6 month "Summer Program" Job Offer

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shrooden, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Thanks Ona! I'm going to e-mail them tonight and tell them yes and see if I can forward on the forms tomorrow. I literally have just flown back from Nottingham tonight and checked my mail to find the job offer! Extremely tired after a crazy reunion!!! ;D

    It just all seems so quick. Don't want to accept it in a hurry then regret it later when I get out there! Although I'm sure I wouldn't but quick service food and bev does scare me a little!!!! :-\

    I'll keep you posted! Good luck with the interview! ;D

    Laura. :)
  2. Ona

    Ona Member

    No worries. Hope the wedding was fab. :)

    Ooooooh if I totally blow this interview, we would be flying out together! ;D Lol. ;D

    Keep us posted. ;)

    Ona x
  3. paalerik

    paalerik New Member

    DAMN. Recived an e-mail today from disney. Beeing offerd a quick service position for the summer. I wanna go, but i allready got a job back home in Norway and need to save money...
  4. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    I think there should be a rule against having that number of offers and interviews. It's just not fair :p

    What role did you applying for in DLRP? Character? I assume you're not going to the interview as it clashes?
  5. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    OK so after turning down the original date because they wont let my girlfriend and I live together, they send me the exact same e-mail again 5 minutes ago offering me the same position, just arriving on a different date?!?! How strange.

    I thought all the job offers were done by now???

    Anyway, sorry Disney but unless you change your mind on the "living arrangements" it's still a no!
  6. Ona

    Ona Member

    Andy yeah it was parades and characters (to the address you sent me) but I'm rather confused as the letter I received doesn't mention parades and characters. :-\ Hmmm... there's no phone contact either so I'm having to communicate through email. A weeeee bit slow.

    Simon, seriously! ::) ;D Lol! :D Well I guess they are still trying to fill positions. I think they are gonna find it a little more difficult than expected. Most alumni aren't gonna fancy QSF&B. I reckon that combined with the cost (flights, 6 months insurance, visa etc.) is gonna put all but the die hard Disney Dorks off. :-\

    Ona x
  7. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    Got an email from Disney last Thursday and turned down the offer. It's not worth to fly over for 4 1/2 month. I agree with Ona and talked to my former manager. They do have over 3000 open positions that they cannot fill.

    Ona: how do u manage all the interviews and applications u did within the last weeks? I envy you.

    Dani :D
  8. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    3000 positions - and still their ICP position remains the same!

    (Ok...I'll shut up...I feel I'm repeating myself a little bit too much... 8))
  9. Gundu81

    Gundu81 New Member

    strange thing....I didn't get anything yet....I mean, I can't do it anyways, but it seems they don't try to contact all of the alumni, a friend of mine is still waiting and she'd love to be there ::)
  10. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    I haven't heard anything either and wouldn't be able to go in May. Never mind. I think they are doing it in the order you applied anyway and I know I applied quite late in the day so it doesn't really bother me.

  11. Ona

    Ona Member

    To be honest, I haven't a clue what kind of process they are using to contact folks with offers. :-\ I know of folks who didn't reply to the email till the deadline who were offered positions and folks who replied asap who haven't heard anything. ::) I guess it's another one of those secrets known only to those in the inner sanctum of int. rec. ::) ;D

    One thing to be aware of though is to check your email was actually read. Several of my emails were ignored since they were expecting emails from "Catriona Clare" and my email ad. shows as Ona. It had consequently gone to junk mail and they had to go dig it out. ::)

    I got all the visa "stuff" through this week and there are only about 3 UK names on there (none of which I recognise :-\ ). It appears to be mostly South American folks listed on there with me.

    Dani, I know I can't believe it myself. :D For the past 18 months I've been trying soooooo hard to findany possible way to work for Disney and there has been nothing. Nada. Now it's all go at once! (I also just heard about another possible possibility) I'm just so paranoid at the moment that something catastrophic is gonna happen and that every single chance is gonna dissappear one by one and I'll be left sitting here with a dazed and confused expression on my face! :-\ :D

    I'm so freaking out about this interview this week. :-\ It's so scary. It reminds me of how I felt at my WDWIP interview. I want it so badly. Grrrr..... breathe Ona breathe.... ::) :D

    Ona x
  12. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    If they do not employ you, we have to start a massive email attack @ int.rec. ;D
  13. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    For those of you interested I've been told today that all those approved for the visa for this program have been contacted, and there is now a waiting list in operation.

    (This didn't exactly answer the question I actually asked international recruiting, but it may be of interest to someone here!! :))
  14. dopey1017

    dopey1017 New Member

    Hi everyone.....

    I am an alumni from 1998-1999 and have a friend who left in 2000 and really wants to do this 6 month contract...Any idea who she needs to contact or if it is only open to people they contact? If you know what i mean?

    I would go back myself if i wasn't married with a 1 year old daughter!!!

    Thanks for any help....

  15. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    I've know idea what the status is exactly, but she can get whatever information she needs direct from WDW International Recruiting: wdw.int.recruiting@disney.com
  16. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Hey all,

    I got the same email AGAIN last week too. Offer me ANY other position and they can have me.....QSF&B isn't even enough to lure ALL die hard Disney dorks!!! I held out hope that the email was offering something else, but no. GRRR.

  17. Robb

    Robb New Member

  18. Robb

    Robb New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I was also offered the position and turned it down as well. My fear is that they will take all the offer rejections as a sign that alumni are not interested in returning. I know this certainly isn't the case. I mean, QSF&B? You would spend more money getting there and getting settled than you would make on the contract. Not the most enticing of offers.

  19. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Yeah. I told them that I'd love to come back, but that QSF&B was not for me and that if anything else came up to let me know. You never know.

  20. Nio

    Nio New Member

    I spoke with people at casting and because of the type of visa for this program you can do work in other areas. You can get extra hours doing different things, not only QSF&B. The person I was talking to is a friend of mine and she also said that they weren't advertising the positbility of working in other areas, but you can.

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