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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by mpark90, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Missish

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    This, exactly.

    I'm sorry for all the reapplicants that didn't get through, and I'm sorry you all feel as if you were lied to because all that nervousness/excitement was for nothing, but ... I'm glad that Yummy are choosing to give first time applicants more of a chance. As Doddi said, if it was between two applicants of equal standard, with one a first time applicant and one someone who had already done the program, it seems fair to me that they would decide to allow someone new to be given the opportunity. Could you not see it from that perspective? :-\
  2. MichaelA

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    Just had my phone interview then, hopefully went well :D

    Would really love to do something like this.

    "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon"
  3. disney-dude

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    best of luck, mate sure it went well :)
  4. mizzbex2807

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    Hello everyone I got an email saying I'm through to the PI I'm quite scared about it though?? :/ do they ask questions about your hometown? what questions do they ask I'm really excited ut wprried I'll mess it up? sorry to anyone who didnt get through :(
  5. pinkspideruk

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    They do ask questions about your home town - a typical question would be how would you describe it to someone who has never been there before?

    The interview isnt too bad a lot fo the questions are just to gauge how you would react in certain situations so try and think of things where you have had to deal with someone who is angry / upset, times when you have gone the extra mile to help someone out etc just examples of good customer service

    also questions are to see how you would cope with living with people frmo different countries and sharing a room so how you would resolve conflict, what sort of stuff you can gain from it etc
  6. disney-dude

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    Hi I gave you a link in the other thread you posted in, that one is really good, also, search this forum and youtube that is what i am doing, the questions seem rather simple, i.e. they aren't trying tot trick you or anything, they are, more or less, the same ones you would get in any job interview for a customer service role. :)
  7. mizzbex2807

    mizzbex2807 New Member

    Thankyou guys your amazing on here! i cant wait for my interview good luck to everyone! x
  8. citywalk

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    Just a heads up. I opened the Re-hire thread to deal with the re-hire issues.So that we wouldnt burst anyone's bubble in here so if we could agree to post all info in there that would be great.
  9. Jeremy.west

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