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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by mpark90, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. bradderz

    bradderz New Member

    i got through too ;D
  2. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    I second this. When I had my face to face interview last October there were people there who'd done the CRP before. These people had to be interviewed only with other alumni as they got asked very different questions from the rest of us. Disney were looking to see what more both you and they could gain from you doing the program a second time.

    I'm really sorry to hear of everyone that didn't get through this time, but I would like to ask you all not to put your lives on hold for another application. I'm not saying don't apply again, but the way things appear to be panning out, there won't be a fall recruitment session like usual, and I'd hate to think of people doing nothing for over two years just for one job. That's longer than you'll even be out there!!!

    As for the "don't ask us for feedback" section of the e-mail (and I know it, I've had that e-mail twice in the past), those words are used on almost every job denial world wide, especially ones with over 1000 applicants. If you really really want feedback, then wait a week or two, then give yummy a ring. They won't just turn you away.

    P.S. Congrats to everyone else... remember to smile when on the phone!!
  3. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    It's a no for me as well, gutted :(
    Ah well, the CRP has been what I've been aiming towards for 4 years now so I WILL keep trying! ::)

    Congratulations to everyone who got through, and sorry to everyone in my position also.

    (I know we only cried a little bit....... ok maybe alot!)
  4. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

    Hi, I'm new here.. I'm Charli! Nice to meet you all.

    My family were pretty against me doing this programme, so when I got my email this morning saying I'd got a phone interview, I didn't really have anyone I could "squee" too so I thought I'd poke my head in here and say HI!

    I'm sorry to everyone who didn't get through, keep on trying!! I also think its pretty unfair that the people who had already participated don't seem to be getting another shot!! Just keep trying!! That was what I planned to do, despite my family being all "Don't waste your time on this!!" :D

    Really excited!!!

    Bye for now!!
  5. aristophanes

    aristophanes New Member

    Hey Charli,

    Why were your family against it? Did they just think because of the volume of people applying you wouldn't get through or the actual move to Orlando for a year?

    Congratulations either way and best of luck with the phone interview.

  6. Epiphany_1988

    Epiphany_1988 New Member

    I cant tell any1 either only my mum and a few close friends know! Its horrible being at work and not being able to tell people why i am so giddy haha!
  7. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    Hi i'm hoping it'll be 3rd time lucky at getting a job, i applied last time and got a phone interview and applied for the icp back in 2008 and got an interview.
  8. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

    Hey Thomas,

    My family are just concerned that I need to get a long-term job as I'm 25 and am not getting any younger! I'm only just graduating from Uni this year so I guess they're worried I'm wasting my time.

    But, it's not going to put me off!!

    I just chose my interview time, Friday@3pm with Amy!

    Thanks :D
  9. catfish278

    catfish278 Member

    Don't worry Charli, I had the exact same feeling when I first applied... wierdly my mum was talking me into it to start with because I was convinced I should try and get a "proper job" (even though I didn't want to!) but she said - you're only this age once and when you're 50 you'll look back and wish you'd applied... so I gave into my temptations and here we are :D
  10. disneyglitter

    disneyglitter New Member

    Thanks. My Aunt is the only one who is being supportive, she said the one regret she had in life was that she didn't travel the world and she wants me to do that as much as possible. :D The rest of them seem more concerned with real jobs... but tbh, I'm not really ready to start teaching English yet! LOL.
  11. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Sorry to everyone who has not made it through :(

    Welcome Charli

    Quick q has everyone who got through received their email telling them it is time to book a phone interview?
  12. kristenellen123

    kristenellen123 New Member

    I got mine this morning, but others with phone interviews haven't got theirs yet.. x
  13. citywalk

    citywalk New Member

    I have been considering doing this Myself.

    I don't like this "once in a lifetime" argument. I no plenty of other countries who have rehired even more than once! Norway for example.
  14. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    just got it, most of the ones I want have two identical slots, so i wonder which I should pick, 1st or 2nd, as obv I would get a different interviewer, who does everyone else have?
  15. kristenellen123

    kristenellen123 New Member

  16. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    did you have 2 slots for your time or just one? I am really overthinking this, its the psychologist in me. I also want to pick the last time for the day as I talk a lot and that way they wont be as worried if I overrun, mind you they may be cheesed off by the end of the day
  17. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    That is probably because those countries have less people applying. I think Canada and the UK (maybe Germany too) are the ones that apply the most. I don't think there are a lot of Norway people applying. It all depends on numbers. Kind of if you go to a party where they serve too much food. That means the few people that are there get more food. Weird example but whatever. :D
  18. Missish

    Missish New Member

    I like the example :D

    I'd be super annoyed if I was reapplying, after being told I'd be given an equal chance, and didn't get through, but at the same time - from the point of view of someone who's never done it - I think I'd have far more right to be annoyed if I'd not go through when reapplicants had. After all, they've had the experience once before, and now they're taking away places from people who could potentially be just as good as they were. I don't know. It's a strange situation :-X
  19. seabadger

    seabadger New Member

    I picked the last slot of the day on the last day, only because i'm super busy up until then and don't fancy having an interview with a hangover :p
    So if anyone is going to be chessed off by the end of the day it will be with me, awh well, BRING IT ;D ;D
  20. 2005CP

    2005CP New Member

    got to say i totally disagree with that.

    Special once in a lifetime chance or not, its just a job-not giving people an equal chance when you say you wont in just wrong.

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