Commons Scandal!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shrooden, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    OK, so here's the scoop.....

    Apparently 4 French guys have been accused of "gang-bang raping" somebody in the commons. No charges have been made yet by Orange County, and apparently the accused are co-operating with the police investigation.

    If I get any updates I'll post them up- for anyone that wants to see the article and the video report, here's the link....

    Hope everyone is well
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  2. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    Part of me isn't surprised at all (meaning, crap happened all the time when I was there, but it just never made it to the public news - it was handled internally by WDW).

    Another part of me IS surprised - meaning why do people on US Visas risk their work contract, AND their chance of ever being able to visit the USA again by pulling crap like this!? Rape, drugs, theft, you name it, you are kissing trips to the USA goodbye.
  3. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    Exactly- why bother risking it! And I'm not trying to be grose- but we all know what the commons is like, it's not like if they were absolutely desperate to get laid they wouldn't have any problem finding someone who was willing instead of raping them.

    Anyway, they have not been charged yet so fingers crossed the allegations turn out to be false, because others should not be put off applying for the program thinking things like this are involved.
  4. belle

    belle New Member

    It's all over the news here too - the girl is from Norway!
  5. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    This, of course, reflects really badly on the Commons Security. This type of thing is the reason Security are so strict, its just too bad they are too busy terminating people for stupid reasons. And, of course, they can't be everywhere, the complex is big. My heart goes out to the girl, this is not the experience you want to take home from abroad.
  6. ellen101

    ellen101 New Member

    Apparently the girl can't press charges cos the guys got a recording of her saying it was ok!!

    and it just highlights the issue the security are crap here....they go all out for the most insignificant things (like breaking up Throw ins and Throw outs) but are never there for the most serious issues. Apparently Disney have made no comment either...which just goes to show that they're not entirely bothered about our well being, they just don't want it to be reflected on their company! (like how people can't die at Disney....they just care that they're not getting a bad reputation!)

    Ellen x
  7. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    Yeah I know... I think at least they could've made a statement to the local news, but noooo...
    Sadly, because of the Commons "lifestyle" I doubt the integrity of the girl. Rape is a horrible thing, so I will make people mad when I say this, but many drunken mistakes are made at the Commons.
    And I know that the Norwegian girls drink a lot. I know this is a generalisation and a controversial statement, but having lived at the Commons, I know there are things you wish you hadn't done when you are hungover the next day.
    Please don't take this as my absolute opinion, but just a point of view I'm throwing out there.
  8. Linda-bo-binda

    Linda-bo-binda New Member

    I really hope the media has it wrong... I was shocked when I heard. It's hard to say how much is truth and how much has been stretched though. The news there tends to latch onto anything negative connected to Disney -- remember when the kid died on Mission Space last year and it was all over the news for like two weeks? I just want anyone who's thinking of going down there to know that in my whole year I never once felt threatened by anything in the Commons. Yes, a lot of craziness goes down but there shouldn't be ANY reason to be concerned for your safety at ANY time of the day. You CAN walk around alone at 4 in the morning without any worries -- something you wouldn't dream of doing outside those gates.

  9. dixie south

    dixie south New Member

    I honestly saw that comming. I don't remember in which one of the articles the reporter mentioned the attack took place in appartment 1431. It's kinda dangerous to walk alone nearby building 14 and nearby. It's an isolated area where from time to time the security guys check on. Obviously not that often. I mean, it's scary... once i walked from building 16 to builing 7 alone, it was like 2 am and damn cold!! nobody was around, not even security. And i thought: man! someone can do what ever in here and nobody realize about it.

    I can not believe that nobody heard her crying for help. It's good to hear she had the courage to come forward and take action against these people. Disney should do something to avoid crimes in its property.

    Unfortunately, i am sure this is not the first time something like this happen at the commons and this is what screw up the magic and the good experience you should get after being there.

    It does not matter whether alcohol was involved or not, she said no and no is enough reason to stop it!

    As these guys are French and the crime took place in America soil, they better say good bye to their visas and any future visit to USA (to beggin with). I hope Disney and the Orange County support this girl and punish these guys just like the company punished those Germans who stole money and merchandise several years ago.

    This is my point of view...
  10. Dougslar

    Dougslar New Member

    This is a terrible thing to have happened. It's almost 4 years since I finished the program and I lived in building 14 which is kind of freaky thinking something as horrible as a rape happened there. I have to admit to having several late night walks through the Commons by myself and never once felt threatened. I have to disagree and say it wasn't dangerous around building 14 at all when I was there and it's a pretty central building fairly close to the main clubhouse. My sympathies really do go out to the girl. No one deserves to go through that no matter how much alcohol or drugs was or wasn't involved. I saw many, many drunken nights in the Commons and I usually was part of many of those but lucky I had some good friends to see me back to my apartment. Again I really do sympathise with this girl as I can't imagine going through that on what is supposed to be the best year of your life.

  11. Chloe

    Chloe New Member

    I don't think everything thats been reported in the media is anywhere close to the actual truth...
  12. belle

    belle New Member

    I have to say I think the 2norwegians girl drink alot" comment is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly stupid. No matter how much you drink (and at least when I was there no country was worse than the other even though Norway, Canada and Germany might have been "at the top") - when you say NO that still means NO.

    My mom had read/heard on the news (trying to locate the article but I havenæt found it) that the frenchies had filmed the rape and the police now had the tape! If that's tryue I must say...STUPID frenchmen!! (These 4 - not a general statement.)
  13. MyLittlePony

    MyLittlePony New Member

    Please read my post properly before you comment on it, I've gotten negative comments where people have not really understood my point. Rape is not OK, no matter how drunk the attacker or the victim are, its a horrible thing with or without alcohol. My point is, aren't there ever things you wish you'd haven't done? There are stories like this all the time and even though it supposedly was a rape, we do not have evidence for it. Has anyone been convicted yet? NO! Then we can't really draw all the conclusions we are drawing. This is a discussion forum, so I'm discussing the subject, trying to be objective, have a neutral standpoint.
    There are two sides to every story and I hope you all realize this. I never meant to put anyone in a 'box', but as Chloe said, not everything in the media is close to the actual truth. And I do know a lot of people at the Commons do things they regret, without pending further on that argument. Do we have a guarantee for the fact that she said 'No"? No, we don't. I've read this story in different newspapers and they are all portrayed differently.
    Yes, what I've written can be viewed as controversial, but we're all humans, aren't we?
  14. dixie south

    dixie south New Member

    I agree with you guys, the media not always tells the truth. Besides, i believe there was a misunderstanding, building 14 is not exactly dangerous or around it. What i tried to say is that there's a point between 2 and 6 AM the area around that building it's completely isolated and there's nobody around. It's kinda intimidating the fact that you're walking home alone, all by yourself.

    I strongly agree with the fact that sometimes you wish you have never been in this or that place because you did things, you wish you never have done. You regret a lot, sometimes for the rest of your life.

    I only would like that this issue is clarified and these people get what they deserve. And that this girl find strenght and support.

    It's really sad that something like this happened in such a nice place where you're supposd to have the best time of your life.
  15. belle

    belle New Member

    I have no problem reading or understading your post - still - I feel there's a long way from drinking to much and doing something silly you regret to actually accusing 4 guys of rape.

    You said "I doubt the integrety of the girl"......and later..."I know norwegian girls drink alot" ......Why would you doubt her?! I don't get it?

    I know that we have no evidence of weather or not these guys actually did it or not (unless what my mom heard is true...which I doubt since I haven't read anything like that anywhere.....) and they shouldn't be judged until there's actual proof.....I'm still curious though as to why you'd automatically assume that they were wrongfully accused of this?
  16. Ambergirl

    Ambergirl New Member

    The thing to remember is that the media is manipulative and will cast a story in whatever light will garner the most attention. So we're missing a huge chunk of info somewhere along the line.

    Still bottom line is it's horrendous. I just hope it doesn't affect the program, and doesn't hurt the other people who are there and having a good time.

    I have to wonder though.'s on the third floor how could no one have heard her being carried up three flights of stairs. Wasn't she yelling or something? And whats this about the phone call they let her make?!!! Of course again we don't know everything.
  17. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    While I was there I also heard of a guy trying to attack a jogger that was living in the Commons. But I don't remember the outcome of it, I think she ran away??... So long ago that I was there....also I worked at Disney while these german girls were stealing money and two guys stealing merchandise. They never really got punished, they had already stolen so much money at that point, it was crazy. They still went to the Commons all the time and to Mexico for a nice vacation! They were so chilled about the whole thing...
    I never felt threatened or weird around the Commons at night ( ok a lot of times I was intoxicated lol ), I went from building 28 all the way to building 8 a lot of times in the middle of the night. You usually always met a lot of people or even if you didn't I was never afraid living there. I once almost had a fight with an italian guy ( but that's a different story ), but other than that everyone was always chilled as far as I have experienced. We also had great security and I don't think you can blame them, they can't be everywhere.
    PS: I just wonder that 4 french guys supposedly did this...I could never find 4 straight french guys while I was there!
  18. Dancing_Queen

    Dancing_Queen New Member

    EXCUSE ME??? Ok so obviously a lot of us are not there right now, so we might discuss a matter based on it being on the news. Also it is very likely that someone could get raped ANYWHERE ( welcome to the real world ). Maybe you want to think before you write because there is no reason to call people names and stuff.
  19. Ona

    Ona Member

    Hmm... this is of course a shocking story. Yet not surprising. :-\

    Personally, I never felt less than 120% safe and secure in the commons and in WDW. And I'm sure current and future CMs will feel the same. There really is not a need for panic or worry here. Whatever has happened, the Commons is still waaaaaaay safer than the majority of places in 'the real world'.

    I actually quite astounded to find that I have a complete lack of opinion on the subject. Of course I feel for the girl who was allegedly raped but I would also feel for the alleged rapists if they are found innocent. That stigma would never leave them and as has been mentioned, do you think they'll be there much longer, whatever the situation. :-\

    Indeed a horrid situation.

    Ariel, or Belle (lol can't get used to that lol),

    I guess it's just as you said, innocent till proven guilty. :-\

    ;D Lol. ;D

    Ona x

    P.S. I know this is absoluetly not a laughing matter and I mean absolutely no disrespect, but I can't help giggling over all these "rappers" around. ;D Vanillia Ice is my favourite. Lol. ;D
  20. Ona

    Ona Member

    WHOA! Feelin strongly there? :-\

    Obviously you are there and closer to all this so you may have more info. We're just discussing. :-[ Clearly if it's not true, it's great news but we're just discussing what we know from the various news channels. :-X

    Ona x

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