6 month "Summer Program" Job Offer

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shrooden, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Rolls eyes at their recruiting policies again. ::)

    Sorry, in a strangely annoyed mood tonight...:p
  2. Ona

    Ona Member

    Wow you guys beat me to it. ;D (my 'pooter is slooooooow tonight ::) may have sooooomething to do with all the podcasts I'm downloading at the mo but hey ;D )

    I still don't get their ICP policy. ::) daft, daft daft. ::) ;D

    For extra hours though we'd need to retrain. Moooooooooore merchentainment. We could GIVE the class! ;D It's be cool to pick up extra hours doing crowd control though (no extra training required ;) ) ooooooooooooh can see me now..............

    ".......on this magis niiiiiight..........." ;D

    Ona x
  3. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Go live the dream :D
  4. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    can you seriously pick up extra hours for crowd control!?!? That would be awsome! I'd preference my schedules for minimum hours every day and pick up as much crowd control as possible! As if we'd need to re-take merchantainment! Still, I could literally sleep through it and get paid for the pleasure! Imagine the bit when they explain for 4 hours how to operate the register! **yawn** lol

    Ona what are you gonna do about DCL if you're offered a job here?
  5. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Yeah, Parade Audience Control and Fantasmic Audience Control shifts are available through the Extra Hours Hotline almost every day without fail in the summer
  6. Ona

    Ona Member

    I'm gonna try! :D

    Yeah, infact you already have crowd control experience. Cannon! ;D Lol! ;D Me, Vaz & Ste did it at new years too. Madness but my McDonadlds queues were a work of highly organized genious! ;D I've been lurking on quite a few CP forums lately and you can def. pick up crowd control with no further training. ;D ;D ;D

    As for merchantainment, I have actually given a class on "merchantainment". I was working in training and I brought Disney to my company. ;D Lol. This week, I've been in training myself and all the trainers have been on Disney Institute course. ;D And again, I feel I'd be better off taking the course. Keep having to bite my tongue. ;D Lol.

    If I have to scan one more piglet....... ;D

    Ona x
  7. DisneyTracy

    DisneyTracy New Member

    Hey there!
    well i got accepted for the program im still thinking about what i want to do if i want to go or not, but if i remember correctly it said in the e-mail that we could work for the new attractions or any attraction and now they are only offereing food and bevy..anybody else a little peeved about this???? I e-mailed them and asked and they tottally stayed away from the question, they said if you want to go for the summer program apply here.. it's like thanks guys..thanks for hiding away.. Anyways so i think im going to call them... does anybody have the number?

  8. Linda-bo-binda

    Linda-bo-binda New Member

    Hey Tracy! I haven't heard back yet but I just got a new job anyway. The only way I'd go back now is if they offered me something REALLY cool and it doesn't sound like that's happening. Besides, my brother's down there right now and it would just be too weird bumping into him at PI! I randomly do have a number for Int'l Recruiting though: 407-934-7470. Good luck!

  9. nick_uk

    nick_uk New Member


    I feel like cinderella would if her foot diddnt fit that glass slipper.....

    I just called international recruiting and they said i just missed out on the recruiters trip to the UK :(

    They said that I should contact Yummy Jobs - but they already was forwarded my CV by Disney last week.... I asked if they will be repeating this opportunity maybe over xmas, but she said I would need to go through yummy jobs......

    And I soooo envisioned myself with a light saber on main street!!!!!

  10. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    How strange because I didn't have to go to an interview- They just offered it to me through e-mail, and presumably they checked my record from my IP in 02-03.

    urrrrm seems like no one really seems to know whats happening lately!
  11. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    As I've commented before, international recruiting seems very confused. I think you might be wise to call back and try to speak to someone else; as Shrooden says, the people offerred roles have not been interviewed. The very recent trip to the UK seems afaik for regular IP and ICP interviews.

    I really don't see how they get so confused in the information they give out!!

    If you do speak to Yummy, please post what they say :)
  12. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    My Girlfriend has just received the exact same e-mail as me offering quick service F+B. they have also send the e-mail to loads and loads of people as well by the looks on the e-mail. Looks like everyone on this program will be working in counter service- woohoo! lol
  13. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I'm so PO'd about this. I so wanted to go. My bf has to leave the country mid-May and this was gonna be a great way to kill 6 months!!! But Quick Serve?? I never worked at McD's here for a reason!!! (Love you Brandy!!!) I'd do just about anything else, but not a chance. I guess I'll have to stay here and work this stupid new job of mine. GRRRRR!!!

    Simon - Are you and my lovely former illegal trainer gonna go??

  14. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    OK well I still havent heard anything. Any one else stil waiting?
  15. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    no email yet :mad:
  16. Gundu81

    Gundu81 New Member

    me neither :-[ and I know a bunch of people who haven't heard anything :-\
  17. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    "I never worked at McD's here for a reason!!! (lol I think that's hilarious!)"

    "Simon - Are you and my lovely former illegal trainer gonna go??"

    Sorry Shannon, I dunno how to quote properly!

    Well, I felt the same about the position although I thought about asking for 30 hours a week and er'ing every day, whilst picking up extra merch shifts all over property, as well as plenty of crowd control shifts.

    However, I did ask Disney about the possibility of Tam and I finding our own place to live cos after 3 years living together in England living apart in like vista way would be a huge step backwards- and guess what, Disney won't budge. Looks like it's a 100% no from us then! Oh well, we're off to Vancouver instead!

    Are you gonna go Shannon?
  18. Ona

    Ona Member

    Yip I got the email yesterday. Same offer. QS F&B May 14th - November 11th. :-\ (btw, did anyone else find it really random that it was sent as a group email email with all adresses showing etc. very random indeed).

    Well now I have issues to consider. :-\ I tried calling to speak to someone in Int. Rec. but they are all in a meeting at the mo so I'll have to try later. I'd obviously rather do the J1 Academic Prog. but if I don't get accepted for that, then I'll do the summer prog (even if it is F&B; did I mention I'd rather clean a toilet than be near food. :D I have issues. I know. ::) ;D ) then DCL after.

    Only problem is, my interview isn't for another couple of weeks and they want an answer about this alumni prog by monday. :-\ so I reaaaaaaally need to speak to someone over there. ::) ;D

    But fingers crossed, it looks like I'm going back, one way or another.


    Woo hoo yay!

    Ona x
  19. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Congratulations :D One way or another, I'm sure you'll have a fab. time!

    I still want a fuller explain about the academic program...I'm expecting you to be my source :p It's could still be a possibility for me for 2007. Especially if there's any small chance of Guest Relations work... :)
  20. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member


    Simon, No, I'm not gonna go. Just got a new pretty good job here at a hotel, so it's better for me to stay. I probably would have had a much tougher decision had it been anywhere else. My scottish boyfriend from Disney was here on a year Visa and he's going home next month, so we have to come up with a plan. It's nice to see that you and Tam are still together. Any suggestions for us!?!?!? When are you planning the big move?

    Ona, you're a trooper. Are you sure you're prepared to sell Turkey Legs all day?? That was the worst one that my new manager (who did the IP) and I could come up with today when I was telling him. Ew. Good luck, I'm coming to visit!


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