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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by mpark90, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. seabadger

    seabadger New Member

    I'm so excited but soooooooooooooo nervous, i've never ever ever had an interview before!
  2. andrew1990

    andrew1990 New Member

    I'm really sorry to hear you guys got nos. It's surprising considering how enthusiastic you all are. You'd all be brill I think.

    I got a yes and I'm over the moon, but you guys really shouldn't give up.
  3. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    Congratulations to everyone that got through!

    I'm really sorry to those that didn't, but don't give up on your dream if its wqhat u really want :)
  4. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    I got a no too-it would seem that people hoping to go back again were down right lied to by Yummy jobs-the amount of previous particiapnts who have been rejected would suggest they are most certainly not being given an equal chance.
  5. I got a no as well and I'd worked there before, so definitely think that those who have already been on one of their programs are at the bottom of their priorities... :( Oh well, shall try again in six months :p
  6. WALL-E

    WALL-E New Member

    Agreed. If we didn't make it on merit, then fair enough - can't have any complaints. But it does seem a little odd that (from what i've seen so far) no previous employees have even been given a phone interview. It feels like i've wasted the past few months in waiting for them to get back to us, and in turn have opted against applying for other things as it would have meant hearing about them before I heard back from Disney... So would have been pointless.
    Beyond gutted and really hope that's not the case, but chuffed to bits for people who have made it through. Good luck! x
  7. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    I wont-second application since i got back , second rejection, time to move on the bigger and better things.............Sea world maybe ;)

    Seriously though, Disney have had their chance-they, or is it Yummy Jobs, have take the best part of a year of my life in waiting, time to move on with my life-uni for a Phd maybe?
  8. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    I got a no too - def think us re-apps have been mislead a bit as so far seems all reapps have had a no - thought it was supposed to be clean slate and all v. disappointed
  9. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    Another no for an alumi...seems we have had our pants pulled down (and not in a good way)

    Ce'st la vie, now that I know it's not going to happen I can get on with planning for Canada instead...which was always going to be a pretty dope Plan B!
  10. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    what got me was the part of the rejection email where YJ say effectively "we are too busy to explain ourselves".

    God forbid they take the time to answer as to why they appear to have strung along most of the repeat applicants with the now evidently ludicrous promise of fair treatment, for a good 6 months?
  11. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    gutted for you all, Ellie - shall mg you on fb and Stu - you better keep me updated on your Canada antics dude :)
  12. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    Anthony - I particularly like the part where they say taking into consideration our work experience etc before blowing us off - what you mean the work experience in the exact role we are applying for? The 12 month contract we completed successfully without getting termed or leaving early so they were left in the lurch? or perhaps the the indepth knowledge and traiing we already have with the company?

    Meh hope the cruise gives me a better response

    I dont think any of us reapps will be getting a look in again on the crp unless YJ lose the contract :S
  13. Discostu81

    Discostu81 New Member

    As much as I would give my left nut to do the programme again, I'm gonna hit 30 in a couple of weeks and can't wait my entire life for it to happen.

    This was pretty much my last shot, gotta move along and chase some other dreams :)
  14. catfish278

    catfish278 Member

    Really sad to hear that guys :(

    I got a yes though (I've done two ICPs before if that's relevant to your debate about re-hires?) and I'm pretty relieved!
  15. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    nah by rehires I think we are just meaning those who have done the CRP before

    Congrats on the call tho :)
  16. catfish278

    catfish278 Member

    Thanks :) and yeah I presumed you meant the CRP about the re-hire things!
  17. citywalk

    citywalk New Member

    Yeah ICP's usually end up doing the CRP eventually.

    Which also doesnt make sense if yummy's argument is "you have already had your chance" Well so have ICP's but they get to do CRP no problem most of the time.

    Congrats to the lucky newbies tho. Enjoy it because you'll only get one chance to do it.
  18. Epiphany_1988

    Epiphany_1988 New Member

    I got a yes! ;D

    Sorry to all those that didnt get threw!
  19. emmaecstatic

    emmaecstatic New Member

    I got through too eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ;D.
    Sorry to all the people that didn't get through though.
  20. mousefreak

    mousefreak New Member

    congrats to the lot who got through,
    and to the rehires who didnt... i am sooo confused!
    for the canadian pavilion its mostly all rehires that made it, and we go through yummy too.. sooo bizzaaare

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