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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by hales, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. hales

    hales New Member


    I have just had a job offer as a youth counsellor with Disney Cruise Line. I have never worked on a cruise ship before so I am new to this. Has anybody got any advise about this job or working for Disney Cruise's???

    I have loads of questions but what I really want to know is when I get to go? am I going to have to wait ages?? :mad:

    Any advice or things I need to know will be appreciated.

    Thanks Hales
  2. Ona

    Ona Member

    Hiya! Congratualtions! :) When did you find out? Were you at the London interviews/ I know alot of other folks find out the results of their interviews this week.

    To answer your question, you could be waiting days, you could be waiting months. :-\

    I guess you said you could go asap. In that case, it all depends on how and when positions become available and also how many other folks are on the list before you (don't ask me how the order of that list is determined. I really haven't a clue).

    You can usually start your poilce check as soon as you have been accepted but you can't do the medical until DCL gives you the go ahead. You then can't book your visa until you have had your medical and DCL have the results. So that whole process in itself can take a good few weeks. Some folks however, have had that process expedited if DCL urgently need you for a position.

    This is from a UK perspective mind you (through International Services). I guess if you are not in Europe, the experience may vary. :-\

    So all in all, there's really no way to know when you will be going. :-\ I interviewed last October, was accepted a week later, and have been waiting ever since. Still not able to do the medical or visa process and still no departure date on the horizon. But that doesn't mean your experience will be the same. It seems that everyone's experience is different.

    Ona x
  3. hales

    hales New Member


    Thanks for that info, I only had my interview on the 14th March and found out 16th so probably going to be waiting ages yet ???

    I am living at the uk and im working as a childrens rep for a tour operator at the moment with a flight booked to the canaries in 4 weeks. Think I might go if I dont hear anything, I can always come home within a week.

    Good luck with your date hope u dont have to wait much longer

  4. Ona I can't believe how long you've been waiting! yuch!
    Hope you find out soon!
  5. hales

    hales New Member

    hiya I just had the go ahead from Disney to get my medical and visa hopefully this means I get to go sooner than I thought :)
  6. Ona

    Ona Member

    Wow congrats Hales. ;D Y ;Dou'll be out there before you know it. :)

    Ona x
  7. hales

    hales New Member


    I just got my flight date I will be flying out from the UK on 25th April. Dont know which ship yet but the Magic Itinery looks good so hope its that one. Is anybody else travelling out at the same time??

    Also- Had anybody done the traditions course and what is it like?

  8. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    wow congrats hales..........

    speedy process for you!!

    i think one of my friends is going out to the cruise next not sure tho....

    i want to join the ship at beginning of september because i have commitments before then so im hoping i will be doing then medical and visa in beginning of august

    best of luck!!

  9. hales

    hales New Member

    Hiya all!!!

    Im sorting out what I need for the ship and I dont know if i need an iron?? also im working as youth counselor, whay sort of shoes do I need?? I read something about beach sandals!! does anybody know what I need and where to get them from in the uk??

    Any other info would be appreciated

    Thanks Hales
  10. hales

    hales New Member

    Hiya all!!

    I am sorting out my stuff for the ship and not sure if I need an iron?? Also im working as a youth counselor and not sure what shoes I need?? I read somewhere that I need beach shoes, does anybody know where I can get these from in the UK??

    Any other advice would be good, its getting close now and in getting more nervous

    Thanks Halesxxxxx
  11. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    Hey Hales,

    no, you don't need to bring an iron with you. There is an iron in each laundry room on board.

    About the shoes. You have the chance to buy shoes in Orlando during your traditions. There will be a "shoe mobil" and you can buy the shoes, also twice a month there is a shoe mobil in port canaveral. The shoes are pretty much expensive, though. As much as I remember you need white sports shoes, they have to be white white, no label, nothing and the beach shoes. They should look like those here ... .... The sandals should be black, and also no labels. I guess Sandra will be your traditions "teacher" and you can ask her. You will also have enough time to jump into a cab and drive to the outlet mall to buy shoes. So, don't worry!


  12. hales

    hales New Member

    Thanks Danni

    I have managed to find some sandals now so I think I am all set to go. Just waiting to find out which ship I am on and for my flight times. Which ship do you work on?

    I will let you know when I find out anymore

    Thanks Halesxxx
  13. Ona

    Ona Member

    Good luck Hales. ;D

    My friend is flying out to join DCL tomorrow. If you come across someone who answers to the name Clappy, startles easily and attracts hookers like a magnet, tell her Ona says hi. ;D

    Ona x
  14. hales

    hales New Member

    Thanks Ona I will look out for her.

    I have received my flight details today and im on the Magic so im really excited now. I have been looking at my contract and the pay.Does anybody know about the end of contract bonus? and how much it is?

    Thanks Halesxxx
  15. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    Hey Hales,

    have fun on the magic and if you have the chance and meet two german girls (Svenja & Diana)working in merchandise say "hi" from Dani.

    I was on the Wonder and uhhhhhhhhhh I miss the ship a tiny little bit... ::) but on the other side they told me that the sea was a little bit rough the last few cruises and I remember how often I got sea sick :-X ;D

    The Contract Completition Bonus depends on how many days u did work on board x 48,51USD. That's how it is in Merch, I don't know about the other departments. But it should be the same.

    Many greetings and let us know how u like it on Board.

    Dani :D
  16. Chrissi

    Chrissi New Member

    48,51USD per day as a bonus??? Wow that's a lot :eek:
    Maybe I should consider the cruise as well :-\

    bye bye
  17. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Congratulation, and...well good luck with the kids...i heard that there s tons on dcl!!
    I m with the magic sometime, either in st thomas, st marteen or maybe see you around those ports, look out for the ship with painting of the statue of liberty and a dolphin...that s where i am!!
    congratulation once again!
  18. Dannii

    Dannii New Member


    zps: seems like u found someone who can sign u in the magic ;D

    there are tons of kids on dcl... usually between 700 and 1100 depending on the season.

    chrissi: the bonus is not per day its per week. what are u doing right now?

    dani :eek:)
  19. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Yeah true i would still love to come ont he magic and have a look at it...
    so hales, would you show me around your new ship?
    i know it s kinda of early to ask..but you know in the future...i m leaving end of june!
    ZPS :p
  20. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    a new day, a new victim.. 8)...

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