6 month "Summer Program" Job Offer

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shrooden, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Ona

    Ona Member

    I am having visions of 50 hour weeks in Starlight rays..... :eek: :eek: :eek: ;D

    Ona x
  2. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    Yeah Ona, I thought it was a bit random they sent out a group e-mail to people too! So what exactly is this academic program you speak of? I think you should hold out for it cos I'm sure you get it. On the other hand you could always accept this job then tell them you got offered a different contract if/when the situation arrises. I know they would be a bit PO'd, but hey, oh well! Just read your post of Starlight Rays- thats always the first place you think of isn't it! Can you imagine listening to that loop all days every day! I think I'd even prefer the UK music to Sonny Eclipse!!!

    Shannon- Tam got a 4 yr visa through british ancestry- do you have any british grnadparents?! i am getting permanent residency as a "common law" partner, and being sponsored by Tam. I get no benefits/right to vote etc, but oh well! After 3 years I can get a passport if I take the entry test. You surely could prove this for your bf if he's been living with you for a year? We have been planning for around August time but we did read the other day it might take the embassy in London 6 months to process the app, so we're not quite sure yet. I've had all the medical/chest x-rays required + uk police checks, although I'm waiting for the FBI check I need because of living in the States, so can't send the app off till then.

    Whats this one year visa your bf managed to get? It could be handy to know if my PR app takes for ever!

    On a totally different note- what are these turkey legs you speak of?!?! I thought they only sold emu legs ;)

  3. paalerik

    paalerik New Member

    if you haven't recived an e-mail then you did not get selected. Emailed int req earlier today and they told me that all poss had been filled. Damn. They wanted servers over at Norway. Damn..
  4. KC

    KC New Member

    OMG! Ona! I never knew you were considering work for WDW again! If you do get in at some stage while I'm over there, look me up, woman! We can hit the parks and be all WDW triviariffic!

    Good luck with it all!
  5. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Hey Simon,

    My Grandmother is one of 6 scottish kids, however, she was one of the 3 that were born once they arrived over here. GRRRRRR. So, my mom can go!!! Dad's side were all born here too. I already thought of that one!!! Craig's Visa was the Bunac visa. It's a one-year work visa. You can get it pretty quickly I think. Look it up. We could try to apply Common Law, but technically it won't have been a year, cause he arrived May 17th and leaves May 16th! And we really didn't live together, but I am on his lease, so we'd thought about trying it, but it probably won't work. His work tried to sponsor him to extend his visa cause they like him and wanted to keep him...but it was denied because he doesn't have an acceptable job...apparently being F&B Supervisor for a major hotel in a big stinking city that wants to keep you means crap!!! We just found out a couple of days ago, so we're kinda at a loss right now. I guess I'm gonna have to get the 2 year visa to go over there, but I can't go until the new year.

    Wow, sorry, this is getting so off topic!!!

  6. Ona

    Ona Member

    Well I've tried calling since Friday. There's no answer just the machine so I've left a message but 'tis a bit of a pain. :-\

    Paalerik, I would check again on Tuesday. They wanted responses from everyone by monday so if some folks don't fancy QSF&B (I'm sure there'll be quite a few) there will probably be more spots opening up. Call again. :)

    Simon, more info on the academic program here. This info was on the official wdwip website for all of about 2 days then it dissappeared again. ::)

    Turkey legs...... mmmmmmmmm.... ;)

    Kev, yip I'm doing whatever I can to work for the mouse again. ;) Sure we can hit the parks and we'll see if you are worthy of entry to the exculsive society which is the Disney Dorks. ;D Lol. ;D

    Ona x
  7. florida84

    florida84 New Member

    Hey guys,
    have all of you already received a confirmation or not yet? I haven`t and I was told that if we didn`t get it last week we won`t be accepted. Is that right ???
    Well and I wanted to work for the Disney Cruise Line in case I am not accepted, has anyone worked there yet and if yes is it worth it? How much do you get and is it fun.
    Hope to get an answer.
  8. Carla

    Carla New Member

    i faxed my applicattion on friday, and i haven´t heard anything from them. I am a lil bit worried. any news??
    Good luck to everyone
  9. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    I still haven't heard either way so very confused
  10. Ona

    Ona Member

    I finally got through and eveything is sorted. They suggested I accept the Alumni program offer at the mo. It's all moving quickly now. :eek: I've to book my visa interview asap. :eek: ;D

    If you faxed your application back I'd call to make sure they have it. I sent mine back as an attachment and it slipped by them twice! It takes them 2 secs to check if they have it.

    Guys, if you haven't heard yet, I would see what next week brings. They asked in the email they sent out that we reply confirming our response by april 10th (then later, april 13th). So I'm guessing if folks haven't accepted positions, they'll be sending more emails out. :-\

    Ona x
  11. Gundu81

    Gundu81 New Member

    Hey Ona, I guess you'll probably just stay there after the summer program, doing the Academic program and after that going straight on the cruise ;D...you'll have so much fun there

    By the way, you guys, I'll have my final exam at uni in 10 days and it's about Disney (that's at least 1 topic), I'll concentrate on his animated movies, so if you have any useful links for me, that would be great ;D


    Gundu ;D
  12. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Go Ona. It seems like you could be working for the mouse for a while :)
  13. Dannii

    Dannii New Member



  14. KC

    KC New Member

    Go team Ona! I will see you in Orlando! :D

  15. monkian

    monkian New Member

    cool does that meen you'll be there with me too ona???? cooolllll

  16. Ona

    Ona Member

    Thanks guys. :) :) :)

    Wow Gundu that would be awsome! Lol. :D If I could do that it would be great but because of all the restrictions on the academic program I'm not sure I could do both that and the alumni program. :-\ Hopefully I'll know after the interviews. :D

    Kev & Ana, Alumni is May - Nov and the Academic is hopefully june - june. So that'd be a yes; I'll be seeing you guys there! ;)

    So at the moment, I'm accepted for the Alumni program but hoping I'll actually get to do the Academic Program if I'm successful at the intervews. :) But right now, May 14th, WDW here I come! ;D ;D ;D

    Ona x
  17. Ona

    Ona Member

    So the plot thickens........ ;)

    I check my hallway and there's a random looking letter..... from DLRP. They want me to interview for them in London later this month. :D But get this.... it's on the same day as the interviews in Leeds for the J1 Academic Program! ::) :D

    Lol so Andy you were right! It's all happening at once. :D I'm waiting for a spot on DCL to open up, I'm accepted for the Alumni Prog, I'm interviewing for the J1 Academic Prog and perhaps also for DLRP! :eek: :D

    Well, I hope at least one of them works out. :-\ Lol. ;D I like keeping my options open but this is just crazy! :D

    Ona x
  18. Gundu81

    Gundu81 New Member

    hehe, Ona, this is really crazy, I guess they've already marked your name in red and whenever a position is open they send the offer straight to you....lol.... ;D...when you get through with all of that you'll have jobs till you retire ;D 8)
  19. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Is anybody DEFINITElY going to do this program?? ???

    I received an e-mail on Friday offering me a position but I'm unsure about the quick service food and bev thing. I've always been merchandise with Disney both at Epcot and with DCL! Thing is I have to reply by tomorrow but I have been away all weekend at an "Epcot wedding" (great to see people again! ;D) so don't have much time to make a decision!!!! It would be great to go back in any aspect and I have been looking for a way to get back to Florida as my boyfriend is there and this is the first positive thing we have had in over 2 years!!!!

    Ona, do you know which program you are going to do?? ???

    Anybody, any advice on quick service food and bev??


    Laura. :)
  20. Ona

    Ona Member

    Laura, I've accepted the alumni prog....... at the moment. deoending on how this other interview goes, I may have to cancel for the alumni one. I've spoken to Int. Rec. about it and they reckon it's the best thing for me to do (accept then cancel if I'm successful). :-\

    I would say go for it. You want to get back out there and this is a way. Not an ideal way.... i.e. visions of electric umbrella costumes :eek: , but you'd be out there. You guys would both be in Florida. you'd have non-scottish weather ;D , and IDs and discounts to play in the parks. :D

    Downside is the job :-\ but lets face it, merch can be far from ideal at times too. And I always believe that any job is what you make it (excuse me one moment while I put on some rose tinted spectacles ;D ).

    If you accept it now, you can always cancel. There's nothing like actually making a decision to help you realise you've made the wrong/right one. :-\

    Ona x

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