Celebrity encounters?

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by SarahJane, May 15, 2005.

  1. loulabelle32821

    loulabelle32821 New Member

    While i was serve in the Uk pavillion, i got to serve Jimmy Page, out of the band Led Zeplin, and his son. He was a really cool guy. Whilst i was working we also had the Monaco royal family. We had a few Premiership soccer plays and a a guy called IAn Bealle, out of a UK soap. Mariah Carrey was having drinks, my friend micheal was surving her. He said that she was not that nice. I saw Micheal Schmaucher in the German Pavillion. It was really cool seeing Gary Sinice in the Xmas play thing in the American Adventure.

  2. Punky B

    Punky B New Member

    We definately saw Paul Walker!!!! ( fast and the furious) He was in the black hole, I mean the canadian attraction I think by the time the movie was over there was Lili, Kathy, Krista, Karine and me!! Also does no one remember Tom Cruise at the Cart on New Years!!!!

    Punky B
  3. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Tom Cruise at the nightclub this weekend in Mexico City !!!

    And Paul Walker at Universal Studios one time
  4. Punky B

    Punky B New Member

    oh ya I forgot that we went to the David Usher thing. We were the only Canadians and we were the only people who actually knew who he was hahahah. Shan remember how Kathy was sooo in love with him, hahahahha Hmm has his song even come out yet?!?!?!?

    Punky B
  5. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Yeah, you were all in the attraction and I was ditched in a rainstorm at KIDCOT to do it and the Booty all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you.

    I never heard David Usher's song on the radio, just on the Disney special on the airplane. Oh! And I saw the special on CBC. Yes, I do remember how much she loved him...but remember that it's me he's molesting in the pic?!?!?!?

    Ha, ha. You're becoming an addict.

  6. Punky B

    Punky B New Member

    well I am only an addict since I can talk to you!!!!

    Oh yes and I met Chip and Dale while goofy was hitting on me when I did the Christmas show!!!

  7. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Goofy proposed to me.
  8. emma

    emma New Member

    vinnie jones was at uk today, he wnet the beer cart lol loves it
  9. Linda-bo-binda

    Linda-bo-binda New Member

    Geez, I wasn't so lucky with the celebrities (AmGard doesn't count). I think my roommates all saw celebrities but Canada was pretty quite. Tom Cruise??? We didn't get anything like that while I was down there. My biggest celeb encounter was selling a disposable camera to Kevin James' (King of Queens) wife. The Guest Relations escort was a dead giveaway that it was someone "important" but I kept trying to place his wife because she looked really Hollywood. I didn't even notice him until afterward because he was just some fat dude in an ugly hat.

    My favourite celeb story though was the time I *almost* met Johnny Depp. Rumour had it that he was in Epcot so Deanna and I were on the lookout all afternoon. Graham called from the UK cart and told us that he'd just walked past the UK. He's someone I REALLY wanted to meet. Well Deanna and I pretty much freaked and all the guests heard us screaming about it -- probably could have been termed for that if managers were around -- and we searched the promenade for a good ten minutes. Finally Graham called again and said, "Ha ha Canadians, fooled you!" I was ready to strangle him!! That was one of the CRUELEST jokes anyone has ever played on me!! :mad:
  10. *Laura*

    *Laura* New Member

    ah you could always rely on graham to pull a practical joke like that!
    and wat a surprise that he was out on pin cart!!! hahahaha

    im on a night shift again at work and im a little bored/tired so i figured i woudl come back on here tonight and reminisce about the good old times, reading all the posts here is kinda scaring me....... there are loads of alumni who only went out just as i was leaving and now they are all back and typing up their stories of the year and i cant even believe it!!

    vinnie jones eh? i remember wen mhairi saw pat sharpe and all we kept humming for the day was the theme tune to funhouse!!! hahahaha

    yeh it was pretty cool wen u got to go to amgard tho (american gardens for those of u not so cultured!!) cos u usually got to spot someone famous! not me personally but i think i remember dolly meeting some famous person and getting a family to meet this famous person too! it was all part of a big magical moment which naturally i encouraged because paula was on my back about it!!!!

    and the last thing for my little psot on here tonight.....brandy/shannon my little canadian pals....... i was on christmas tour bus thingy at epcot that christmas and pluto started talkign to me and i asked wat he looked like under the magic suit and he said that if i took my costume off he would take his of!!!! its so wrong!!!!!!! hahahaha

    well, il post somewhere else now and bore the hell outta someone else!

    Love loobie
  11. shannybanany

    shannybanany New Member

    Ew!!!!! Considering pluto was a girl the night I did it. Ona was with me. I got to put on Mickey's glove...so exciting.

    It is kinda odd to see alumni on here now that arrived after I left and are home now. Wow. How time flies.

  12. Dolly

    Dolly New Member


    Nothing new when it comes to Graham! And trust me, he hasnt changed a bit! But yes that was particularly mean!!

    Oh the joys of the Christmas bus! I was with Jenni-Lee and little Phil when we did it! Not quite the same when Chip and Dale are having a massive row across the bus, quite amusing but no-one really knew what to say!

    Loobie, Shan I totally agree, its hella wierd seeing people on here who had only just started while we were there! Clearly showing our age!!

  13. Gem

    Gem New Member

    My bf was in MK when Nick Carter and Johnny Depp where there but he sadly missed them. Also Charlotte Church and her bf Gavin were there when i was there so was Samuel L. Jackson at MGM one day i was soooooooooooooo upset i missed him. ANother day Andre 3000 was in MGM and he walked past my friend once again was very annoyed as i was not workin that day in Mickeys of hollywood :-[

    I walked past Michelle from the UK Big Brother whilst she was havin her photo taken in front of the Ears at the bottom of Hollywood Boulvard whilst walkin to the carts. I did a double take and was like OMG whilst my manager Kris 'I didn't know england was an island' was like who?? And later that day she was spotted in Epcot wiv her chicken stu.

  14. Harrybo

    Harrybo New Member

    yeah i remember when i saw andre 'ice cold' 3000! that was cool! me and my work mates where so tempted to go and say hi! but never did... lol!

    Ah the memories of sunset boulevard!!
  15. Harrybo

    Harrybo New Member

    also we saw alan smith (plays for man utd) in P.I.
  16. I met Melissa Joan Hart while I was tidying down the condiments at fish hut!! Couldn't believe how tiny she is. Seemed really nice tho.

    Also saw Les Battersby from Corrie, and Adam Woodyat from Eastenders.

    Was supposed to serve Egon from Ghostbusters one night, but he never showed up, cos of the rain!!! How gutted was i??

    Also met A1, when they came in for dinner to watch illuminations.

    I always seemed to miss the huge celebs tho!!!! :-(
  17. HiddenMickeyLover

    HiddenMickeyLover New Member

    I think it was in February but Hugh Hefner came into Le Cellier with 5 play boy bunnies. I sat them at 40/41 in the Manitoba secition of the restaurant and told them about the 'polar bear' thing (anyone who worked at the restaurant would know) and all the girls were very impressed.
    I was so nervous and I handed their seating card to their server and my hand was shaking and her hands started shaking too.
    it was rediculous.
  18. you can be termmed for freaking out over a celebrity? yikes! I'll have to keep my cool...not that I'm one for freaking, but still, thats kinda intimidating.
  19. Charlene

    Charlene Guest

    LOL ::)

    boy... how about Micheal Jackson??

    Saw Micheal Jackson run from the backstage of France (special "secret" VIP Illuminations viewing area) to a waiting limo with his two kids dressed in Spiderman costumes in 2002. Mind you this was from a great distance... the backstage of UK...

    It was exciting at the time. But now... who cares?

    My Japanese roomies sold pearls to Steven Taylor (AeroSmith) at her Merch pavillion. Funny thing was that she didn't even know it was him!

    Charlene Canada F&B Alumni 2001-2002
  20. ErinKimberly

    ErinKimberly New Member

    a couple weeks ago we had jim cavizel(sp) who played jesus in passion of the christ Le Cellier with his family but it was of course my day off. we had marlee matlin in a few weeks before and kathy ireland in a couple months ago.

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