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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by Grouchy87, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. helen

    helen New Member

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D

    You are going out on my birthday!!!! bet your well chuffed ;D
    I'm working in merch 2 but i'm not going till 6th dec so i've got a long wait, but i'm sure you can teach me the ropes when I arrive ;)

    Have a great weekend! (Did I really need to say that I'm sure you will be have a great time celebrating ;))

    Helen x
  2. Marie

    Marie Guest

    Bry congratulations! Like Helen said im sure youll be out celebrating so have a good wkend!

    Theres loads us out going out in june on the 14th and the 21st... maybe about 30 over the two dates not sure exact number Saras good at maths she'll have a better idea! Im sure you'll be fine arriving a little later we'll all still be quite new and im sure everyone will make u feel welcome.

    See u in florida!

  3. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    lol @ sara's good at maths! theres 21 goin 21st june, plus u now bry, then however many r in marie & linzs group ;)

  4. Marie

    Marie Guest

    I'll guess fpor june 14th Linz might know of a few others: theres at least 4 from N ireland, Me, Linz, Carol, Colette, Lucy and Neil. Thats 10... there might be a few more... u havent got internet access...

  5. SaraC

    SaraC New Member

    yeah thats cool, so 30+ uk people arrivin in the space of a week, florida wont know whats gona hit them lol

  6. disneyzoe

    disneyzoe New Member

    Hey! That's great news Bry! I can't believe they've changed it for you! Hopefully Ellen and I will get some good news soon. I don't even think we could attend the interview in Nov if we don't get in tho - does anyone know? We're kept on filr til Oct so it will be another year to leave in sept/dec again!!
  7. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    30?!!!! ok am now very nervous about meeting so many new people! lol.

    Will def show the latercomer :p around in devember! hehe. will keep in contact wen am over n tell u all there is to know before... the trainers will be well impressed if u know it all! lol.

    About the re-application... i was told that if i hadn't heard then i could re-apply in october... am not quite sure if that means you can get to nov interviews, i guess u would?!

  8. halifaxboy

    halifaxboy New Member

    well done bry!! will probs cya out there! I have to wait till sept 6th!
  9. Tink_bell

    Tink_bell Member

    Congrats Bryan!

    I, like Ellen and Zoe are still waiting for the phone call but I know when my time comes it will be fab, I just keep listening to Mouse House Radio on Live 365 till then!

    Have fun!

  10. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Love that station....also Sorcerer and Park Hopper are fab too! :D
  11. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    I have no idea wot ur talking about! lol.

    This a US radio station?
  12. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    www.live365.com....sign up and you can pick radio stations to listen to for free....the Disney world/land specific ones are Mouse HOuse, Park Hopper and Sorcerer...they play loads of music from the rides and parades and stuff...it's wicked!!! :D

    Ellen xxx
  13. Grouchy87

    Grouchy87 New Member

    Thanks ellen!

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