Careers/Jobs after your experiences as a Disney CP and/or IP

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by cheerAli@Disney!, May 3, 2005.

  1. cheerAli@Disney!

    cheerAli@Disney! New Member

    Just wanted to know what were some of the careers and/or job paths that people took or got once they finished their year or so working in the college and/or international programs? Had your experience helped? Did having worked for Disney on your cv help as well?
    Just wondering 'cause I just graduated university with a specailzation in commuication studies and like to know what to kinda of expect once I leave Disney and into the REAL WORLD!

    Thanks in advance for all of your stories,
  2. jojo

    jojo New Member

    Hi Ali,

    I hate to say it, but unfortunately my time in Disney really didn't help me land a job back home. Like you, I went to Florida after finishing a communications undergrad. When I came back to Toronto after Disney, I thought it would really help me land a job in PR. Although it's a great talking point in an interview, and you can really play up the fact that you built relationships with people from all types of backgrounds and improved your customer service skills to the level Disney is known for, working for Disney as a Merchie or in F&B isn't going to help your career. Unless of course, your goal is to manager a store or restaurant in which case, Disney would be GREAT on your resume!

    That being said, I wouldn't trade my year in Florida for anything, regardless of the fact that it didn't help advance my career. The friendships I made and the experience I had were extraordinary. In fact, I'd probably give up my current career to go back again! :)

    Have fun down South.
  3. soleil plage

    soleil plage Guest

    Hiya Ali

    i'd also have to agree with Jodi on that one - doing the IP didn't benefit me directly in terms of career advancement either.
    It did challenge the direction i wanted my life to take and influenced what i'm doing today! 
    I had just finished Uni studyg geography when I did the program (at job interviews i tell interviewers that doing the IP has made me more aware of the world i'm living in :D - gotta link it to geography somehow!!!)
    I now work for a large european tour operator in their training department (being a Disney Trainer initially helped me get the job - but i've still had to work my way up the ranks!)

    I made some great friends and had an amazing year (but would never repeat as it would never be the same :'()

    Have fun in Florida - make the most of the experience  :)
  4. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    I dunno if it helps you get jobs, but it does give you lots of things to talk about at interviews. I went to one interview and it got totally sidetracked into me telling the interviewer about my year (I got offered the job...but didn't take it).

  5. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    It totally helped me. In interviews, I didn't necessarily talk about my exact job description... I talked about my customer service training and how I believe in WDW's theories and ideals about service.

    I went to college to be a travel counsellor, but when I returned from Florida my first job was as a personal concierge to VIP's at a hotel...I hated that, so then I moved on to work for a hospitality association, and then finally am now working as a travel agent.

    For me, working in hospitality, there is absolutely no question that WDW benefited me, and helped me get the jobs I have gotten.
  6. cheerAli@Disney!

    cheerAli@Disney! New Member

    Don't know what to say but I guess Thanks for your experiences and suggestions. I guess I just have to look to the Disney IP experience as just that an experience and enjoy every minute of my year away from expectations in the REAL WORLD! It is good to hear that having worked at Disney for a year you were all able to take something out of it and try and relate it to your present careers or at least the interview process.
    Thanks again for your stories and if there are any others please post!
  7. CanadaChris2001

    CanadaChris2001 New Member

    Disney actually helped me out a lot. I never went back to school after the program but have been doing pretty good. I worked at the Delta Airport Hotel in Toronto (now the Renaissance) after the program and then in 2002 I moved back to Orlando (no visa cause I have dual citizenship woohoo!). I got an apartment and worked at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal for 2 1/2 years. Last month I moved to Las Vegas and I just got a job as Supervisor of VIP Services at the Rio Hotel & Casino. If it wasn't for Disney I'd probably still be livin in southern Ontario with the rest of you chumps! ;)
  8. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Ya if you work in hospitality, I think having WDW on your resume probably benefits you more, than if you work in other fields...

    Hey Chris! I'll PM you when I'm heading to Vegas for some travel agent rates!! :p
  9. Stibymex

    Stibymex New Member


    I totally agree with you Sarah Jane. I had been working in Hospitality for a long time before going to WDW and I'm still on the industry. When I came back from Orlando worked at a DMC which is a travel agency specialized in Groups & Conventions and I stayed working on the Meetings Industry, now at a very important hotel chain with more than 500 hotels as Sales Executive for International Groups and DISNEY on my CV deffinitely made a difference.

    While performing my job, it does help me also because my way of seeing service related things is way different than most of my colleagues'. I usually try to go above and beyond and continue to apply Disney Philosophy on everything I do at the Hotel.

    The way I see it.... it really helps you!! But of course... if you're trying to be something completely far from the Tourism Industry, then wont mark your career as deep as it did with mine.

    BYE!! :)
  10. sebonlavie

    sebonlavie New Member


    I am working as supervisor in a call center.

    In France it is hard to have Disney on your CV, it is not always seen as a serious employment.

    But the disney's quality standards are well admited. And I am seen as focus centered Which is well seen in many points. But do care if you have to work in a high volume activity....Disney is known to do things well, very well not quickly and under high pressure.

    So in my position, the quality was a good point, but I had difficulties with dealing with high volume, I wanted everything perfect and I took time to accept that everything can't be perfect and than good is enough.

    Usually what a recruiter is looking for is how you will sell your experience. So believe in what you did...and they will appreciate.
  11. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    I'm working as assistant manager in chiquitos
  12. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    I went back to Germany, worked as a vocational trainee for a hotel in Munich for two and a half years and now just relocated to Florida for the next 18 months to do a management training for the front desk....

  13. cheerAli@Disney!

    cheerAli@Disney! New Member

    Great to read all of your great jobs/careers after Disney! Keep 'em coming!
  14. Littlefoot

    Littlefoot New Member

    I"m an event planner...conventions, trade shows, galas for anwhere from 300 - 15,000. love it. i also plan a few weddings on the side for old time's sake, but those are mainly for friends, not business.
  15. Ninik

    Ninik Guest

    Disney on my CV surely helped me getting a job in service related fields. After returning from Orlando I worked for German airlines Lufthansa as a flight attendant for a while before getting married and being imported by my Mexican husband (met him in Disney:) ) to his homeland. I am now my own boss working as a wedding planner for foreigners that wish to get married in and around Cancun and the Riviera Maya...
  16. glasgow paws

    glasgow paws New Member

    :( I'm working as an estate agent in sunny scotland at the moment. Had a few interviews for cabin crew recently but didn't get the jobs this time.

    P.S. does anyone want to buy any houses ??

    Paul ;)
  17. Littlefoot

    Littlefoot New Member

    sorry paul...just bought one!! (but in Canada of course) not sure if you remember me, but I was there same time as you. I llived with little charlotte from the r&c and was friends with lots of uk folks (anne-marie, louise kendall, jon morris to name a few).

    ninik...when did you arrive??

  18. glasgow paws

    glasgow paws New Member

    hi ali,

    yeah of course i remember you.hope you're doing good.nice to hear from you.if i remember correctly was yourself, jon, louise myself , chris and many others that used to drink jellyrolls dry on tuesday nights....ah the hazy memories.(oh ,,and keith gonzales of course)

    was it toronto you stayed in ?

  19. Littlefoot

    Littlefoot New Member

    Hey Paul, that would be me!! Louise never made it to Jellyrolls cuz she was underage, but I went every week with Jon, Tracy from Canada, Big Neil from Scotland, you, and sooo many others. I think to this day it is the place I miss the most. I totally forgot Keith used to come most of the time too. The pictures prove what went on those nights.

    I live in Toronto, and have since coming back. I am an event planner, and love it. Just means I give up havinga life during convention season. Have to admit that I fell in love with real estate whilest looking and buying my place...I could totally look at doing that as a hobby type job!

    you still in touch with anyone from those days?

  20. glasgow paws

    glasgow paws New Member

    hey ali ,yeah i still keep in touch with crazy matthew, jonny , chris , nicky nine from canada, barry from scotland, rich and mhairi, paula.I think you know most of them. I totally forgot about big neil from the millenium village, the only guy with a kilt on in the fantastic odessy cast restaurant!!!

    Glad to hear you're loving your job, sounds like hard work though,well for me anyway as i was officialy the laziest bartender in the rose and crown(after jon morris of course !)

    Do you still see any of the commons crew ??


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