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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by disney-dude, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. disney-dude

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    Hi everyone I was hoping for some advice, whilst applications do not open till Jan 5th for the next batch of UK applicants, I was wanting to register with Yummy Jobs soon, 1 to pass my time waiting for Jan, but also to save hassle nearer the time. But got some questions, which hopefully someone can answer...

    1 - It has space for "key positions held", did everyone put all their info on there, if it was going to be on their c.v. anyway, when they applied?

    2 - The part that says "motivation for taking part" - can I just write something like "will be on covering letter" and then attach my c.v. and covering letter in Jan? Is this what most of you guys did?

    3 - Finally the part that says how many years have you worked in the hospitality industry - do i include retail in that? Also surely I dont say 10 years if my first job was 16 and im 26 in a few weeks, as I was not working full time every year, its been on and off whilst I was at uni etc?

    Thanks so much for all your help guys and girls ;)
  2. kanga-rooney

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    1. I just wrote all the key job positions I held, like Sales Assistant, Senior Admin, Clerical etc. & now I can add "Cast Member" :)

    2. I personally wrote a cover letter that was a nearly a page long, explaining why I thought with my working background etc I'd make the ideal cast member. I then had my resume with it in one document, I then saved and uploaded as a PDF. I then wrote in my motivation box why I wanted to go, what the experience would mean for me etc, this also was about a page long. When I got to the interview & they ask you to bring a copy of your resume, I attatched both my cover letter & letter of motivation to the resume, when your in the interview room they do have a quick look over your documents & I guess again afterwards. So make sure its sharp, short & to the point as they did ask me questions about things on them.

    3. I put 0 I think! As up until when I applied I'd done mostly retail/office work. So when it asked area of expertise I just put that.

    Hope this helps!
  3. xSmidgex

    xSmidgex New Member

    hey this is what i did....

    1. i put down a brief explanation of the positions held then went into more detail in cv, cover letter.

    2. again i summarised my main motivation and again picked up on it and expanded in cover letter...in my opinion i thought it was better to have brief explanations in the boxes rather then just keep telling them to refer to the letters, because they may not have time to read it more then once, so if the main points are in the boxes summarised then they can keep looking at them :)

    3. add the time up that you have been working, so if it was 6months here then 3 months a bit later add it all up as that will be the most accurate answer you can get...I put a year because i had done just over two summers work plus some extra here and there.

    hope that helps :)

  4. disney-dude

    disney-dude New Member

    Thanks everyone for all you help/advice it was really useful :D

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