Celebrity encounters?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 15, 2005.

  1. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    I actually only saw one celeb while at Disney, the girl that played the fat girl in the tv-series Popular. Don't know her name though. Usher was in the Norwegian ride shortly before I arrived in Florida.
    In my current job, though, I've met A LOT of Norwegian celebs, but you guys wouldn't know who they are, so who cares that I've met Bertine Zetlitz several times, right?
  2. emma

    emma New Member

    oh what happened to popular?????? i used to LOVe that...shes quite famous now has a film n tha i think
  3. disneyzoe

    disneyzoe New Member

    Hey! I saw Michael Jackson in his prime when I was 8 in Magic Kingdom. He was surrounded by bodyguards and just walked right past us. I've also seen Diana Ross back then too. It was on the same holiday but a different day! Oh yeah, we were walking past Pleasure Island and Britney was doing a live show but we didn't go in cos I was underage at the time :-[
  4. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    OMG your stories are awesome.... I wish i would meet Orlando in Orlando...LOL :p
    He is sooooooooo cute... I'd def die right away.... ;D
  5. ItsTough2BePatty

    ItsTough2BePatty New Member

    I saw Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri at the ToL, she's sooo tiny!!! A friend and I were freaking out when she came out and handed us her bugeyes, lmao.

    I also saw Gary Siniese from CSI:NY when he was doing the Candlelight processional, one day he went to the ToL too.

    Ohh my roommate told me she saw Shaq and that he was wearing his own jersey, lol. I dont know if he did it as a joke or was afraid no one would recognize him otherwise.
  6. trooper004

    trooper004 New Member

    I was working the night Andy Garcia ate at LeCellier. I actually ran his salad out to him. That was my biggest celeberity encounter. And he was quite rude. Oh yeah I also met Bill Nye the science guy at LeCellier. Nothing very exciting.

  7. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    have to join in with you on that one, it would be great if they had the 2nd pirates of the caribbean movie premiere at wdw seen as they did the last one at disneyland. how awesome would that be!!!!!!
  8. flavour

    flavour New Member

    but from what i heard the cast members did get no chance to get anywhere close to the area where the premiere was held! :mad:

    flavour xoxo
  9. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    now how is that fair? :'(
  10. gry

    gry New Member

    George Bush Sr. was walking past Akershus restaurant backstage, and we were told if we went out the back door we would be shot down by security! OMG!
    But we waved to him and he waved back! Allthough I'm not a fan, it was pretty cool.

    Then this famous old porn dude was in the pavillion (Heffner?) and he was easy to spot as he had four tall blond girls walking with him.

    I was always off when celebreties came by!
    ... the gossip spred pretty fast if there was celebreties in world shawcase!!
  11. Dan

    Dan New Member

    I saw George Lucas, backstage UK, about 10 yards away.

    I also Donny Osmond in the UK area on NYE. And Michael Biehn (from Terminator) at Universal Studios.

  12. PGGurl

    PGGurl New Member

    I got to be on the wayne brady show feedin him a beavertail(very messy eatter) And i diffently remember the day when paul walker was there a few girls just kinda dissappeared to fall him... I also saw some kid off the lizzy mcgawir (cant spell it) Show very stuck up kid! Yeah they shut down the resturant when andy garcia was in LeCellier.. I served the guys who own toyko disney not famous but still WAY up there! thats about all i saw while i was down there. But heard about them all the time just have to be in the right spot at the right time. At my current job tho i have met a ton of bands ( work in the CN center where all the concerts are held)
  13. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    Yeah, this would be great.... but even if we are not allowed to join the premiere, I 'd def like the idea that Orlando is just minutes away... lol *gg* :-*
  14. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    never met any really famous celebrities..
    I was either on break or off that day. Faith Hill and the wife of gov bush bought some dolls at the german toy shop, a german tv host thomas gottschalk got some wine in the wineshop. he asked my friend what kinds of wines we have and she answered "red wine and white wine" .. ::) how embarising ;).. I once met sarah connar (german singer) at the candy shop. another friend was so busy that she realized whos in front of her. then she asked her "hey, didnt you used to work in the biergarten. me and another girl could not stop laughing... so funny... :D
  15. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    I managed to meet a few celebs in Disney. Before I worked there I met Robin Williams in the MK one year, John travolta was on the Splash mountain boat behind us as well!

    Then when I was working there Jacko walked right past me with loads of security when I was doing cannon. I also stood on the promenade when Mariah Carey walked along to get her non alcoholic martini from the Rose and Crown! (I hear shes a cheapskate and didn't tip!!!)

    Then I also got stitched up by my Sister- and was filmed in Crown and Crest by Trevor Nelson and the BBC for holiday you call the shots. I also met the legend that is Richard Whiteley that day who was with the crew. I since bumped into him in Leeds where I am a student. I was pretty wasted at the time as I was out for our staff Christmas do- and I went up to him and asked him if he remembered me!!! What a pisshead I am!!! LOL ;D
  16. Sue

    Sue New Member

    Well I guess I saw quite a few celebs in my time. Like Cheryl Micheal Jackson was there my first day of work, the guy who played Drew on Dawsons Creek was in the restaurant my last day of service, I was the one who first picked out Chris from N'Sync at HOB (but had to leave myself because of someone!), Cheryl and I met the Baha Men at Epcot one day, some guy who we thought was Joey from N'sync turned out to be a guy from LFO, and Laura and I ran into O-Town about a million times! I was even put in a teeny bopper magazine with Jacob from O-Town!
  17. Gundu81

    Gundu81 New Member

    I just saw a German TV host (Aleksandra Bechtel) shooting some stuff for a German TV show, nothing exciting....would have loved to see O-Town, kind of liked them back then when they were famous.

    @Dannii: Franzi&Diana told me about that Sarah-Connor-Story, so funny, Svenja thought it was one of my arrival mates ;D
  18. franzi

    franzi New Member

    @Dani & Gundu:
    Oh, I love this Sarah Connor-Story!! It was so funny when Svenja asked her to put on her shoes because she was barefoot and then looked at her and asked that question if she worked in the Biergarten once. I just whispered to her, that Sarah Connor is in front of her. I couldn't stop laughing the whole day.. ;D
    She was actually very nice, we talked a little at the counter. She had her little baby and her husband (the guy from "Natural") with her.

    I missed all the other celebrities.. :-\
  19. Dannii

    Dannii New Member

    :D i hope svenja doesnt get "mad" because we shared her magical moment with the rest of the world ;D
  20. franzi

    franzi New Member

    ;) No, I don't think so.. It'll be okay, hopefully. :)


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