The Interview

Mar 28, 2014
The Interview
  • The Interview

    What to Wear
    Even though you don't yet work for the Mouse, professional dress that falls within Disney Look guidelines is appropriate. The Disney Look is an often-complex series of guidelines for Cast Members, but you will be fine as long as you make an effort to look professional.

    For ladies this means a respectable (i.e. not a mini) skirt and blouse, dress (with sleeves), or pantsuit. Heels or nice flats will do fine. Very conservative makeup and jewelry is okay, so you will want to take out any eyebrow rings, tongue rings, or extra earrings (more than one per ear) you may have. Your hair should be done in a professional and tidy manner.

    For the men: A dress shirt and tie always presents a great image, and jackets are fine as well. However, a business casual outfit (i.e. pressed khakis and a polo) is good, and a tie is not required. Definitely come clean shaven, and take out all piercings. Your hair should not be so long as it touches your collar, and sideburns should be minimal.

    For both men and women, remember that wearing what you would wear to the gym or mall (jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, etc.) will present a poor image to the interviewers. Good personal hygiene is always important - this means deodorant, fresh breath, trimmed nails, etc. And take it easy on the cologne!

    What to Bring
    Other than yourself, you want to bring at least two copies of your up to date resume/CV. You will most likely be given a list of what to bring in your confirmation e-mail, and this may also include photo ID, two photocopies of your photo ID, your birth certificate and a printed copy of your online Disney application (if this is a requirement you will be sent information on how to complete this). Don't bring more than you need to, and avoid carrying a backpack into an interview - it presents a poor image. A small purse will do for ladies. In it, you should carry mints, extra lipstick and powder, and a small hairbrush. Gentlemen, a pack of mints will probably fit in your pocket. A small comb will also do. If you are given an application to fill out, note that the the "official Disney ink color" is black, so you would be wise to bring a black pen.

    What Recruiters are Looking For
    A Positive Attitude- First and foremost, Walt Disney World is looking for happy, personable people to work in the parks and resorts. The recruiters are looking for people with positive attitudes to make every guest's experience as memorable as possible. By portraying a positive image, you demonstrate your willingness to do everything you can to help guests and your fellow Cast Members.

    Leadership- The Disney recruiters are also looking for people with Leadership skills. The interviewers will often ask about positions on your resume/CV that you would have been in a leadership position. Be prepared with some concrete examples of how you contributed to your organization.

    Professionalism- Sure, you're not interviewing for CEO, but Disney expects everyone from street sweepers to upper management to have the same degree of professionalism. They will look for it in the way you conduct yourself during the presentation and the interview.

    Experience- Just like the leadership requirements, be able to market what you learned from your past jobs or other experience on your resume/CV. It also helps if your have prior knowledge of the Programs - if you are here at, then this shouldn't be an issue, but try to make the recruiter fully aware that you have thought about this program before your interview.

    What to Ask
    You look prepared if you bring at least one question along with you. The right questions will help you look like you want to participate in this program. Pay attention to what the recruiter and the alumni say during the presentation. You may be able to elaborate on their points during your interview. Below are a few questions (borrowed from another Disney site) that may also help during your interview:

    • Are most Disney cast members in my field open to sharing their experiences through shadowing or networking?
    • I want to make the most out of my program. How do you suggest I do this?
    • What are the strongest points about the program? What are the weakest?
    • Are most managers willing to help a student with references or letters of recommendation?
    • Beyond this program, what other opportunities are there with the Company?
    Other Advice
    Remember, the presentation is just as important as the interview:

    • Look nice, interested in the material, and watch your body language.
    • Leave your cell phone at home!
    • Be prepared with Disney trivia. Recruiters usually have goodies to give out if you answer a question correctly. (When did Walt Disney World open? Oct. 1, 1971, etc.)
    During the interview:

    • Shake hands with the recruiter.
    • You may be interviewed with one other applicant, so be prepared to have a third person in the conversation!
    • Maintain eye contact with the recruiter when they are speaking or when you are speaking to them.
    • Stay calm and think about your answers - remember to sell yourself.
    • Just be yourself. Be positive, but be honest with yourself and the recruiter.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

    The day will likely begin with a presentation about the program, then interview times assigned for later in the day. This may result in a sizeable amount of time to explore the interview city location until your interview begins.

    If you have any other tips/advice/corrections, please edit this page!