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Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Gareth, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. flavour

    flavour New Member

    10th of march??
    anyway, i'll switch planes in milan since i'm flying alitalia! (no puking smilie here??)
  2. Ze Perfect Strange

    Ze Perfect Strange New Member

    lol no sorry i thouhgt you meant 10th of december...
    ZPS :p
  3. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Well march is crazy busy high season time, but hopefully we will employ some people by then so i can get some time off. work has been a bit.ch lately, close to no staff and crazy hours for everyone. at least i make some nice $$$ looking forward to seeing everyone next year ;D

    ps: flavia if i were you i would rent a car, too. everything here is like very far away and my car can only make it to the mall and back ( haha, poor baby ). not even to the beach :'(
  4. flavour

    flavour New Member

    def will get a car! need to get from miami to you and some places else!

    hope you will a few quiet moments around x-mas at least! anyone from your family coming over?
  5. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    my parents are coming in april/may for 3 weeks and i will go to miami for a while to visit them ( they do 10 days miami and 10 days ft lauderdale ).
    the busy period is hopefully gonna slow down soon, the worst part is just that we do not have any staff.
    i already volunteered to work christmas eve for banquets, big event, big $$$. i guess i have to blame myself a little bit for overworking myself...

    ps: so you fly into miami??? cool beans. you should talk to moni, she got a great deal on a car when she was here and she is experienced with driving here from miami :)
  6. flavour

    flavour New Member

    will do! thanks! jenny found a car rental online where you can register a 2nd driver for free till the end of the year...let's see! is driving from miami to you that hard?? since i love driving soooo much!! haha!

    well, i will work x-mas, too...will be dead though...what the...!! have to work new year's as well, but got an a.m. shift again, so i can go party!! yeah!!

    alrighty!! later then!! big big x-masy hug!! miss u!

    ps: what's your home phone??
  7. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    i don't have a home phone, but you can call me cheap on my cell number. i will pm it to you again in case you don't have it anymore ( it's only like 2 cents per minute ). i just wrote you an email, too. later aligator

    ps: no, not hard to drive here, but if you come between 4 and 6pm, the traffic is goinna be insane! have fun :p

  8. flavour

    flavour New Member

    thanks for the number, still had it, thought you had home phone too... ;D
    well, we'll be in miami raound 4-5 pm, but we will stay in miami for a day or two...to do something with cristina...if youn wanna join us we can pick you up though...no prob!
    talked to moni about the car, she said alamo was cheap but shit, so we'll do something else!

    talk to you later!! big hug!!
    flavour xoxo
  9. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    oh yeah i totally forgot that moni went through some shit with alamo. they sold her more insurance once she got here and they charged her twice for a traffic ticket. the good thing is you will be 25 now, so it shouldn't be too hard to get something. when i went to canada avis was cheap, but also a little complicated. i guess they will always try to be a pain and sell you more stuff than you need.
    is jenny coming along now??? i would love to go to miami with you guys, i can book a cheap hotel for us ( or did you want us all to stay with cristina? lol ). well anyhows, i will finally be off after 15 days of working straight and i am planning to go to key largo with my roomies....yeah!
  10. flavour

    flavour New Member

    lucky you!! well, def deserved it!
    yeah, jenny will come, too, booked her flight a week ago or so...i don't think we'll be staying at cristina's! haha! haven't heard from her yet anyway...jenny and i didn't wanna book something, just drive around and search for some cheap motel...but if you could get us a really cheap rate, would be awesome!
    alright, gotta go, going home today for a few days...right back in time to work for x-mas! haha!

    enjoy the keys!
    big, big hug!!
    flavour xoxo
  11. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    cool beans, we will have fuuuun! well i can book a sheraton for $49-$89 usually. miami is a bit more expensive, so maybe it is $69, but that's still awesome for a sheraton and you might not even find a cheap motel less expensive than this. well i can keep on checking availibilities and let you know. i will be going to the sheraton in key west for $49 and that is such a beautiful hotel. we will drive off tonight and stay over...ahhh hopefully i can find some sun!
    talk laterz
  12. flavour

    flavour New Member

    so, how was key west?? been there before btw?? well, i've been home with mommy, gained lots of weight and got a new tooth filling! awesome, ain't it! haha! no, it was really nice! and i got ned for speed most wanted...great game! you have to come back so we can play! haha!
    x-mas itself was really fun, too...had to work til 9 pm, some other hard rockers came to join for x-mas dinner and glühwein...stayed there for 2 more weizen, left at 3 for americanos for a cocktail and a tequila shot then over to landhaus for another weizen, came home at 7.30, left again at 8.15 to start work at 9! haha! but it was so much fun...apart from that i thought i would puke at the guests! hihi!

    so the hotel prices are for one room i guess?! alright, jenny and i will check online, too...til when do you have to know...in ft. lauderdale, could we stay with you? but i guess we'll only book a hotel for the first night and then keep looking from there...

    alrighty! enjoy the rest of the year! big, big hug!!
    flavia xoxo
  13. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    key west was fun, but there was no sun ( that rhymes :p )...at least i could relax in the hot tub and swim and eat good food. i was truly falling apart after working all these shifts. i was in key west and in key largo, i stayed in key largo by the way, that was just a typo in me previous post. i have been to both places before so i know my way around 8)
    i can book a hotel in miami up to a day in advance, so that's no problem. we can always book that last minute. sounds like you had a cool christmas ;D i worked (of course), so it was not that great haha. at least i made money. lately i think that's the only purpose i am here ::) i don't know what i am doing on new years so far, maybe i will just work, get home, have a glass of wine and go to bed. haha exciting times, i tell you!
    of course you can stay with me when you come to ft lauderdale, we have enough space, i might just ban you to the couches ;)
    i already looked at the calendar for days to go to orlando, i could get four days off, i will let you know the dates the next time i am on here.

    ps: why do people in libraries always have to TALK???!!!!
  14. flavour

    flavour New Member

    how about disney for my b-day? ;) could do with drinking around the world once more! haha!

    that key west story sounds way too familiar! when i was there it was just raining! awesome!
    thanks for the hotel thing! real cool, will let jenny know! she's planning everything already, i'm more the last minute person! haha! and couch sounds good, maybe you can get some hot dude to join me! ;D

    oh, did you get sabrina's address? ute wanted to send you an e-mail...

    so, enjoy new year's! don't drink too much and don't stay up too late! i have to work both days, a.m., so i'll take it a little slow this year too!!

    big, big hug!! miss u!!
    flavia xoxo
  15. missmontreal

    missmontreal New Member

    Celine, F&B from sept. 2000 to dec.2001.
    I was gardian of the chair for a while... I was Super Canadian (thanks to Casey who gave me the hat....) and I was GSM... if any of those are still alive traditions in the pavillion....

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 to all of you !!!!!!!!

    I miss those good old times... but I know I'll take my kids there one day to remember!! I just found the man of my life.... so we are practicing to have perfect babies one day!! Haahaahhha !!!

    Miss you lots.
    Celine from Montreal.
    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  16. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    I also work am shifts around new years, so there will not be a lot of partying. We have our staff christmas party tomorrow, so that will already screw up my 10pm bed time haha. I can only get 4 days off at certain days ( it's like a back to back ), or I will be able to go on your birthday but then I can only go for two days. Otherwise I don't get paid and that would suck. We can definitly drink around the world, no matter which date we are going :) it's about time for me to do that! A for the sleeping on the couch thing, if I would know a hot guy here he would already be sharing my bed sorry. Unfortunately hot guys are rare to non here.
    I did get Sabrinas address from Sabrina herself. I emailed her and she actually did read it and replied back :) Got my christmas pressie yet???

    PS: Celine is that you in the picture? It's so tiny I couldn't figure it out. That's such a pretty picture and the hair is SO LONG! I wish I would have known you are still in Montreal...I was just there this summer with Shaddy. We met up and visited Matt at his bar :)
  17. flavour

    flavour New Member

    so that means we have to bring the guys?? haha i would know one for me...but he's acting weird, so maybe not...
    no, didn't get your present yet...but can't wait! i'll let you know!

    new year's wasn't too exciting after all...went to sabbi's for raqlette (oder wie auch immer) and played tabu, then went to hackerbrücke for the fireworks...that's it...
    tried calling you from munich, but i can't use the cheap number... :'( i'll go home around feb...then i'll try again!!

    so far! big, big hug! flavia xoxo
  18. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    Sounds like every new year in Munich ;D glad that hasn't changed...I miss Munich! I didn't go all crazy either, but I went out the other night with a friend and her boyfriend and after the 7th pitcher of beer I stopped counting. Did I have a headache the next day!!!! I haven't been drunk in a while though, so that was fun. So now I am taking it slow, hopefully it will get better at work. I am tired of staying there 12 hours every day. I made up my mind to go on mini vacations every month now. Orlando this month and then maybe Key West next month.
    Alright, we will talk later, tell me when you got my pressie
  19. Ninik

    Ninik Guest


    Katharina, dass ich Dich hier endecke!  :)

    Ich sehe Dich immer noch im Money Counters Office sitzen und ich werde NIE vergessen, wie Du in Deiner Anfangszeit 1000US Dollar (waren das doch, oder??) im Office verloren hast, Dich terminiert gesehen hast und das Geld schliesslich unter Deinem Keyboard wiedergefunden hast. *schweiss-von-der-stirn-wisch*  :D


    :-*Ingrid :-*
  20. Ninik

    Ninik Guest


    Another 1999-2000 castmember here, Ingrid, f&b Germany.

    How time flies, it´s been ages since I arrived in Orlando and unpacked my bags in the dear ol´ Commons and yet it seems like yesterday.

    Any of my old friends that I have lost touch with feel free to send me some lines. I am residing in Cancun, Mexico now withstanding record breaking hurricanes along with my 99-00 (fellowship) castmember husband Enrique. :eek:

    Saludos @

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