Commons Scandal!

Discussion in 'Alumni Discussion' started by Shrooden, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Such is the power of a moderator, I have deleted the messages left by 'DragQueen' as I think they were quite inappropriate to this discussion

    Ellen x
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    Thanks Ellen.

    This is a pretty shocking report regardless, but the discussion needs to remain fairly civilized.

  3. Chloe

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    Update: The guys have been released and allowed back to work
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    Ona: Now changed back to Ariel. Finally found out how to change the displayed name. (Belle has always been me username ;) )

    And I'm all for innocent until proven guilty - i just think in a lot of situations where rape is claimed people don't belive the girls....and I think its sad that it's come to that....I'd hate to be in that situation and have people question weather or not I was making the story up.

    Having said seems like this girl might be one of those "making it hard for others"!! I just read in a norwegian paper that it is in fact true that the french guys filmed it AND the police have the tape...however the police are releasing them because they have seen what's on the tape!!!

    Norwegian papers writing about the story had headlines like "Raped at Disney World".....the follow-up story is "French guys filmed se with norwegian girl".........

    (Now its sex and not rape....I guess that...sadly...says it all!)
  5. dixie south

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    At this point i don't know what to think. I mean, Commons is safer than any other places in Orlando or the world. But like one of you said and i believe i said so: why nobody heard her crying for help? I can not believe they took her three floors and nobody paid attention.

    Of course, this is awful. But the fact that these guys have been released and allowed to get back to work makes me feel confused. why police have not seen the tape??

    Who knows??...
    Only God knows what really happened and of course the people involved.
  6. dixie south

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  7. belle

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    Dixiebell: exactly what I wrote in my post. The police have seen the tape - seen that it was se and not rape...and therefor released the guys.
  8. dixie south

    dixie south New Member

    I don't know... maybe she regreted and felt uncomfortable by the fact she was taped.
  9. Megara

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    It still makes it consentual if she agreed to sex and wasn't fighting them off. It's sad that these people were accused of rape when it seems like a case of their partner changing her mind. :(
  10. paalerik

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    Talked to some friends over there and the girl has been fired and might be prosecuted for wrongfully accusing them.
    this lady got 3 years in prison wrongfully accusing her boyfriend for rape..
  11. adjonline

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  12. tEresa

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    i totally agree with you Megara... i´m still in Mexico, and just heard about the "scandal" here at the forum and some newspaper.. and if the girl was fooling arund with them and accepted to have sex with them, its a shame that she accused them of rape,... imagine those kids (not that sex with 4 guys its ok.. GROSS !!) but they´ve could loose their jobs, get terminated, not allowed in the usa anymore, going to jail. i dunno... its sad for that girl... if its true what some people say, she just have to shut her mouth off..

    we have the opportunity of our lives, by working in WDW.. let´s not mess it up guys.. tere
  13. tiggercharlotte

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    According to my Norwegian roommate she was taken off in handcuffs this morning! I have no idea what happened to the guys involved, of course they had been terminated- apparently on the orders of Brad Rex (VP of Epcot) but they were trying to be reinstated since the charges were dropped.
    Charlotte x
  14. SarahJane

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    1) Was she drunk or stoned..or under the influence in some way? Or maybe she unknowingly got the date rape drug? Sometimes guys should say no themselves, or use common sense and manners and not take advantage of a drunk chick (not saying it was rape, maybe just not right).

    2) Was this video FOR SURE made that night? Maybe it was old footage, where she DID consent,... and now the guys think 'whoohoo, she's easy!' and went after her again, WITHOUT her consent?

    --- I'm NOT picking sides...I'm just thinking of all possibilites, because in this case both for her AND the guys, it should be innocent until proven guilty.

    Remember the media influences us terribly. A few days ago we were all so quick to call those guys bastard rapists...and no we're all quick to call her a tramp. Bottom line is all we know is what the media is telling, and currently the only people that know what happened are those 5 people.
  15. Shrooden

    Shrooden New Member

    Well, I guess we have to accept the verdict that the police have come to, and they surely would have looked into all possibilities.

    I guess the main moral of the story is:

    If you are a guy, dont be sick and take a lady four to one
    If you are a lady, dont consent to such sexual activities, (oh, and don't make a complaint to the Sheriffs office whilst carrying pot!)

    I must admit I always felt safe in the commons, sometimes too safe because as an 18 year old in the commons I sometimes felt like a 12 year old!

    Just as a matter of interest, I wonder how many std's are going around in the commons?!?! I dread to think!!!
  16. littlefeather

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    SarahJane, I loved your comment about "now we're rushing to call her a tramp" Quite a double standard that exists eh? If the tables were turned, men would think the guy in question was a hero for copulating with four women. No one would call him a "sl*t" or a "tramp" or a "wh**e" or question his character. Really kind of sad I reckon.
  17. Robb

    Robb New Member

    I disagree. If the tables were turned and a guy slept with 4 girls and then accused them of rape he would not be considered a hero at all. I don't think people care that she slept with 4 guys, I mean, thats not THAT shocking coming from the commons. People are shocked by the accusaions that followed. But If she did it consentually and then accused them of rape, then a tramp would be a compliment compared to what she could and should be called. If its true, what she did was malicious and the consequences could have been horriffic. You don't do that.

    Of course, this is if the story is as straight forward as the media is saying, which it never seems to end up being. I agree that they can manipulate it!
  18. Chloe

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    You have to love the 'she was also found to be in posession of marajuana and was charged with that also'
  19. littlefeather

    littlefeather New Member

    I never mentioned anything about 'rape' I was merely making a comment on society in general.
  20. SarahJane

    SarahJane New Member

    BAHAHAHAWW!! That's precious!

    Reminds me of a story a few weeks ago where a drug dealer called the cops because he was robbed - the theives stole his entire stash of marijuana. Duuuuhhhh..

    Anyhow, not making light of the topic..

    But as Robb put it: " If the tables were turned and a guy slept with 4 girls and then accused them of rape he would not be considered a hero at all. "...exactly.. he'd probably be considered a big wimp and a loser.

    Oh and Robb, you also said "thats not THAT shocking coming from the commons"...maybe not for us who lived there, but for the public in general who think we're all sweet, innocent, lovely international college kids creating magic with Mickey, this IS a shock ---- rape OR consentual group sex, this isn't the image people have of WDWIP kids.

    How about we all just say group sex isn't exactly classy and a reputation (good or bad) will follow..... and rape by a male OR female is rape is even more wrong....and that even though it's 2006, stereotypes, double standards and assumptions in general still exists, and probably still will exisit even when we're all long gone.

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