy!!!

    Well, Mondays over - only four more days of this week left!! Looks like none of us on here have heard anything as Im sure when we do we'll all be on here letting everyone know!!

    Good luck and fingers crossed that calls start coming tomorrow!!

    Michelle xx

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