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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by hales, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. hales

    hales New Member

    ha ha sounds like u av been trying to get on the magic 4 a while. I cant believe I am going tomorrow it has gone so fast since I applied it doesnt feel real. I will let u know how it goes i hope i dont hate it
  2. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    HAAAA....dannii....what am i gonna do with you????? ;)
    but oh well it s ok i ll keep looking at it form the outside...
    i m now on my last cruise to the caraibean, then i m changing to the bermuda and nassau with overnite in nassau, so wont be in st marteen and st thomas anymore anyway!!
    and only two more month to go!!!
    ZPS :p
  3. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    GOOD luck hales
  4. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    zps: i would like to know as well 8) ;D why are you transfering to the bermuda?... overnite nassau.. that sucks.. lol... senor frogs here we come.. by the way been only once at senor frogs.. 10min... wanted to have lunch there but it smelled soooo bad there that we left... anyone any aweful experiences in nassau? I can write a whole book, i guess... had only one fav place.. bruessels brasserie... drink a lemonade for me in case u gonna have lunch there :D

    good luck, hales...!!!! Enjoy it and don't forget to sleep...

  5. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    Actually it s just that my ship is doing another run for kinda suck coz we only get bermuda and nassau as port for Seven dayz...and of course the private island...but that sucks...
    ZPS :p
  6. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    poor you...

    i feel with u ;D 8) ;)
  7. hales

    hales New Member

    hi guys!!

    Just finished my first week on the magic it is going really well everyone is so friendly which really helps. If anybody needs any help maybe I can help but remember I have only been here a week

    Take care and I hop to see some of u soon xxxxx

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