Anyone from WDWIP 2003 - 2004

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by CPB, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. CPB

    CPB New Member

    I know a few of the people who will post to this, but I thought i'd start a board where we can all see where everyone is and what they're doing now.

    I did the International Program in September 2003 - July 2004 in the UK Pavilion.
    I did a Management Training Program in December 2004 - May 2006 for HRC within the UK Pavilion.

    Currently in the US, but not working.

  2. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    hi Claire remember me? I was there Sept 2003 -2004 too in UK f&b. Working as a civil servant looking at every way possible to get a job in US again (although have applied to Stats New Zealand and they are waiting for a position). Did apply to Disney cruise but was told that there were currently no positions for my qualifications (not sure what that means but going to apply again in a few months).

    Anyway other than that not much going on. Hi to anyone that remembers me.

    Bye for now
    Sarah aka SPAT
  3. Ona

    Ona Member

    Oooo me me! ;D

    UK merchie 2003 -2004. Woo hoo! ;D I came back after extending, did my PGCE so I'm now a fully qualified maths teacher :eek: .... what am I? Crazy? ;D Then worked at Edinburgh Castle for a while. I then got a permanent job as a training Coordinator with a convention centre and hotel but soon after, I got offered a job with DCL so I went back and temped with Edinburgh Castle til a spot on DCL opened up. So I waited and waited and......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...... oh sorry dozed off there. ::)

    6 months later... still no word from DCL. Fortunately I had applied for a new academic program back at WDW so here I am. Back for a year. I'm working in Toontown at the mo! WOooo! If you stop by and say hi to Mickey, stop by and say hi to me too! ;D

    Ona x
  4. CPB

    CPB New Member

    Hey Sarah, How's things with you?I couldn't settle in when i got back to Ireland. Soooo couldn't wait to get another visa to come back out to Florida. That and i missed my Bryan like crazy!!!

    Hey Ona,
    You crazy girl you. Do you know that if i had still been at HRC when you came out we could have been working together in Liberty Square - how weird would that have been. Your website is really cool. Keep up the good work, lol. Just curious, what program and visa are you on right now?
  5. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    Sorry to butt in on your 2003-2004 thread! I'm ex 2001-2002 castmember but now back working at HRC in Disney taking over from Claire. Actually, I am Claire for the moment as I still don't have a nametag after almosts 4 weeks!!!

    Claire, HRC is good. Sharon is great. I'm working with her a lot just now at Magic Kingdom as Mariann is on holiday and they are so short staffed over at MK! I'm working there 4 out 5 days just now. I prefer Epcot though as it's much busier and you have people to talk to!!! Slowly getting to know all the prices and frames and all that jazz! Hope things are good with you. Sorry we didn't get to meet. My boyfriend is STILL in Fort Myers but hopefully he's coming up soon!!!

    Ona, sorry we didn't get to officially meet the other day! I was "Emma" that day so I can see how you got confused! I'm Claire now so if you're in Liberty Square again you know who to look for at HRC!!! Heading to Jellyrolls tomorrow night with some guys from work so if you're around pop in! I'll get to meet you on of these days! How's the car hunting going? I've almost sorted mine out!

    Laura. ;D
  6. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Me too! Me too! I was Canada Merch from August 2003 until July 2004. Haven't done much since returning home. Went over to Scotland twice to visit my boyfriend, Craig (UK Foods same time as all of us) and out to Western Canada to see some of the Disney crew last summer. Craig got himself a year long visa to come to Canada and left two months ago. I just got back from going out West again for another Disney alums wedding. Great times. Jealous that you all got to go back!!!!

  7. Canadian Classic

    Canadian Classic New Member

    I have to ask what HRC stands for, and how did you get in? Info. would be great!! Thanks!
  8. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    HRC stands for the Historic Research Centre. It's a little store squeezed in among the UK stores at Epcot. And now they also have one in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom. As far as I'm aware it's only British people they like to have to work at Epcot to keep it authentic. I get to work at Magic Kingdom too because I'm on a different visa and they also have an American girl working over there.
    Unfortunately don't think they would be willing to give a visa to a Canadian! You could try though! I got in mainly through working on the IP before and knowing the lady who runs it.

    Laura. :)
  9. Bitter

    Bitter New Member


    I have not been on this site for years..... litarally!

    I have a really boring job at Virgin Atlantic, so will no doubt be using again.

    So Miss Bird, where are you now then? I'm assuming back home in Ireland?

    Kath & myself are still living in Brighton, but is now a reporter for a local newspaper.

    Hi Ona, how's it going? Don't forget Kath and me are coming to Florida 3Nov06!
  10. gismo1554

    gismo1554 New Member

    Hi all,

    Nath - Glad to see you and Kath are still together.

    Shannon - Glad you're doing well. Bet Craigs hating being back

    Claire - I know that feeling definately aren't used to being back home yet.

    Ona - Can't believe you're back over there. Hope you're having a fab time! I'm coming over in September so will try and stop by and say hi (over from the 15th to the 5th October)

  11. CPB

    CPB New Member

    Hey everyone!

    Nath - Oh my god, i haven't heard from you in forever. Hope you and Kath are keeping well. I changed visa status so i'm still in Florida with Bryan. Let me know when you guys are coming out and we will all have to meet up. It would be great to see you guys again.

    Sarah - good luck with the job. Hows civil service treating you? I few friends from home work for the civil service in Belfast. They really like it.

    Laura - To be honest i hated MK, but it's not so bad for you guys now. When i was there we had to work til midnight or later depending what time the park was open to. Just before i was leaving we were allowed to close 2 hours before the park closed. All my friends were at Epcot and i hated having to work 6 hours on my own at MK. Boredom really kicked in. How you enjoying it anyway? Emma and Stuart were the last ones i really worked with and now they have left too. That's a shame that your boyfriend is still in Fort Meyers. Any word of when he might be moving up?

    Shannon - How are you? That was great that Craig was able to get a visa for a year to go to Canada. Visas are sooooooo complicated. You two make a really ncie couple and i'm so glad to hear you are still together. It was great seeing you that one time when you were in Florida visiting. If you're ever coming down again let me know and maybe we can meet up.

    Ona - how's work going? Have to meet up at sometime.

    Take care everyone
  12. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Hey all,

    Well, it was exactly three years ago today that I started my Disney adventure. Can you believe how quickly time flies??? I'm currently working switchboard at a hotel at the airport here in Toronto. Craig is coming over to visit in September, so I'm pretty excited for that. Lots of Disney weddings keeping me busy. Remember Brandy? She got married last month, so it was a little reunion with Kathy, Enrique (and his Norwegian gf Sara) and Anne Lise from Norway. We also went on a roadtrip and saw Al and Joe. Lili is getting married in October in Montreal, so it'll be another reunion with her, Brandy, Kathy, Karine and Krista. Silvia gets married in a week or so at the wedding pavilion down there, so you may see her around.

    Ona - any good stories for us?

    Dunno when I'll be making down there next (my parents are going over my birthday...grrrrr to them!!!) but I'll look you ladies up when I do!!

  13. Locklear

    Locklear New Member

    Hey Shannon!!

    Holy Smokes! You are all over the place with weddings! I can't belive Sylvia is getting married at Disney...I am so jealous! What airport hotel are you workin at? Poon is working at one too at YYZ...the Sheraton I think? I stayed at the Marriott a few weeks ago before I flew out to Sasky to see Ginelle.
    Write back...let me know what you're up to! Are you going crazy without your b/f or what? He's really not back in Scotland...he's in Chesley with me. hahah!

    Ciao, Heather
  14. Ona

    Ona Member

    Random. ;D

    Shannon, so strange so many of the Canadians are getting married. Great excuses for reunions. Lol! We UK haven't had any yet. Any volunteers lol! ;D

    Nathan! How are you! I hear Kath is doing well over in Worthing. Get you guys! Pretending to be all grown up by getting "real jobs". ;D Whereas here's me, back working for the mouse and running around with minnnie ears on all day. ;D

    Birdy! I'm gonna try and call you back tomorrow. Can't believe I've been here almost 2 months and we've still not caught up yet! ;D

    Any of you guys coming back out, we def. have to catch up. Send me a PM nearer the time.

    Stories ... stories ... let me think.....

    Ona x
  15. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Hey Heather...

    Was going a little nuts without him, but trying to keep busy working working and working more. Say hi to Craig for me. If you guys wanna come visit me, that'd be great. I'm at the Sheraton at terminal 3. If Maureen is there, I haven't seen her. I've been there for a while now. Is she in the restaurant? I'll ask my friend in the bar tonight if he knows her. I think she applied for a job at Craig's old hotel just as he was leaving. His boss mumbled about a couple of Disney Canadians and he thought it might have been her. Anyways, met Randy when I was out in Banff with Brandy and Anne Lise visiting Joe and Al. He came out for a few minutes, but then went home. Too bad. Woulda been nice to party with him. Must head off to the post office now to mail Craig some of his hockey gear since he's found himself a team over there to play with.

  16. Locklear

    Locklear New Member

    Hey Shannon,

    My bad...I think Maureen is at the Hilton now that I think about it. I will have to ask Devon next time I talk to her...she just got back from France...again so I'm sure I'll hear from her soon.
    I will say hi to Craig for you when I get home tonight...haha. Thats cute that you are mailing him hockey gear - when are you guys getting married?? And make sure I'm invited and all of Craig's hot friends! ;D I am glad you got to meet Randy...he's crazy. He's moving to Windsor in about a week, we should try and plan something to gather up all the Ontario folk sometime soon.
    Better get back to to you soon!
  17. paalerik

    paalerik New Member

    I did F&B over at Norway from sept 03 to sept 04
  18. Andy S

    Andy S New Member

    Hi Guys

    Birdy - How are things going? What do you have planned now you finished at HRC?

    Ona - Hope everything is going well out there, whats it like working there again?

    Nath - Hows it going, not heard from you in ages, what are you doing for Virgin Atlantic?

  19. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    wow! where have i been to miss all this action!!!
    i was in uk merch from sept 2003 til august 2004........nice to see youre doing ok birdy!!!

    i cant believe that on tuesday it is exactly 2 years since being back home in the uk.......ona how scary is that??!!!

    actually i have to say i only havnt been on here for so long because ive been trying to get a proper job sorted out.......which as most of you will already know... i have!! Im actually going to work for British Airways as Cabin crew........yep thats right, me, a trolly dolly!!!

    Ive done various things since getting home including (in chronological order) 10 weeks at a trvel agency that i hated, 5 months at m&s as a regular joe, 11 months on childrens ward in local hospital, and now i am currently back at m&s as a section manager.........

    i have 10 shifts left and i cant wait to get out!

    i do have to apologise for the lack of contact with people and the lack of actually seeing people (nath and kath looking forward to seeing you at the weekend)

    i am making a vow to see a lot more people now as i have no excuse that i cant afford it or watever, cos it will be free to fly places so anyone living somewhere that BA fly to.......accommodation please!!

    actually i have to say to orlando lot (birdy, ona) i am hoping that il get a couple trips out to Orlando, in which case i may get a day to myself there, and if i do i will want to hit a disney park! haha so if anyone fancied meeting up then i would love to see either or both of u!! im feeling a meal at outback steakhouse may even be necessary! (aside from doing a working trip over there i will also be planning a vacation before you finish disney ona so long as my funding allows it)

    erm apart from that nothing else interesting going on, il be getting a new car in february wen my m.o.t and tax run out on this little runner ive got feeling a ford focus or something like that might be good, i basically just need a really reliable motor to get me to gatwick!

    for those hitting eastbourne at the weekend, il see u there, for those that arent i hope to see u soon.....

    love laura
  20. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    HI Guys, just thought I would drop in, havent seen a thread i could put my name to in a long long time!!

    well, I've just applied for Deputy Manager in my restaurant (Chiquito), should find out today if i've been successful or not!? Sarah is a travel agent manager, though she's looking for a route out!

    Ona - as for any volunteers, well, me and Sarah got engaged in Egypt this year and we've pencilled end of summer 2008 ;D

    it's truly good to see that everyone is doing well

    Keep in touch


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