Welcome to WDWIP.com

Mar 28, 2014
Welcome to WDWIP.com
  • Your Guide to a World of Opportunity at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

    The Walt Disney World International Programs gives you the opportunity to live in the most magical place on earth, while sharing your culture and experiences with guests and fellow Cast Members.

    This website is an unofficial resource for potential applicants to the programs, current participants, and alumni alike. Applicants will find information on the various programs offered, details on How to Apply and a comprehensive FAQ. The Survival Guide is all the information you need to know to prepare for your departure and enjoy your time at Disney. Alumni can discover old friends in the Discussion Forum.

    If you are looking for information on other employment opportunities within the Walt Disney Company, check out the Other Disney Jobs section, and for cruise line employment, head to Cruise Line Jobs.

    Without a doubt, the most popular section of this website is the Discussion Forum. This interactive discussion forum allows applicants to pose questions to Alumni and others to answer. It also provides the ideal way for program Alumni to keep in touch and abreast of current events. If you have any questions about the program, posting them to the Forum is the fastest and most effective way to get a response.

    Over a Decade of Connecting You to the Magic!
    Hard to believe, but it's been over a decade since, in late 1998, this site sprung into existence. I created the site to fill a gap that existed at the time - there were Websites dedicated to the bigger Walt Disney World College Program, but very little for the International Programs. When I was applying for the program in 1997, there was no information online - no way to ask questions, meet others, and get more information before heading to Orlando. The goal of creating the WDWIP Website was to change all that. Now, many years on, I think we've done it. There have been tens of thousands of people who have used this site, and thousands of those have successfully participated in the programs. The forum (originally called the 'Virtual Leaving Book'), has had over a half-million posts since its inception!

    Since 1998, there has been only one revamp of the site design, and a few forum upgrades. So for the 10th anniversary, I made some major changes to the way the site works. The first is the conversion of the 'static' information (details on How to Apply, The Living Experience, working experience, etc.) into wiki format. If you're familiar with Wikipedia and how it works, then you will be familiar with this. Anyone can now add or edit most of the information on the site. The intention is to keep the information fresh and relevant. The other changes a smaller: an upgraded forum that should run faster and with little downtime; and further integration of the site, so all these elements connect nicely.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped out since the site began - forum moderators, our top posters, and content contributors. Here's to many more years of helping people discover the magic of working at Walt Disney World! -Andy Saito